Stonum gets 10 days in jail

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Just leaving 15th District Court in Ann Arbor -- Mich WR Darryl Stonum sentenced 10 days in jail
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Stonum to Judge Pope "I didn't mean to deceive you"
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Stonum mentioned to Judge Pope that classes have started: "I know the timing stinks, but it is what it is," Pope said
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Pope to Stonum: "To have somebody with 4 encounters w the criminal justice system involving the use and abuse of alcohol ...(more)
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Pope to Stonum cont'd: ."... alcohol at the age of 21 is extremely unusual. You're less than 1 % of the population as a result of that."
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Pope to Stonum: "Trust is the easiest thing to lose and the hardest thing to regain, Darryl, and that's the situation you're in."



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Isn't this how society - not just Michigan football - works? Those who fail to follow the rules, whatever they may be, get ostracized by the rest, especially those who endanger the group as a whole (in this case, we need him as a receiver next year, and we need him to show self-discipline and character as a Michigan Man). It's just human nature. 


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It's more disappointment at the failure to use common sense.

It's not uncommon for people age 17 to 23 to be easily influenced and to demonstrate really poor judgement. 

But at 18 we're all considered legal adults. We can vote people into positions of power,  fight and die in a foreign wars, inherit stuff from dead people, etc.. But somehow we can't drink alcohol at 18, so there's that (mainly due to the judgement issue).

Public transport in the US comparatively sucks (trains, street cars, bus transport, taxis) are just not as good as in places like Europe, etc.

So Stonum can't get from point A to B. His driver's license is revoked and he's on special probation terms from prior violations.  What's the guy supposed to do?

a.) Take a risk, drive the car to the appointment anyway

b.) Get ready an hour earlier and call a taxi

c.) Get ready an hour earlier, call a different friend or contact to give him a ride.

d.) Get ready an hour earlier, take a bus ride

e.) Stay at home and try to reschedule the appointment.

Selecting A. has a good probability of serious consequences.

Selecting just about ever other option above has consequences too, but none as severe as A.  

Not doing A is common sense.





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As much positive press has come from UM since Hoke arrived, keeping Stonum on the team is a step back from the momentum that has UM steamrolling toward a B1G Championship in 2012. Good luck to you Mr. Stonum. I hope you can get your life back together. 


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Floyd didn't have 2 DUIs and multiple violations of probation including driving under a suspended license, TWICE.  Nice try though.  Floyd straightened out and has been trouble free ever since.  Stonum, not so much.


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probably free's up another scholarship Michigan roster.. not that we can get another guy because of the 28 limit. May be Hoke goes after Arnett a little bit?


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IMO..the cop that waited for Stonum to come back out of His probation officers office is an asshole cop.  Again thats my opinion but look the other way ..dang the kid was trying to do the right thing by checking in.  He just possibly changed Stonums life for a little press in the newspaper.


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I totally support the judge's decision. But why put a student in jail now, thereby costing him the first 10 days of a school semester? He should have sentenced him to overlap with his spring vacation or somesuch.