Shane Morris Update (Good and Bad)

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I went to the Warren DLS v. Roseville game tonight to see Shane play.  I'm not 100% sure of these stats but I'm close... 13-16 for 175 with 2 TD and no INTs.  I'll save you the "he throws a great ball" stuff because we all know he does. However with the score 34-0 Roseville had the ball deep in their own end late in the first half.  DLS was calling timeouts so they could get the ball back, which they did with about 1:15 left.  First play of that drive Shane was rolling out and was looking deep in the corner of the end zone.  Just as he threw the ball he got hit hard and it seemed like Shanes left hand (on the follow through) got caught up in the Roseville players face mask.  Shane got up and went right to the sidelines holding his hand.  When the teams returned for the second half Shane (who wasn't going to play any more either way) had his hand wrapped in ice.  They did a few test (grip type stuff) on the sidelines during the 3rd quarter and you could see Shane was in obvious pain.  Obviously these observations are from afar but the kid was hurt for sure.  Lets hope it was just a bad bruise type injury and Shane will be good to go for the rest of these playoffs..


WDLS won 48-14....



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even if it hurt, I'm sure he'll be okay. Even so, I'll say a prayer. Hate to see a kid in pain.

Thanks so much for the update. I hope he can be okay for the playoffs. Myabe just cracked a finger a little bit?


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That kid you're talking about simply doesn't have the brains or the vision to play QB at a major college football program.

Live arm, can run like the wind, he's just missing something upstairs.

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Shane Morris is a better quarterback with either hand than John Elway with a Vortex.  He'll just switch to his right and be mvp of the playoffs.



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Okay who ever was at my game last night and posted somewhere on the internet that my hand is broke.. lol It's not, I ding it up and we were winning by 42. No point of me going back in to tweak it worse. I'm PERFECTLY fine and I will be practicing and starting this week! Even if it was broke I would never sit out a football game!