Reeves update (positive)

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The following was posted by RedneckWolverine1 in another thread. Thought it deserved its own:


Apparently Meyer showed up late for the visit, and Reeves came away unimpressed. All the fine Ohio folk on 11Warriros and Bucknuts are already accepting him commiting to Michigan as a foregone conclusion; they're even starting to squirm a little.

Obviously no one truly knows what's going on, but things are looking up!!! 



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I'm glad you put (positive) in the thread title.  I would have clicked it no matter what, but it saved me like 5 seconds of anxiety, and I appreciate that.


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I've never been much of a poster of kittens, so I don't really know what makes a good kitten or where to find one. I'd like to see some though, cus I haz a happy.


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being generated from that one dude's twitter who has like 20 followers?  If so, it's not exactly the most reliable, and I think a lot of places are just running with the info...

However, if a legit source has come out and said it, time to pop the bubbly


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To preface: This may be my favorite post I've ever posted.

Just found this on that 11W thread after someone posted that Reeves tweet about Morris.

"This Morris guy is getting on my nerves! There will be blood Kyle Kalis, and someday it'll be Morris'!"

A little shadow of doubt creeping into the buckeye ranks?


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It's a slow night on campus so i've been altrnating homework with trolling the OSU message boards for the better part of the evening. We have no direct confirmation whether this is true or not, but if there is ANY validity to the rumor then this could be very very good for us. Even if Meyer wasn't late, the Bucknuts were convinced Reeves would commit on the spot.

By not bowing down to "Urban Renewal" immediately and without condition, Reeves has made him public enemy #1 to the Ohio blogosphere. It isn't quite Kalis levels, but over the course of 4 hours I've seen the opinion of Reeves go from future freshman all-american to selfish, ignorant, family values hating scUMbag. It's honestly amazing how quickly the people drinking the Koolaid on those boards turn on their own recruits.

Leaders And Best

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Daniel Glazer of the unknown Black Shoe Sports with only 49 followers and 13 tweets that started on January 7th?  And a fake stock photo with a watermark on it for his picture?  This is clearly a troll people.

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I'd have a hard time believing Meyer would be late for a recruit like this, much less any recruit. Regardless, I have a good feeling that Mattison will blow Reeves away tomorrow. He may take a couple days to think about it, but Meyer didn't call Mattison "the greatest recruiter in college football" for nothing.



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I read that thread Vent posted and omg these fans are pathetic.  All thinking Reeves is a done deal because some ass-clown poster posted there, and they celebrate by bringing out the fat jokes


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is another Pouncey-like recruitment.  Meyer told him to say he was a life long FSU fan to look like a big win for UF.  With his best friend and godfather's son committed to Ohio, I really hope this all isn't a ploy for Meyer to make a recruiting statement.  Too many things are going well right now.  I'm officially in Paranoid Lloyd mode.


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Off the subject a little, but anything new on Anthony Zettel transfering to Michigan? I read something a month or so ago about him thinking about it, but nothing as of late. Any updates?


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Snow Plow Boy notwithstanding, it's exceedingly rare for players to transfer within the B10 because the actual scholarships aren't transferable. The transfer becomes, in essence, a walk-on who must pay his own way. But whereas a walk-on might eventually land a scholarship, a transfer has no chance of doing so. Transferring within the league amounts to a really bad business decision. 

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I was thinking IF Reeves goes Blue, what are the chances of us flipping his friend Williams? Has he ever been on our radar? Has he ever showed interest? Would there even be room for him? Imagine the utter meltdown that would cause in Columbus lol
<br>Just thinking out loud I guess


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You will have 4 wonderful years here in AA and get a ring or two for the NC! And with Mattison, I am pretty sure we will see you playing on Sunday.

Moe Greene

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I'd post on a buckeye board about how Reeves threw them all out of the house after Urban made a yuck face at Armani's mom's taco dip.

Must delegate this project to an intern.....