Hello: Sierra Romero (SB)

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Sierra Romero, Middle Infielder, signed with us recently.  She is finishing her senior season in HS and will be on campus in Aug12 and will be ready to go for FallBall12.  This is not real news as Sierra had Michigan selected as her school for a few years now.

She Hails from Vista Murrieta California.  During her Junior year in HS, Sierra batted .438 with a slugging percentage of 1.100, she scored 33 runs and had 36 RBIs.  She had a .970 fielding percentage.

Vista Murrieta is located in SoCal.  Other recent players hails from SoCal as well: Valencia (Jordan Taylor), Escondido (Ashley Lane), Norco (Nicole Sappingfield), Orange County (Haylie Wagner), Laguna Miguel (Mandy Gardner) and Corona (Lauren Sweet).

Coach Hutch has done an excellent job of recruiting the one of three hotbeds of softball.  She continues to pull the top talent from this area of the country.

Sierra will be a welcome addition to the lineup as well as in the field.  With Stephanie K graduating, Sierra can get a few reps at SS while backing up Amy next year.  So Sierra could be a 3 year starter at SS for us.  This young lady has it all: range, speed, power, and spunk.

It only gets better for us as we continue to reload.  Incoming Freshman, Lauren Sweet is the California State Player of the Year.  That is a HUGE honor, Lauren could be the best player in the World.

Reminder: Our first game is this coming Friday.



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Whoever negged this thread, you wish you had the athletic ability these softball girls do.

Next weekend is going to be so exciting. Take a look at the schedule:


  • Softball plays louisiana tech at 4:30pm EST in their season opener
  • Hockey plays at FYS at 7:05pm on BTN


  • Softball plays a doubleheader, 1:30pm at lsu and another game against la tech at 6:30pm.
  • Hockey plays FYS at in Detroit at Rivalry at The Joe on FSN Detroit at 7:35pm.


  • Softball finishes off their weekend in the LSU Tournament against penn state at 11am
  • Men's Lacrosse plays their FIRST EVER game at 1pm against detroit in pontiac
  • Men's Basketball plays rival illinois at home at 1pm on CBS.

I can't wait. I'm going to the hockey game at JLA and then the lacrosse game on Sunday.




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...Sierra on this achievement. If you're reading this, I apologize for my fellow MGoUsers for sullying this post about your athletic achievements with stupid arguments about whether or not this topis is thread worthy, definitions of Walmart Wolverine, and the efficacy of voting on this site. It was a TRULY pathetic display.


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Especially since "Sierra Romero" doesn't have the same kind of hits on Google as, say, Denard Robinson. If she has friends or family members that are trying to see what kind of reception she's getting or for news about her, this is most likely one of the top search results.

I would be pretty upset if I had a girlfriend or daughter or sister accomplish something of this magnitude and then see some idiots talk this way on a message board, especially given some of the other offseason threads.


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they are Michigans most consistent WINNER..I love the enthusiasm and teamwork they possess..I wish the baseball players played wth the intenisty that the woman do..Our baseball team could learn a thing or two from softball...Ive been following them for 25 years..They usually play in the Leadoff Classic In Columbus Ga nearby (though this year its in Orlando)

They are exciting and a national powerhouse and anybody who watches them knows .."those girls are GOOD"...




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because we are not nationally known as a softball powerhouse.  We are certainly consistant winners and the only team East of the Miss River to win a NC.

It is awesome to see all the football players at the sfotball games.  Last year Denard was acting a fool late in the season.  I dont know of any other school where the athlestes are so  close.

Do you think Kirk Cousins goes to the BB or Hockey games, sits in the student section and act a fool?