Ohio to get a dose of their own medicine saturday (annoying cheer)

Submitted by preed1 on September 7th, 2011 at 6:20 PM

With Toledo making the trip to the ohio (state) saturday they will be hearing from what Rocket fans are there cheering TOL.....EDO, yes they cheer that like the o-h-i-o.  Maybe they will realize how annoying they sound.  I am a ut fan and this is a new (5 years) development that I find annoying.  Somthing about ohio that makes people want to spell things out.


Prediction for this game- "closer than the experts think"



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.....lest they forget how to spell it at all. Even then, it may not be a totally effective method. I saw this thread and assumed it meant that OSU would be forced to eat Skoal before the game. 


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new?? umm i'm a ut student and I have been going to events since the chester taylor days.. TOL-EDO has been around forever, hell its at the end of the fight song. I'm hoping toledo catches ohio napping after their win vs the little sisters of the poor though. Go maize and  blue and Go midnight blue and gold this weekend.


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well I was making the point of the spelling part.. but yeah it's apart of the game these days and we are kind of guilty as michigan fans too if you want to think about it. During tv breaks the cheerleaders come out with the signs and spell michigan so lets not bark up the tree.


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I remember it from the Harvey Knuckles days...



1981 NIT Tournament

Michigan 80 - Toledo 68
2nd Round, Ann Arbor, MI

Ann Arbor, MI - The Wolverines were looking for a little revenge against the Rockets, who had defeated them during the previous season, 67-64, in Centennial Hall. And Michigan would get that revenge with an 80-68 win over Toledo in the second round of the NIT at Crisler Arena.

The two teams played to a stalemate in the first half, heading to the locker room deadlocked at 40. The Rockets had pretty much held All-American Mike McGee in check, as the senior forward hit on just 3 of 9 from the field and was 1 of 2 from the line for seven points in the first half.

The Rockets' Harvey Knuckles was more than holding his own against the Big Ten's all-time leading scorer with 17 points and four rebounds in the first half.

McGee, however, proved to be too much for the Rockets as he hit 8 of 15 shots from the field in the second half and finished with 25 for the game. Guard Johnny Johnson also finished strong for the Wolverines with 22 points and four assists. Knuckles finished the game with 27 points and seven rebounds, while Mitch Adamek added 19 points and seven rebounds.



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Minnesota also spells out M-I-N-N-E-S-O-T-A at the end of their fight song.

It takes forever, sounds kinda awkward and many people seem to get lost along the way.


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if toledo wins we can use the joke: the ohio michigan game got cancelled, osu couldn't get passed toledo.. /s .. ahhh fuck those ohio fans.. sorry bad memories and have lived around toledo so I get reminded of that game every day on campus. only thing worse was when I was down in North Carolina and missed the memo that app state is right next to greensboro.


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I really don't understand what you're trying to get at.  Most teams do this.  Heck, even Michigan does this starting with "M" at the student section: M - I - C - H - I - G - A - N.  Perhaps the cheerleaders have stopped doing this since I graduate in '03, but it was a pretty regular occurrence in the blow-out games.  I do believe after saying it a few times, they go faster, and faster too.


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the dreaded O-H-I-O is far from the worst of the casual, non-insane fan's worries.  Far more annoying is the fact that they play "Hell's Bells" before every opponent third down.  I hope you like the recorded simulation of a bell setting the bleachers into resonant vibration.  I only counted 4 or 5 O-H-I-O's last Saturday, and many, many Hell's Bells.

The worst aspect is that they play Seven Nation Army (yes, THAT Seven Nation Army) before OSU kickoffs.  No wonder the Natty Lite-chugging future diabetics of Megacity One keep singing that garbage song all the time.


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It was one of the things that made me want to go to Toledo, besides the good Communications program. I loved when I would tell people I went to Toledo, (and still now) that unless they went to another MAC school, it registered positively. I have a sneaking suspicion that Toledo may be the most likely school in the nation to grab a random person's attention if they flip past the game on TV.

"Hmm... who's playing? Toledo? They're usually fun to watch!"

Also: This year's schedule has BALLS.


1 09/01/11 7:00  p.m. ET   New Hampshire 58-22 W Recap | Box
2 09/10/11 12:00  p.m. ET at Ohio State - - Preview
3 09/16/11 8:00  p.m. ET   Boise State - - -
4 09/24/11 12:00  p.m. ET at Syracuse - - -
5 10/01/11 12:00  p.m. ET at Temple - - -
6 10/08/11 3:00  p.m. ET   Eastern Michigan - - -
7 10/15/11 12:00  p.m. ET at Bowling Green - - -
8 10/22/11 7:00  p.m. ET   Miami (OH) - - -
9 Off Week
10 11/01/11 7:00  p.m. ET   Northern Illinois - - Tickets
11 11/08/11 8:00  p.m. ET   Western Michigan - - -
12 11/18/11 8:00  p.m. ET at Central Michigan - - -
13 11/25/11 TBD at Ball State - - -

Who the heck schedules OSU and Boise back to back, with follow up games at Syracuse and Temple? That's two weeks of pain and two weeks of possibly not much easier.


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Spelling out Toledo is no big deal, many schools do this.  

I draw the line with spelling out Ohio for two reasons (1) its Ohio; (2) is the only school I know of whose fans are obsessive about spelling out their school (see their commercials as well as the people in Ohio who spelled it out with their deceased relative).


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As annoying as the OH---IO is I had the pleasure of being in New Orleans for the Sugar Bowl last year and Arkansas' "Pig Sooie" is the single worst thing I've ever heard.


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Do you guys realize that 50% or more of Toledo fans are HUGE Ohio State fans (with the other 50% being Michigan fans). I'd be suprised to see how many fans (that dont have kids/roomates/friends) on the Toledo football team are wearing Blue/Gold. The TOL-EDO wont be very loud on Saturday because a big chunk of the fanbase will be OH-IO-ing.

I'm a bowling green grad...when we played OSU each one of my roomates wore their buckeye garb for the game. And I don't remember cheering for my alma mater once last season during the Michigan game.


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Ohio (YTO, wait, NTO?  I'm confused), as in the Ohio RAWRcats, actually does the OH-IO chant IN THEIR FIGHT SONG. 

I'm too busy to look it up, but I wonder if OSU stole it from them, since Ohio U is an older institute.


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when I was at school during the homecoming games when the welcome back the old cheerleaders, the ones from the 40s & 50s, the would do the Michigan locomotion cheer. 

Basically it was spelling out Michigan a few times getting faster each time then shouting michigan michigan michigan at the end