Hello: Sierra Romero (SB)

Submitted by MGoSoftball on February 4th, 2012 at 12:43 PM

Sierra Romero, Middle Infielder, signed with us recently.  She is finishing her senior season in HS and will be on campus in Aug12 and will be ready to go for FallBall12.  This is not real news as Sierra had Michigan selected as her school for a few years now.

She Hails from Vista Murrieta California.  During her Junior year in HS, Sierra batted .438 with a slugging percentage of 1.100, she scored 33 runs and had 36 RBIs.  She had a .970 fielding percentage.

Vista Murrieta is located in SoCal.  Other recent players hails from SoCal as well: Valencia (Jordan Taylor), Escondido (Ashley Lane), Norco (Nicole Sappingfield), Orange County (Haylie Wagner), Laguna Miguel (Mandy Gardner) and Corona (Lauren Sweet).

Coach Hutch has done an excellent job of recruiting the one of three hotbeds of softball.  She continues to pull the top talent from this area of the country.

Sierra will be a welcome addition to the lineup as well as in the field.  With Stephanie K graduating, Sierra can get a few reps at SS while backing up Amy next year.  So Sierra could be a 3 year starter at SS for us.  This young lady has it all: range, speed, power, and spunk.

It only gets better for us as we continue to reload.  Incoming Freshman, Lauren Sweet is the California State Player of the Year.  That is a HUGE honor, Lauren could be the best player in the World.

Reminder: Our first game is this coming Friday.



Wolverine Devotee

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I love it. Baseball is harder to watch because it seems so slow but softball I like because the games are fast and if you're smoking a team they call run-rule. The only downside to that is, if you're losing 14-0 and make a comeback and win 15-14 like the baseball team did a couple of years ago, it can't happen in softball.

I love the fact that Michigan mercied ohio twice AND state twice last season. Hope the ladies can get another B1G Championship year added to the scoreboard at Alumni Field.

South Bend Wolverine

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The run-rule has come under a lot of fire in recent years from D-I coaches, Hutch included.  It dates back to a time when most softball games ended with scores of 1-0 or 2-1, and the best pitchers all had ERAs under 1.  In those days, an 8-run lead with a couple innings to go was truly insurmountable.  Nowadays, with more potent offenses and greater parity in the sport overall, such a comeback is possible, although of course still pretty unlikely.  I hope to see the run-rule be dropped out pretty soon.

Other than that, though, I agree with your points.  Another great feature of softball is that the pitching motion is not nearly as physically abusive as the baseball motion is.  Combined with the shorter games, this leads to seeing a lot more complete games from pitchers and allows a team to utilize just one or two primary pitchers (Michigan notably ran a brilliant rotation with just Nemitz & Taylor for a few years).  Imagine if Justin Verlander could pitch 2/3 of Tigers game instead of 1/5!


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Who down votes a hello post? This is a Michigan sports team, and I for one am happy to say hello Sierra, wellcome to the family!

When does softball get going? and will there be a lot of games on T.V?

Mr. Yost

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I'm not sure why he/she still is allowed to post.

If you check the voting details on a lot of threads you'll see that both big10football and OMGshirtless love to downvote threads. They also love to go into threads and neg every single post.

The time and effort to do all of that is embarrassing, but you're always going to have trolls. If you block them, they'll create another account and come right back.

Edit: so my post isn't just a rant on some of the trash on this board...I'd like to add a "YAY!" for the Michigan Softball Team. I got a chance to see them in person for quite a few games last year while they played down here in the Central Florida area. Love how Coach Hutch tosses M&M's to her players if they make it to 3rd base.

And to 2nd a thought by another poster...softball is truly an exciting game. The park size, the way the rules are trailored to the sport...it's fun. Not to rag on women's sports, but I wish all of them found a way to alter the game so that it can be played at a high level like softball (in comparison to baseball).

You get some BOMBS for home runs, the game isn't as long, everything is condenced so you almost get an arena football like feel in terms of the action and how quickly things happen. And trying to hit a rise ball? 95% of this board couldn't get a bat on a rise ball from Michigan's best pitchers.

OMG Shirtless

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A) I downvote all MSU threads.  

