Trey Burke and Cody Zeller Win Co-Big Ten Freshman of the Week

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Trey and Zeller were chosen as Co-Big Ten Freshman of the Week, giving them each 7 on the season.  It's interesting foreshadowing for the All-Big Ten Awards that will be released later, as Freshman of the Year will almost certainly be one of the two. 



(Let the record show that I accidentally stated Freshman of the Year at first, instead of Freshman of the Week.  Hence the comments and the fail.)



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Regarding the Freshman of the Year award, a few of the writers who are on the media panel that submits ballots for that and other Big Ten awards have published their picks:

  • Gopher beat writer Amelia Rayno voted for Burke for Freshman of the Year and also put him on the first team and selected Beilein for Coach of the Year
  • Scott Dochterman, who covers Iowa, has Zeller for FOY (with Burke as runner-up), Burke on his second team, Hardaway on his third team, and Izzo for COY
  • Terry Hutchens, Hoosiers beat writer, not surprisingly picks Zeller for FOY (with Burke second), has Burke on his first team, and again, not surprisingly, picks Crean for COY

Dochterman and Hutchens didn't even include Beilein among their first or second runners-up for COY, which seems ludicrous to me. So I don't have much faith in the FOY or COY going Michigan's way tonight.

Mr. Yost

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1 freudian slip and we get a thread of people jumping down your throat...

I swear there are like 15 people on this board that don't post until someone screws up and they can go ape shit on them.


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..I don't care too much about these awards.  

I get a vote for Crean.  IU has done well.  But for UM to do what they did with their backup center and PG missing the B10 season, makes Beilein clearly either #1 or #2 in COY.