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I obviously had to share these videos in preparation for this game. Over the recent years it seems that our old rivalry with Duke is being rekindled. They beat us up in Madison Square Garden 2 years ago before we beat them later in the year in the friendly confines of Crisler. Last year we took them to the wire in the third round of the NCAA's (technical third round due to the new first 4 system). With the release of the Fab 5 documentary right before that game and the Michigan upset the year before it really did seem like there was something special in that game. As we prepare for the newest installment of an old rivalry, let's all remind ourselves and each other why we hate Duke.


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Michigan players seem to be the most articulate group of UM basketball players in decades. I am especially impressed with Trey, Zack and Tim in their respective interviews.  To be able to go out and knock off a top 10 team is very impressive. Then, to go inside the team room and intelligently break down what you just did without any cliches or botching of the English language is solid evidence of a smart team. Gifted young men; quite, quite impressive.


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know, my feelings on them have just never translated to hate.  Like I said, they irritate the hell out of me, but I am irritated by their positive attributes more than anything.  I hate Michigan State because State is gross, and they suck, and they are despicable.  Duke bothers me because they win, and they are tenacious, and they are consistent.  That is the difference.


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And then whine about it.

Because they put themselves on some pedestal, (read: "great white hope"), and act holier than thou when they have one and done's, a coach who whose language would make Rich Rod blush, and guys like Laettner who would stop players on the court; they're just like everyone else.

Hate them for the Cameron Crazies.

Hate them for Vitale and everyone else's lapping of them.

Hate them for wrecking Michigan's Tournament dreams, more than once.

Hate them; it's easy if you try.


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Hate? Pretty sure that's hate. "Seinfeld once described Newman as Lex Luthor to his Superman," and "pure evil." I think I see what you're getting at- it was a bit nuanced because he never really explains why he hates him so much. But, still, maybe start hating Duke or work on your analogy game?


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need to work on your Seinfeld game.  Jerry never hated Newman.  True, they were arch rivals, but Jerry respected Newman's tenacity and adaptability.  More of a healthy respect because both knew the other was right around the corner waiting with a scheme to derail the other.



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Direct quote from Jerry Seinfeld: "He was the first person on the show, my own show, who was coming on to sabotage me in some way. And so why would I not hate him forever for that?"

There was some level of respect. I get that. Anyway, this thread is not about Seinfeld.

Please refer to randy floyd and M-Wolverine above. Why a Michigan fan has good reason to  hate Duke is not about Duke's success in some pure sense, it's about all the things that are bound up with that success. The bullshit calls, the over-the-top arrogance, the Laettner stomp, Bobby fucking Hurley, that pompous Grant Hill letter, Darius Morris rimming out to end an improbable run by a really likeable team, etc... 

All this stuff adds up, and for a lot of us, it's enough to take the feeling from annoyance to hate.


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I hope Michigan/Duke can become a somewhat annual rivalry game. The tournament game last year and the revenge game in 08 were both great, as I expect tonight's game to be.

College basketball needs more interconference rivalry games. I can't really think of any other big ones--Kentucky/Louisville? 

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I also harbor strong anti-Duke feelings.  But they are so good, so often, that you can't help but know their good players.  That begs the question....with the understanding that you do not like Duke, who would be your favorite Duke player of the Coach K era?

My answer -

Luol Deng - smart enought to leave after one year, great all around player, seems like he could have been a Wolverine, didn't seem to carry that Duke arrogance, very interesting background story

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From: Elton Tyron Brand
Sent: Sunday, April 25, 1999 8:05 PM
To: Taylor, Jennifer
Subject: Re: Leaving Duke

Thank you very much, for reminding me of the reason why I left Duke. People like you can not and will not ever understand my situation. I’m sure daddy worked very hard to send your rich self to college. While real people struggle. I would also like to extend an invitation for you not to waste your or my time ever agin. Never being considered a part of your posh group of yuppies really hurts me to the heart. Yeah, right. Because I don’t care about you or your alumni.

Elton Brand #42 NBA



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Here was the email from Jennifer Taylor to Elton Brand that prompted his response. The entitlement of Duke students makes me gag. 



From: Taylor, Jennifer
Sent: Friday, April 16, 1999 2:55 PM
To: Brand, Elton
Subject: Leaving Duke

I graduated from Duke last May and just wanted to express my disgust for your decision to leave the Duke program after only two years. As an alum, not only do I hold the school in high regard, but the basketball program as well, especially since both have deservedly garnered such a great deal of respect for their accomplishments.

As part of our basketball program, you represent Duke as a whole. We are first and foremost an academic school, you clearly did not belong at Duke in the first place if this was the extent of your commitment to Duke and a college education in general. You have not only insulted the current students who are putting in four years at a school they love, but also the thousands of alumni who have realized the value of a Duke education and what an honor and privilege it was to be there for four years.

If you do not realize the opportunity you has infront of you to play for Coach K and at the same time attain a Duke diploma, then that is certainly your loss. I just wish that you has spared us the notion that you were continuing in the tradition of being a Duke student-athlete, in emphasizing excellence in both academics and athletics. You will not be considered part of the Duke family, in my mind as well as many others. You have by no means proved yourself worthy of that title.

Jennifer Taylor