Urban Flippin Recruits: Sevon Pittman

Submitted by Rescue_Dawn on December 12th, 2011 at 10:01 PM

Just saw this tweet...

JoshBDraft 4Star DE Sevon pittman Visit from urban Meyer tonight. Will commit to OSU & decommit from MSU

He is a writer for a scouting site.  Think we all saw this one coming.  Dont think Sparty, Penn State, and Wisconsin will be big fans of Ohio when the smoke clears. 



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I'd be fine with this.  OSU is always going to be talented; that's a given.  MSU is a bigger variable.  They normally do not sign many players of this caliber.  If/when they return to mediocrity, that makes things easier for us.


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the rumor on Pittman was that, before the verbal toSparty, he tried to commit to UM but was told he needed to work on his grades first.  

 Kind of seemed to many around here that he was settling, and this may be the reason for the flip.  

I've seen him play live about six times.  Raw, but a lot of potential IMHO.

Bo Knows

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Ohio now had 3/4 of a d line from rivals 100, that isn't good for us.  Our o-line will be beastly when those guys are upperclassmen though so we'll definitely see some good trench battles.  I'm actually curious about Noah Soence now, any chance he takes an official here?


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Pittman is a diehard Sparty that MSU stole from Michigan. Michigan didnt turn him down, he turned them down. He loves MSU and is a firm commit.

Errrrrrrrr, at least he did not go to UofM. Who cares if he was our only recruit of relevance. We will recruit nationally and find someone better.


Sparty Nation



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Hope he blows out both ACL's twice. Fuck him. We're good now. Gloves are off.

This is sour grapes but...fuck you Sevon Pittman. Hope you never play a down in your career you scumbag piece of shit. Also, fuck you Urban Meyer. Hope you die.

I hope Urban Meyer dies of cancer. Ditto with the NCAA cocksuckers.

He's simply not a good enough player to warrant this type of meltdown. I've seen his video, and OSU is getting a very subpar player.

Pittman... Your girlfriend looks like a dude. You should have gone to EL just to get rid of that mess. Burn!!! Pound Green! Pound!

I hope your significant other gets gang raped by the Taliban. I hope you die of cancer. I hope I see Urban Meyer crossing the street so I can hit the gas. Most importantly, I hope I see you so I can slit your throat. Fuck you inbred suckeyes and your trashy kin. (this to an OSU poster)


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But hearing about a big pick up for a rival school hurts so little this year. If this were last year and we saw OSU grab two high profile d-linemen in one day out of nowhere I think this board would be in semi melt down mode. I absolutely love our class.

Space Coyote

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So most likely she's actually a really good basketball player.  She has also been commited there for a while IIRC.  So that's not the case.  Pittman always seemed like he wanted to go to OSU but was unsure of where they stood.  I'm glad he didn't commit to Michigan only because I think we would have a Dunn situation but the opposite direction, where we would be battling to keep a recruit.  It's much nicer to have recruits that are just as good that are honoring their commits and have the option of telling those that don't that we can move on without them.


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I know it's not the high and mighty thing to do.... but I can't help but laugh my [email protected]@ off at Sparty over this.  Sucks that its another solid player for ohio, but oh man the egg this puts in spartys face is just incredible, made even better by those idiots spending the last couple of months trying to constantly convince themselves that Pittman really loved msu and was in no danger to drop his commitment, then like a thief in the night he's gone....   hahahaha


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hard core Sparty anyway.  I'm not surprised.

And with the extra staff out recruiting and not coaching the UOS football team, Urban & Co. should be taking advantage of the situation.

Meyer is a great recruiter. 

With 18 recruits in the bag, and possible bowl bans and scholarship losses on the horizon, Meyer's gotta make hay while the sun shines.


M Vader

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from a poster Pervis Muldoon:

"Ohio State's new coach comes into the conference, gets a special favor from the Big Ten executives, and immediately goes to work poaching other schools' recruits. So how did he get to OSU in the first place? For those unfamiliar with Urban's strange departure from Florida, he became a drama queen hypochondriac, yanking his school and his players around while he dealt with his feelings about his health. Then he ran away.

It began after the Gators lost the 2009 SEC Championship Game. He started feeling bad, so he went to the hospital and was treated for "dehydration". This upset him so much, he told his team and his school that he needed to step down for his family and his health. The very next day, he said he wasn't stepping down but would take a leave of absence instead.

The next season, without Tim Tebow, the Gators went 7-5. Suddenly, Urban decided that he really did need to leave, after all - for his family and his health. He released a statement that said, "I know it is time to put my focus on my family and life away from the field. I relish the opportunity to cheer for my three terrific kids as they compete in their own respective sports." After less than a year, it seems that either his children suck at sports or he doesn't really give a shit about cheering for them.

The interesting thing as Meyer steps into the Big Ten is the health concern that precipitated his departure from Florida. His main problem was "esophageal spasms." That's what caused him to quit, stay, and quit again. Esophageal spasms. Mark Dantonio was in the middle of a heart attack caused by elephantiasis and still joked with reporters in a post-game press conference. Bret Bielema severely stubs his toe at least twice a year yet somehow manages to walk the sidelines. Brady Hoke was told that another hamburger might kill him, so he switched to four-pound bacon-wrapped pulled pork sandwiches and still gets his fat ass to the field. Jerry Kill has a massive seizure every ten minutes, picks himself up, brushes the grass off the seat of his pants, and calls the next play.

Yet Urban Meyer left his team and school twisting in the wind because he was troubled by what Winnie the Pooh might characterize as a "rumbly in the tumbly." In a conference of hearty men, Urban Meyer is a pussy. Good luck, Buckeyes. "

This guy nails Meyer's wussiness


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can't steal whats already yours.  Pittman was a Buckeye it was just a matter of time.  and Shutt I'm willing to bet if Michigan offered he would decommit from the bucks in a heart beat.  Dude has not done his homework and seems to flounder from one commitment to another. remember he asked to visit and was given a no thanks.  I'll trust and defer to the coacjhes on this one. Also when he was on Michigan radar I don't remember any of the recruiting services giving him a "lot of love".  So I'm really picking up some flakey vibes from this guys recruitment. 

So all in all I'm not worried about Ohio or Urban Meyer.  Hoke has almost righted the ship  based on his standards (win a BIG Championship) and I don't see Michigan slowing down.

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