B) I downvote all threads that belong at MLive.

D) I downvote all threads with shitty titles.

E) I downvote your bi-weekly depth chart posts because I still believe you are Em0 v4.0. However, I don't downvote your comments in said threads.

F) I downvote every single thing posted by Mr. Mario aka McFarlin v123.0

G) I mark every single post by Section 1 as redundant, because I signed an E-Contract with ProfitGoBlue to refrain from responding to him.

H) I downvote any reference to points.  I would downvote this post, but the system no longer allows you to do that.

PS - Points and Negs do not actually count anymore.  The only useful thing about negs/posbangs is that they cause certain people to freak out, despite being functionally useless for about a year.  

OMG Shirtless

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The evidence that Mr. Yost is Em0 is very flimsy.  It's really the depth charts that leads me to believe it's him.  However, multiple people have called him out on that and he hasn't melted down in quite the same way.  So there's a good chance I'm wrong on that, or he's just gotten better.

I am convinced that Mr. Mario is McFarlin.  He's admitted to being about the right age, has admitted to having pet bulldogs, and his spelling and reaction whenever someone makes fun of him are very similar.

Mr. Yost

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Well said (minus the depth chart comment...I did a search, I've made 3 threads on it. Early October, late November and the day after signing day - that's hardly excessive.)

And for the record. I upvoted your post. I appreciate the information.

...and once again, I hate to hijack threads and get them off topic. So with that said, how is this year's softball team compared to last year?


February 4th, 2012 at 10:24 PM ^

relinquishing the thread back to those of us who love SB.

This year will certainly be a re-building year.  But how does one rebuild after losing the best pitcher in history (IMO).  The answer is simple, go out and get the best pitchers to replace her.  And that is what coach Hutch has done.

Stephanie will do just fine on the mound.  She needed to learn HOW to pitch and not just throw.  She has come along way.  She is ready and me personally would want no other on the mound.  Hilary will get some innings as well as the Freshmen Twins.  I suspect it will take at least 10 games to get in the groove.

San Diego Mick

February 4th, 2012 at 5:36 PM ^

I love the SB Team and was so proud when they won in 2005, that is a monumental accomplishment. We're still the only program east of the Mississippi to win it, let alone being in the rust belt! Go Blue, Go Ladies, I will always cheer you guys on, one of the best programs around, thanks coach Hutch.


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Its those Walmart Wolverines that do not understand that we are a family.  Every sport gets our support regardless of the team record.  We are truely a family.  I am proud that when M SB plays a game, when snow is falling, the stands are full of fans.

Michigan Men (and women) are loyal and care about everyone in the family.  Some people will never get it.


February 4th, 2012 at 1:44 PM ^

Don't you ever call a Michigan fan a Walmart Wolverine.  You're no better than the ass who downvoted you for using that as an accepted term for a Wolverine fan.  Shame on you MGoSoftball.  Shame on you.

Old Michigan Man

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fun sport to watch.  I have only seen M play on BTN.  I agree with MGoSoftball: either you are a True Michigan Fan and part of the family or you are not. 

A true Michigan Fan will never complain about any player or downvote any student-athlete.  There are many who dont care about SB and this is fine.  Just keep your opinion to yourself and dont complain.

The Michigan Experience is a wondreful thing.  These student-athletes are excited to be a part of the Michigan Family.  Anyone to downvotes this excitement is not a True Fan and thus a Walmart Wolverine.  So any Walmart Wolverine that wants to talk trash about a HS senior can do it on the RCMB.


February 4th, 2012 at 4:01 PM ^

True words for the most part, except for the very end.  I believe you may be confused as to what the term Wal-Mart Wolverine comes from.  It is meant as a derogatory term given to those who are Michigan fans, yet have no formal affiliation with the University.  Sparty fans use it as an insult to us by basically saying that U of M has tons of fans who have no true reason to be fan, other than the fact they like the Wolverines (as if that is a bad thing).

My formal affiliation is not as an alumnus, but as a former U of M staff member, so I get to side step the Walmart wolverine jeers.  However, my wife, my sister, many of my friends and many of us on MGoBlog, are extremely loyal Michigan fans without any affiliation, and because of this are targeted by our Sparty "peers" as walmart wolverines.  This royally pisses me off.

