Jordan Diamond not to Michigan per Ondre Pipkins

Submitted by Steve Lorenz on February 3rd, 2012 at 4:57 PM

Per Ondre Pipkins, who I just spoke with, and his Twitter, Jordan Diamond is "100% not coming to Michigan". 


EDIT: "his twitter" being Pipkins, not Diamond, just to be clear. 

EDIT2: I am just going on what Ondre told me. I have no first hand sources with Diamond so I am only reporting what Ondre has said. 



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I definitely agree with your sentiment, but at the end of the day recruiting comes down to results.  If we get 2 all-conference caliber starters out of this class then it is a great haul.  Getting Diamond or Kozan would increase the odds of that happening, but at the end of the day bringing in a ton of guys isn't what will determine the team's fate down the road.  If Kalis and Magnuson (or Braden or Bars) end up being really good players, then missing out on other guys won't really matter.

The 2003 class was great because Long and Kraus became good players.  The fact that Jeff Zuttah transferred and Pat Sharrow never played didn't matter.  If we had signed two more guys and only ended up with Long and Kraus as quality players, it still would have been a job well done. 


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I don't care.  I've stayed out off all the recruiting hype and speculation the past week, and I'm damn happy with this damn fine class already.

My sole focus is on this glass of Jameson's and kicking the shit out of Miami - they drop the biscuit in 150 minutes, and my buzz level will be fine as frog hair. 

Jordan Diamond- you just screwed the pooch pal. 



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I'm guilty of it too. I posted his impression of Hoke on here because it was harmless and made me laugh. I follow him on Twitter. The kid has a lot of energy and passion for UM. It's just that not all of it is going to be worthy of attention.

Michigan Moonman

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announcement a big secret for AN ENTIRE YEAR right up until 3 hours before it was time to announce his decision.  Then, ooops, he let it slip to Pee Wee--who has already leaked an earlier announcement for Garnett.

Yeah, I don't know who/what to believe, but I am not believing anything until Diamond says it himself one way or the other.

I am thinking that if we can pull one more offensive linemen in this class we should call them the "Quintessentials" (5 essential recruits for 2012).


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This always happens with certain recruits, who were long favored to attend another school, and go Auburn last minute. Most people in Alabama, and in the south, have always believed something shady has been going down at Auburn. Then again, every team in the SEC thinks the other team is cheating. By the way, this is a damn good site, full of a lot of educated fans. Kudos from 'Bama.


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because we'll be expecting a couple of really detailed Alabama game preview diary posts over the summer.  You're in a better position to judge the relative value of the personnel losses and new starters than pretty much anyone else on the board.


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I'm not a fan of over signing, or a lot of the tactics being used in college football at this point. Nick Saban could be just ahead of the curve to be honest. He isn't afraid to tell these kids that he'll get them to the NFL. He doesn't bother trumping up the education they'll get, because the majority of the kids Nick is recruiting, aren't all that interested. That's the case at Alabama, and I'll be the first to admit that.


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Urb is the same way.. Always talkin up how pouncey started right away then was gone 3 years later.. Thats what douches push. A higher standard requires sacrifice. For that im willing to not win a national title every other year. For that im willing to value something more then just a game. Thats the michigan difference. Thats the heart of why im a michigan fan!


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Nope, I'm engaged to one (an Auburn alumnus).  I just find this pot kettle black shit hilarious.    Its amazing that an Alabama grad is on here saying that Auburn cheats in recruiting.  Wow. Amazing stuff.   I was also parroting today's EDSBS mockery of yawl found here.  


One Inch Woody…

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Don't be too surprised... the SEC has its ways. I don't think Pipkins would lie to everyone just to build up Diamond's commitment. If Diamond was actually coming here, Pipkins would not be saying anything. Also, since Pipkins and Diamond I presume have been talking to each other (otherwise he wouldn't have said his Kay Jewelers thing), I think this is a valid source. Happy trails Jordan! I hope the SEC treats you well.

Also, this doesn't change anything for Kozan, I hope you all realize. Kozan is still deciding per Mike Farrell on Auburn vs. Iowa.


February 3rd, 2012 at 5:18 PM ^

Let's not jump the gun on this one, for all of Pipkins' strengths, commit predictions isn't one of them.  Or maybe he's fucking around, because people do that.  So let's wait until the actual announcement before we go all doom and gloom and announce how we didn't want him anyway. 

Also, and this was covered in the other thread, please refrain from calling him a pre-madonna.  Like A Prayer came out like a good ten years before Diamond was born.