Please date the Recruiting updates

Submitted by Sarasota13 on January 23rd, 2012 at 9:56 AM
All of your updates are great and very much appreciated, but can you date the update. That way those of us who peruse this site for the information can decipher current from old. Than you



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I would be absolutely shocked if a coach was so open about what he was doing, his thoughts on recruits and the current team.  Some of the stuff matches thoughts that a Michigan coach might have, but some of it seems way off.  The Denard comments seem particularly out of place to me.  No coach in their right mind would say that their quarterback is holding back their offense, whatever their opinion on the quarterback is.  This is especially true for Denard, who I think 95% of the coaches in the nation would love to have on their team.


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Yeah I'm definitely gonna call BS on this one.

When talking about recruits, he simply states points that anyone that has a relative understanding of recruiting could say, i.e. Pittman wanted to commit, but his grades weren't good enough. Everyone following that saga has heard that line whether it's true or not.

But in talking about the current team is where it's blatently BS. What he 'said' just doesn't sound legit. He's the defensive line coach, he knows just as well as anyone that Ojemudia will not be able to come in and "start from day one as an edge rusher," especially with Ryan and Roh currently filling both of the positions he's referring to.

And with regards to Martin being the only "Michigan-worthy" talent on the DLine last year, I don't think RVB would have the freedom he did last year if that was the case. The whole thing just reeks of BS.


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 I am related to a B1G coach, and he won’t even talk to ME about recruits IF we are in a public place.  They aren’t allowed to comment and even so, surely, not in such an enclosed space as an airline.  Who knows who is sitting near?  Not to mention discussing it with someone “wearing several items of MSU apparel” Right! Doesn't everyone bear their soul to strangers,... especially strangers in competitor garb?  PAH-LEEEZZZZZZ!

Sure does register high on the total fiction metre to me.


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And the fact that coaching staff cannot discuss unsigned recruits would not escape anyone on this staff. This fool expects us to believe he can get a coach to say all this when a trained reporter would get 1 or 2 sound bites. Please.


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No answer is obvious, as I would have obviously set my clock back 22hrs.

 But, as I am on the west coast, that still wouldn’t put me on the same time as AA,… it’s just so dam confusing, yet also relative to where you are.  (Hmm, Time, Relativity,… I may just have something here!!   Time to head off to Stockholm for my prize.)  8P



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I think the poster is talking about posts titled "Joshua Garnett update."  When you get four or five updates on a particular prospect within one week, it would probably help if it said "Joshua Garnett update - 1/23" or whatever.  I agree with him that the titles can get a little redundant with so many of them rolling through here.

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MGoStardate 01/23/12 - Captain's Log

Today, Sarasota requested we date our posts. Was unsure if serious. Decided not to tell him all posts log time and date in the heading and the threads can be sorted by new/recent/hot.

Enjoyed reading in-thread comments.


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I don't know why, but putting Captain's Log at the top of the post and then a short synopsis of todays events under it is freaking hilarious.

Captain's Log BWDate 1/23/12:

Woke up to 50 degree weather.  Wife kept jabbing me in my sleep for snoring.  Beginning to think I may actually have sleep apnea.  Ate peaches and cream oatmeal at home for breakfast.  Was still hungry at work, ate baked oatmeal with fresh peaches on top for my second breakfast, thought it was ironic.  Went to my desk and caught up with last nights emails.  Looked up the definition of the word 'ironic'.  Made some coffee.  Returned and looked up the definition of 'sleep apnea'.  No way in hell I am wearing that, wife will have to cope.


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In that light, we ask that everyone please check and double check your posts for any stupidity.  If, heaven forbid, any be found, please remove it.  Thank you.