Why perpetuate this idiotic concept/term.  How many on this board breathe and bleed all things Michigan without ever going to a U of M class or getting a paycheck from Michigan.  I'll give you a pass for maybe not knowing the origins of Walmart Wolverine.  But don't let me catch any of you use it as if we've accepted it as on OK thing to call a U of M fan.  It's pathetic enough when a Sparty uses it, it down right appalling and pathetic when a fellow U of M fan does it.  There may be plenty of ignorant or not as dedicated Wolverine fans, but there sure as shit aren't any Wal-Mart Wolverines.


February 4th, 2012 at 4:27 PM ^

have that same definition.  A Michigan Man does is not required to be from the U of M.  However, he must value our traditions, our history and our way of life.  He that believes in Honor, Family Values, High Academic Standards and a strong desire to give back to society and make it beteer each and every day.   This could be a Fan that has never been to the Big House or even been to the State of Michigan for that matter.  He does not need to have any affiliation to the school.

A Walmart Wolverine is that person that is a bandwagon fan.  He loves Michigan when we are on top, when we win championships.  He then leaves and complains during adversity (RR).  He would be a Bama fan recently and jumped back on our band wagon this year.  A W/W doesnt care about anything but winning.  It is like Sadaam who instructs his son to kill the Soccer goalie because they lost a game.




February 4th, 2012 at 11:55 PM ^

I gotta "side" with MGoSoftball here.

I have a very, very pretentious and snotty view of "Michigan Football fans."  That is fans, generally unafiliated "officially" with the U that only care about the gridiron.  I admit this view. 

Now, I don't call those people Wal-Mart Wolverines, however, I am very cautious of them.  They tend to be the ones that call into radio shows and perpetuate myths of Michigan fans, alums, students, etc.  I don't like this.  They tend to say things like "Who cares about Michigan Water Polo."  I despise this.

Some things simply come with being a part of the Michigan/Ann Arbor community - one of this is that you tend to have a better view of the amateurism that is college athletics.  It is something hard to keep in perspective when you're a fan through the computer screen and TV.  Michigan is a family.  The soccer teams, wrestling team, gymnastics teams, etc are all part of it.  I'm proud of them all.

But most importantly, Michigan is an institution of higher learning.  I worry many non-affiliated fans ignore this.  I'm more proud of my University's claim to be one of the seven schools Microsoft recruits than I am of the football team.  More proud of our world class research than the basketball team.  Etc, etc.  I love sports more than most- but it's more than football.

Now if you're an active member on this blog, you're likely one of the people who appreciates my concern and therefore, this rant doesn't apply to you (UM affiliation or not).  But it is something I cringe about whenever I see or hear someone representing my school of higher education.  (And this isn't to say there ARE Mich. students and alums who repreesnt the school poorly, either.)

Congrats to Sierra - you're joining two very special groups: A member of one of the best Michigan programs (which says a lot when you look at Hockey, Football, Gymnastics, and Swimming and Diving).  And you're a member of one of the most prestigious academic groups in the world.  Michigan can take you far both on and off the field - it's truly a great accomplishment.  Welcome to the family!

South Bend Wolverine

February 4th, 2012 at 1:06 PM ^

It's recruiting like this that really impresses me.  Of course we have some local recruits - our up & coming pitcher comes to mind - but we're really quite a ways away from the major hotbeds, California being the biggest of course.  For Hutch to walk in from Michigan and convince these young ladies to travel across the country to play the first 1/3 of their season on the road when they could easily stay home and play for the UCLAs of the world is truly impressive, and speaks to the quality of the program and of Hutch's character.


February 4th, 2012 at 4:20 PM ^

The second "hotbed" (im not sure we should use that term when we are discussin HS Females), is basically the entire state of Texas.  Seven of the 50 Players on the All-American Watch list hails from Texas.  The third is Florida/Georgia/Alabama/Louisiana area.

Notice all three area are warm weather states?  Softball is played year round.


February 4th, 2012 at 2:50 PM ^

Awesome job coach!
Maybe coach Hutch could do a little SoCal football recruiting too! I love that M can compete with these warm climate states where softball is played year round