Terry Talbot - Visit (updated)

Submitted by TomVH on July 27th, 2009 at 11:28 AM
  Terry Talbott is a large DT recruit from Huber Heights, Ohio. As everyone knows, Michigan isn't in on very many kids like him, and it looks like there's some positive news.

  I just spoke with his coach, Jay Minton, and it looks like Terry will be visiting Michigan on Wednesday, the 29th. It sounded like this wasn't set in stone yet, but is looking like a strong possibility. Talbott is 6'4 270 pounds, and plays both defensive tackle and offensive tackle. He's also ranked by Rivals as a......3 star!!!!! If Michigan could add a defensive tackle to this years class, it would definitely be a bonus.

  As you can see the Michigan coaches have been really focusing on the defensive side of the ball, with regards to recruiting. It looks like we're all done for offense, unless any oth bigger names want to come aboard. With Talbott visiting this Wednesday, Brandon Ifill coming in this weekend, Latwan Anderson now looking to make another trip up, and Josh Furman planning on taking an official visit. These are just some of the more recent happenings with defensive players.

  I'll keep you updated on Talbott's potential visit, and I should have more from him soon.

EDIT: Here's a quote from his coach on his strengths and weaknesses.

 "As for Terry, his strength is his ability to use his explosiveness to get off the ball and change direction.  He is very strong upper body and his core is strong. He, like a lot of High School players need to better define his technique. He has good technique now, but to play at the next level and be successful his technique must be great. He uses his hands well now, but needs to always work on using them better." - Jay Minton


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July 27th, 2009 at 11:38 AM ^

So, can we agree yet that we are very, very likely to over sign? With 4 spots left and so many guys on the board, and maybe i'm just really optimistic, but it seems like we'll have more than 4 guys commit to us over the next 6 months.