Getting to Ryan Field for Northwestern game

Submitted by Go Blue Eyes on October 3rd, 2011 at 10:27 AM

I believe this topic might have been touched before but I thought I saw some erroneous information regarding taking the L to Evanston. 

Here is the link to Northwestern's football website and what they say about parking:

Here is the link to the CTA and taking the Purple Line up to Evanston.  It appears that there will be plenty of options to leave Ryan Field and make it back to downtown (or any stop in between) after the game:

EDIT: At the time the game will probably end the Purple line only runs down to Howard where you will have to change trains to get to another location (in my case the Loop). 



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anyone in metro detroit area happen to be leaving sometime friday afternoon or saturday and returning to the area late saturday night/sunday morning? 

email me - 'karpodiem at'


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anyone know of good free parking around 8 or 9 am around ryan field? going up there for the weekend with my girlfriend and at a hotel nearish ryan field but not close enough to walk.  want to park jump on the train see the city then come back for the game that evening.


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If your girlfriend wants to hit Michigan Avenue and you don't have someplace you want to go for lunch already, you can get a good meal at the top of the Hancock at the Signature Room. They have a buffet for $20 that's pretty good, plus the restaurant is on the 95th floor. That's eight floors lower than the Skydeck at the Sears and the floor above the Hancock Observatory, so the view is incredible and you won't be paying the extra money just to go up.

It's a bit touristy and not the most authentic place to eat, but it is a good experience, IMO.


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I'll be making the trek from Detroit for this game and was wondering of anyone knew of places within proximity of Ryan Field to tailgate at ?


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I'm actually heading up there from Southwest Michigan.  I found a site regarding parking and tailgating that may come in handy for you.

There is also a link in there to the official NU Visitors Guide.…


Hope that helps you guys.  Go Blue.


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The stadium is in a surprosingly residential neighborhood without the benefit of arterial streets like Stadium or Ann Arbor Saline to disperse traffic. Park elsewhere and take the El. The Metra commuter train is close too but surely crazy crowded after the game.
<br>My advise: take El to Davis (downtown), hang out, walk 20-25 mm to the Stadium, reverse process after game. Central Street stopnmuch closer to the stadium if you run short of time.

Section 1

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Typically shitty visiting-fan section.  North endzone/corner .  I have sat in much better places in Dyche Stadium Ryan Field.   I recall sitting at about the 40, really high up.  Too bad for us that Northwestern fans became interested in football again.


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My friends and I ordered our tickets directly from the NU Athletic Department and they put us in Section 110 which we were told is "The Michigan Section".  


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Ryan field is notorious for "scalpers" with phony tickets, especially when the away team brings a lot of customers.   Take a look at a real ticket before you buy one from a scalper.  


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At Ryan Field, tickets that are next to each other are numbered in sequence, yes?

I recall that at Beaver Stadium they are numbered odd and even based on what side of aisle the seats are located within the section, and don't want to make a goof.


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Since I first knew NU's venue as Dyche Stadium when I read was a kid, upon reading this title I briefly thought you were asking for contact information for Fox Sports Detroit's metro-sexual sideline reporter/studio man to ask to the game.

Silly me.




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There is free parking on campus which is about a 20 minute walk to the stadium. There is free bus service but probably not until closer to the game. Taking the EL is the best option in general. Metra is faster from downtown but the Saturday schedule is once an hour or worse back downtown. There is an EL station (the end of the purple line) about 5 minutes away that has cheap parking otherwise the stadium is surrounded by a major hospital (no parking in their lot for games) and residential (restricted parking). The stadium parking lot is small and for season ticket holders only. Tailgating is in the stadium parking lot. Downtown Evanston has plenty of parking lots but they cost premium money. There will be plenty of Michigan fans at the game. This should be an exciting game.