Rivals Michigan-OSU Recruiting Article

Submitted by Hardware Sushi on February 20th, 2012 at 2:51 PM

I know some people were upset Florida got an article earlier and we didn't.

Either Rivals heard your complaints or yous guys were too quick to complain - they recently put out a great free article recapping our weekend and talking about how M-Ohio recruiting is warming up.


Yost Ghost

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that I keep hearing this meme about Hoke not being flashy he just gets the job done or he's old school. Like they don't know what it's all about so they label it as simple, basic or rudimentary. A throwback that lacks sophistication. What I think is a more accurate assesment is that when people talk to Hoke they see a genuine person. Someone who cares about them, about the University, about winning the right way and putting others first. It's simple in the sense of being pure not in the sense of being easy. There's nothing easy about having integrity. He's a man who's a leader of men. Someone that can be entrusted for mentoring. That's not something that requires the veneer of flashy sophistication.


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From the article: "Urban Meyer's the Axl Rose of recruiting"

I actually kinda-sorta like the analogy being made there.  Certainly at the present time Urban Meyer is being portrayed as a kind of "rock star" of coaches.  Whether Axl Rose is the right rock star to use as an example is open to debate.  But the idea of a stark constrast in styles -- Meyer vs. Hoke -- is spot on.


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I spoke with an Ohio fan who explained (a) Michigan's O-Line haul in 2012 and thus far in 2013 is irrelevant because Ohio garnered the top D-Line class in 2012.  And (b) the commits with offers from both schools chose MIchigan because they didn't have "Commitable" offers from Ohio State.  He can't seem to accept that Hoke and the UM staff have beat Meyer to the punch on several recruits (getting in early).  Discussing football and recruiting with Ohio fans sometimes reminds of of talking to my 9 year old nephew.

marco dane

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Especially,in the aftermath of the sweatervest being force to quit and all that came out(and ALL that DIDN'T) .bucks fans think everyone's a "hater," or "jealous," and we think they're all delusional This thought process was bore out of the decade of the sweatervest. Thus the urbie is GAWD talk going around.

Cheating didn't come with a BIG enough penalty imo,but winning left them *embodent* to turn their back on the vest,tp and their best decade since the sixties.

Not ALL tuos think this way,but MOST subscribe to this way of thinking...


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needs to do a little more research. Here's a list of all the guys that committed to OSU after Urban Meyer's hire that had offers to Michigan as well.


  1. Taylor Decker
  2. Kyle Dodson
  3. Joey O'Connor
  4. David Perkins
  5. Armani Reeves
  6. Tommy Schutt
  7. Noah Spence
  8. Se'Von Pittman
  9. Adolphus Washington
  10. Camren Williams


1.     Cameron Burrows

2.     Billy Price

3.     Eli Woodard

I left off Bri’onte Dunn since he only re-affirmed his commitment to OSU.  Tommy Schutt I feel like can be discounted too since Michigan seemed to have cooled off on his recruitment after they got Ondre Pipkins.  Of the three Ohio commitments that Hoke has grabbed so far for 2013, only Dymonte Thomas has a scholarship offer.  I don’t know if that means Urban was not interested in Jake Butt and Taco Charlton, or he simply wanted to re-evaluate them during their senior season. In either case this list is definitely from the perspective of a Ohio resident so I would be interested in seeing a counter-list from a Michigan set of eyes.

I think the overall point I’m trying to make is that Urban is not a recruiting slouch either. I’m extremely interested in seeing his first full recruiting class, especially since they’ll only have room for 15-18 commits.


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it was iffy to include Schutt since Michigan cooled off on him once they got Pipkins.  However, Pittman is included because I do not know of an argument against it. A friend of mine argued that Michigan did not want him because of his academics, so we looked up his scores. Pittman graduated with a 2.8 and scored a 20 on the ACT. Granted his scores were not great, but they were better than some of the recruits in Hoke’s 2012 class… Willie Henry had a 2.6 GPA and a 19 on the ACT.

As for the 2013 class, I am only familiar with the recruits that OSU has expressed a lot of interest in, which so far is only Dymonte Thomas.  This is why I asked for a Michigan perspective on the matter, but I went ahead and looked anyways. According to Rivals the ONLY other player in Michigan’s 2013 class that had an OSU offer was Logan Tuley-Tillman.