Reeves update (positive)

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The following was posted by RedneckWolverine1 in another thread. Thought it deserved its own:


Apparently Meyer showed up late for the visit, and Reeves came away unimpressed. All the fine Ohio folk on 11Warriros and Bucknuts are already accepting him commiting to Michigan as a foregone conclusion; they're even starting to squirm a little.

Obviously no one truly knows what's going on, but things are looking up!!! 



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Here is the context for the Urban Meyer quote in my sig:

It's with no small amount of irony and relish that I point out that I found this from an Ohio blog (after the 2008 Capital One Bowl)  The full quote (choice selections have been bolded for maximum lulz) is below:


Well, for those [seniors] who just put in their time and didn’t make any real contributions, it’s time for you to go. It won’t be hard to say goodbye to some of those guys who just went through the motions.

Now for those kids who actually bought into the program, and who made some sacrifices and contributions — you know, like Bubba Caldwell….he’s a graduate of UF and had a great career — you’ll really miss those guys. But just because you’re a senior doesn’t mean you have any value.


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I'll take your word for it.  Sounds like great news but I can't read threads at those sights.  Makes me want to smash my computer against a wall.  Bunch of derelicts over there. 


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this is false.  only reporter to get a hold of Armani last night was Beth Long on scout.  Ohio's plan the whole time was to send assistants in first because urban was recruiting a 2013 prospect earlier in the day.  He was not late and that report is b.s.


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Whether or not these rumors are true, There isnt rumors that Armani commited to Ohio. So Greg "Always Be Closing"Mattison gets his shot tonight. I like our chances.


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The one guy said Vrabel and their CB coach was with Meyer on the visit. Not sure if that's true or not, but is there going to be anyone else with Mattison or is he flying a solo mission today?


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Brent Williams, (Armani's Godfather) said the visit went great, and that a lot of questions were answered. He said Coach Mattison will be there today, then they're going to tak a couple days, then make the decision.


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Meyer probably told him some dream mumbo jumbo about Reeves and Camren Williams helping them win national championships and being co-MVPs of the team. And Reeves was probably just like, "WTF you dreaming about me for? Freaking weirdo."


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And it appears from @RivalsMike's twitter feed that Urban wasn't, in fact, late.  I don't have a subscription but FWIW we may have jumped a bit on the "bad visit" meme.


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Williams was at the visit.  I don't mean to get everyone's hopes down, but that to me says he's going to OSU.  No way he's going to let him come to Michigan.  


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What the hell? Are these two totally codependent on each other? My best friend in HS went to a different college and I made it just fine. Are they going to sit out if they get drafted by different teams in the NFL? These "buddy" recruiting packages always creep me out. I can understand wanting your friend to go to the same school but if it's a deal breaker and he can't fathom being away from him, then he needs to ask himself some serious questions about his life. NTTAWWT.