Fab Five Doc Currently on ESPN2

Submitted by OmarDontScare on March 11th, 2012 at 3:08 PM
Fab Five Doc on ESPN2 right now. Can't hurt recruiting on one of the biggest college basketball days of the year.



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If you mean his comments on Webber and what he thinks Webber's responsibilities are, then you just missed it.

Very interesting to pay attention to Brandon's words, especially within the context of his personality and attention to detail.


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Documentary was great. The whole duke thing was overblown. Jalen was expressing how he felt as a highschool/college kid about the kids duke recruits. He never said anything about his current feelings in the documentary.


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I will never stop hurting from those losses to Duke and Carolina. That pain will never go away. Michael Talley never stepped up and admitted that he was SCREAMING for Webb to call the timeout. I will never feel more for a player than I did for Webber in that moment. King said it the best...."the gravity of that moment....just crushed him.". Great documentary and solid perspective on both sides. The Fab Five was the most exploited team in college history. If webber did take the money...I truly believe that it was after his sophmore season pre-draft. Has there ever been big man in college more NBA ready than webber outside of shaq?! What a monster.


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I get goose bumps thinking of the Fab Five and how they changed basketball forever. The loss to Carolina still kills me the most!

I still can't believe Talley never admitted yelling to Webber to call timeout. I saw a certain Doc. One time and you could see him standing on a chair yelling for a time out w his hands!! I don't think I will ever get over these losses in my life!!! EVER!

Mich vs Duke ( hate them )

Mich vs Carolina ( played crappy )

Mich vs Colorado ( Hail Mary )

Mich vs UCLA ( Navarre beginning) I was there in 110 degree heat

Mich vs Texas ( Rose Bowl I was there )

Mich vs USC ( last Rose Bowl I was there

Just to name a few!


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The Duke loss doesn't really bother me that much; they were just the better team.  But the UNC one has always bugged me.  I've disliked UNC ever since, as irrational as that might be.  I'd love to knock them off this year, however unlikely that might be.


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No joke it's Hoke, you really should check it out. It's really good. No matter how big we remember them we still underestimate their presence. It's powerful and entertaining.

Dilla Nevada

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Not surprised Talley is never going to admitted he called the timeout --- Talley had that elitism air about him since he had that senioritis.....dude hated period. As for Lattner, the Olympic squad laugh at this dude, and I'm sure some were thinking why not have Webber instead of Lattner --he only got on that team because he was the "all american" pretty boy...and let's not talk about him stomping the UK player in the '92 game, had that been anybody else, they would got thrown out the game and we would never be talking about The Shot.