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Ace February 19th, 2012 at 9:07 PM


I... just... what? Out of the blue, Peoria (IL) Manual OT Logan Tuley-Tillman joins the commit parade, becoming the eighth—THE EIGHTH—player to commit to Michigan over the weekend. All are four-star recruits. Michigan just went from "solid, but small, early class" to "by far the biggest and best class in the country." The Wolverines already have more top 150 ESPN prospects than they did in the entire 2012 class, which was universally regarded as being among the ten best in the country. Ten of the team's 11 commits are ranked among the top 200 on Rivals, with five making the top 100. There are no words to describe what is going on right now. Trust me, I tried, and this happened:


Scout Rivals ESPN 24/7 Sports
NR OT 4* OT,
#109 Ovr
NR OT 4*, 94, #13 OT,
#85 Ovr

Ho, hum, just another four-star commit with a top-100 pedigree on at least one site. Tuley-Tillman seemingly came out of nowhere before bursting onto the scene with a flurry of big-time offers that hasn't really let up since the fall, and the recruiting services have taken notice. Tuley-Tillman is listed at 6'7" and 280-301 pounds, depending on where you look, but he's told me at this point he's up to 304 and still adding (good) weight.

Very little was known about Tuley-Tillman until he participated in the Core 6 Showcase this January, but Josh Helmholdt did manage to do a breakdown of his junior film in November ($):

On film, I love the way Tuley-Tillman keeps his feet moving. You rarely see him reaching for blocks. In pass pro he sets up, engages the defender and stays in front of his man through the whistle. He still needs work on his punch and again strength is a development point, but we're talking about juniors in high school here and the strength will come.

In run blocking he fires out low and gets into the defender quickly. Once he latches on, his legs keep driving and his pancake rate is high. I love the way he finishes blocks and he appears to have a nice mean streak on the field, which is always welcomed by offensive tackle coaches. Tuley-Tillman is tall and lean, has solid technique and does a lot of the little things correct.

Given that Tuley-Tillman has added 20+ pounds since his junior season, it'll be interesting to see if strength is talked about as an issue when he hits the field for his senior season; my guess is no. As mentioned above, the Core 6 Showcase was when scouts really got to get a good look at Tillman. I'll start with Helmholdt's impression ($):

Listed at 6-7 and now weighing more than 300 pounds, Tuley-Tillman has ideal size for the offensive tackle position in college. He does have some excess weight he can trim in the coming months and years, but his athleticism is above average and he has the tools necessary to play the left tackle position. Another thing I like about Tuley-Tillman at the left tackle spot is that he is left-hand dominant, which can really benefit a player protecting the quarterback's blind side. Tuley-Tillman showed a nice mean streak on Monday, but also will have to learn to be more disciplined as his game develops.

As you'll see, technique is noted as an area to work on—not at all uncommon among junior linemen—but the potential is there for Tuley-Tillman to be a fixture at tackle. 24/7's Jason Sapp disagreed with Helmholdt about Tuley-Tillman's possible position, though this is the only time that I've seen the possibility of moving to guard even mentioned offhand:

Worked primarily at left tackle ... Long body and athletic legs ... Good first kick and reposts his arm well on counter action ... Will work on technique as his body matures and develops, but a high ceiling to be a force on the line ... Wide base and a college strength program would help strengthen his core and allow for a stronger push on the line ... Not a finished product and has some areas to improve heading into senior season, but in the early phase he looks like a stronger candidate for the right side of the line or possibly bumping down a man at the collegiate level.

Finally, here's Allen Trieu from a great Sam Webb feature in the Detroit News (well worth a read if you don't know about Logan's tough upbringing in Peoria):

"He is very athletic," said Scout.com Midwest regional manager Allen Trieu. "You can't teach his ability to move and bend at his size. He's light on his feet, changes directions well, and he's a hard working kid with a great attitude. He is very very coachable. He needs to still get stronger and maybe a little meaner on the field. He also still has to work on his technique, but he is currently doing that.

"In Illinois I think he's one of the top 10 juniors right now. Potentially, he could be a Scout300 guy, which would mean four-stars. I'd like to see him up against some top competition on the camp circuit, but in terms of physical tools, he's as gifted as anyone I've seen in the Midwest."

To sum it up, Tuley-Tillman has a huge frame, very good athleticism for his size, and a great work ethic, while he needs to get a little stronger and shore up his technique.


Tuley-Tillman's top two schools were Michigan and Alabama, and he also held offers from Arkansas, Boston College, Florida State, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Iowa State, Mizzou, North Carolina, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Oklahoma State, Purdue, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas A&M, West Virginia, and Wisconsin. Not bad for a guy who was relatively unknown heading into his junior year.


No stats, offensive lineman.


There's no listed 40 time for Tuley-Tillman, so I can't dole out any FAKEs.


Junior highlights—I think any questions about his mean streak are answered at the 0:30 mark:

Linebacker fall down go boom.

There's also film from Tuley-Tillman's workout at the Core 6 Showcase, courtesy of Scout.


