December 16th, 2011 at 12:47 AM ^

Once you accept a new coaching job, what are the rules for contacting your old team? I know that the NCAA has ridiculous rules, so what communication is allowed and what isn't?

What types of communication can leave you open to potential tampering/recruiting type violations?

I ask, because with a text, you have an electronic record of exactly what you said. While a phone call, or even large team meeting is most personal, you can't defend what you said definitively. Plus, if the kids are off campus, you're only left with a phone call.

Ideally the NCAA should allow for a coach to have contact with a team to say goodbye, but you know there are some coaches a) who would use it at a means to recruit their best athletes to a new school or b) use it as a way to accuse the outgoing staff as tampering.