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Submitted by MSHOT92 on March 25th, 2012 at 7:06 PM

just wanted to share my winter's work and fun...took off on a topic long ago converting McFarland figures into Michigan MEN...because well...they are better than the original figures. Started with the Denard under the lights version and just took off from there. Added a few of the guys from my era, and a particular personal favorite in Garland Rivers who hit like a truck until an agent agreement derailed his career...plus I wore the same number in HS and thought highly of him as a result...enjoy.


the Glove

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Todd Mcfarlane originally work for marvel comics and help founded venom and other characters. He left to create his own comic book company called dark horse comics and founded the comic book spawn. He began creating very collectible figures of spawn, as well as, sports figures that you have no doubtedly seen. In a nutshell.

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Taken from the MGoHOF: http://mgoblog.com/content/user-curated-mgohalloffame

The biggest assclown in the history of MGoBlog deserves his own section. If your thread is listed here and you're not McFarlin, only you know it for sure, because holy cow, you sure do a great McFarlin impression.



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Wow - those are impressive.  So you painted over the orininal figures to make them into Michigan athletes?  Who lies under the paint on each of these?  Curious to know what other athlete was sold in the position of Desmond's "The Catch", and AC's leaper.


April 1st, 2012 at 6:42 PM ^

the denard figures were originally Larry Fitzgerald pieces with the dread locks hair.

Harbaugh was Matt Ryan from BC, Garland Rivers was a Ronnie Lott figure with the older style jersey and defensive position, AC was a Chad Ochocinco figure all extended, and the desmond figure was originally Andre Johnson from the Texans...painted then clearcoated and applied some decals I printed with a specialized printer ALPS that can print white and nearly any other combination you can produce. I work for a number of NASCAR teams producing models of the cars they race and just jumped into a different direction when I saw a post long ago on this very board about a Denard Robinson edition that was photoshop work..it was so spectacular...it gave me an idea and here we are.


April 1st, 2012 at 6:44 PM ^

appreciate all the kind compliments, as to mass or mini production, I just worry about what the NCAA/UM would have to say about missing out on their cut of the profits...just made a handful for me with a few more on the planning sheet including Leach, Woodson and the famed one haded INT...probably a few others along the way.