Tuley-Tillman becomes the fourth offensive line commit in the class, and it appears he's destined for tackle along with Chris Fox; Kyle Bosch and David Dawson project best to guard (or in Dawson's case, potentially center) at the collegiate level. Tuley-Tillman will likely need a redshirt year to develop technique as well as build strength, though he's already adding weight and getting stronger due to his regular workouts at Core 6. No matter what he does on the field, however, it's clear that Michigan is getting another great person in their locker room who won't take this opportunity for granted:

"Coming up in this city I had a lot of friends that were on the right track and had opportunities like me, but got killed or wound up in jail," said Tuley-Tillman. "For me, (failure) is not an option. Not working hard is just not an option. I will do whatever it takes to send myself to the next level. Every time I'm at home and I see my niece, I just look in her eyes and I just know that she depends on me to do something for her — (something) to better (our) future. I want success as bad as I want to breathe. It's not something that won't happen for me. It's something that will happen because I'm doing all the things in order to get there."

Logan's determination has come through in the several chances I've had to interview him, and he knows how big of an opportunity this is for him and his family. He also regularly does community service work to help give back for all the help he's received over the years; I'm guessing he'll be a regular on the team's visits to Mott Children's Hospital.


As I've now said three other times this weekend, Michigan will either stand pat at four offensive linemen—meaning either Dawson or Bosch will wind up at center—or look for a fifth OL to fill that role. Either way, the Wolverines have already put together an offensive line class that rivals this year's incoming freshmen in terms of quality, a remarkable feat considering we're not even three weeks past signing day for the 2012 class.

The Wolverines now have 11 commitments overall, about half of what they'll likely have at the end of the recruiting cycle. The focus will now turn to adding at least two wide receivers, an all-around tailback, at least one defensive tackle, and a little depth in the back seven of the defense.


Cville Blue

February 19th, 2012 at 9:20 PM ^

And I thought four recruits was insane early yesterday. I also thought jake Butt was going to mess up the whole committing in pairs thing. Thanks Logan for keeping the trend alive.


February 19th, 2012 at 9:23 PM ^

It's times like this when it's especially difficult to be a Wolverine fan in Florida, with no one around to high-five and jump up and down crazily and toast to future Big Ten championships with me. Instead, I'm just pacing around my apartment giggling insanely and pinching myself.


February 19th, 2012 at 9:27 PM ^

I'm also down in SEC/ACC country.  I drove my wife crazy with football talk last season thought the Sugar Bowl, then recruiting talk through signing day.

Keeping my best interest in mind, I haven't said a work to her all weekend about everything going on... It's driving me crazy!


February 19th, 2012 at 9:32 PM ^

I'll high five you. I'm in Pasadena (where it seems the team is going to be some Januarys from now) my girlfriend has been stuck hearing 8 "holy crap recruiting is awesome" conversations this weekend. She's been very polite but I think is more into her game of Zelda.


February 19th, 2012 at 9:55 PM ^

Yeah, I happen to live on the parade route and was really unsettled this year at the possibility of little brother marching past my home. I can't wait until the day I can spend ten times as much money as I planned at Walgreens when I go in for a prescription and they're selling M Rose Bowl stuff.

PS here's an efive: *FIVE*

San Diego Mick

February 19th, 2012 at 11:01 PM ^

Yeah I was at Trader Joe's shopping for grub today and I noticed a dude and his GF in Sparty shirts and I was wearing my Maize Football shirt and I went over to him and said a loud Go Blue and pointed at my shirt.

I asked him if he noticed what we accomplished yestersay and he said yeah we beat ohio and I said yeah that and we got 6 four-star recruits to commit and he said wow good job then i thought to myself, wait till we start kicking you're asses every year like it used to be pre 2008.

That was a fun thought. Then I come home to check in and low and behold, 2 more studs commit, I love it! Where is that guy with the sparty T-shirt?


February 20th, 2012 at 9:25 AM ^

I'm in Tallahassee and I run into Michigan fans pretty often. It's like instant brotherhood!! Would be nice if there were more around though. Not many to share my excitement with here in Seminole country. I actually ran into the entire Wolverine lacrosse team at a bar when they were here to play FSU about 2-3 years ago. They saw me wearing all my Michigan apparel and we drank beer and hung out for 3 hours...just like a brotherhood. Pretty cool!!


February 19th, 2012 at 9:25 PM ^

Seriously Ace, beautiful work this weekend.  Four posts each day and no drop in quality, that's impressive work.  (I'll pretend that none of them were pre-written.  I have no idea.)  Earned your MGoSalary this weekend, that's for sure.


February 19th, 2012 at 9:28 PM ^

an unbelievable weekend. I read an article about dominoes falling, so I expext Ty Isaak and Treadwell to commit tomorrow. They don't have school, so what else are they going to do. Besides, all of your Illinois four stars belong to us!


February 19th, 2012 at 9:35 PM ^

Texas A&M actually has one more commit than us, although they have half as many 4 stars. Other strong starts include Florida with 10 commits including 4 four stars and Bama with 7 commits including 5 four stars and a five star.