Michigan vs. Purdue Basketball Open Thread

Submitted by M-Wolverine on January 24th, 2012 at 5:49 PM

Get all your requests in for live feeds and all, get some dinner, and get ready for our first road win! Go Blue!



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hrmmm... thought I'd seen somebody post a CiL right in the comments before, but the iframe doesn't seem to have worked for me, not-too-surprisingly.  I could post a link to a liveblog on my umich personal space, but I don't really want to drive anybody away from mgoblog so I guess I'll just F5 unhappily.

One Inch Woody…

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Well I can't edit it, but I did mean Smotrycz, not Vogrich. I have no idea why I typed Vogrich actually. My bad. I don't think it's flamebait, though. If they can get out of their funk, it doesn't matter if we lose because we should be solid for the next few games.


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iHeart Radio app --> cities --> Grand Rapids, MI --> ESPN 96.1 WMAX-FM
<br>Thank you, MAZandBLUE
<br>You're welcome, MAZandBLUE
<br>/s (kind of...I try not to make a habit of posting questions and then answering them myself, but since I was able to track down a solution, I figured other iPhone mgoblogers may appreciate the info)


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Watching Sportscenter waiting for the game...
<br>Can we officially retire the "no one believed in us" meme? No Giants, it wasn't a lack of faith in your abilities, it was you sucking at .500 for most of the season that gave people doubts. It should only be reserved for teams that REALLY get hammered, and were completely discounted unfairly.


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What happened to the good ol' JB offense?  Ball movement, back door cuts, and unselfish play?  They've barely had good looks on offense; lots of one on one and forcing it.  The Trey Burke/Morgan pick and roll is not getting us enough open looks.




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He has so much talent, I just wish he would settle down, and let the game come to him more. He needs to see the game better, and understand why things happen better. Once he does that, watch out.

JR's Flow

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Commentate this game, not how Purdue players didn't get enough sleep and got whipped by Sparty.


We just knocked down two 3's in a row and Dakich is still talking about Arkansas game.