Herbie Awards

Submitted by freernnur5 on August 30th, 2011 at 12:35 PM

So Herbstreit released his Herbie Awards today which are basically letting you know about different types of players and he ranks people in his mind for different attributes.

Notable selections:

Denard Robinson - #1 Dual-Threat QB

Mike Martin - #1 High Motor Men

Greg Mattison - #2 Impactful Coordinator Hires




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herbie may be a buckeye, but I give him credit for calling out Tressel despite the backlash he received in Columbus. I'd also venture to say he has more of a Big Ten bias than an osu one.

Blue in Yarmouth

August 30th, 2011 at 1:10 PM ^

I have never had a problem with him. He calls a lot of UM games and I have never found him to show bias in any way. I actually enjoy his commentary for the most part. Couple that with the fact that he has shown little bias in the whole OSU scandal and I have no issue with the man. He has also showed his intellegence by moving out of Columbus so he can't be all bad.


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I can't find it in my heart to hate someone who spent so much time on his back when he played against Michigan.  If he wasn't a Buckeye, I'd even feel sorry for him.  He had to complete a then unheard-of 28 passes just to get a tie.  He was even on the bench for the Heisman Pose game.  And he did end his regular season career losing 28-0 at the Big House.

Ohio needs more Herbies on their team.


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A few years back, the gameday crew showed him this clip...


I forget which game they were at that day but Herbie mentioned that was the first time he had seen the play in over a decade. 

I don't really have any beef with Herbie.  I think he's a good commentator and I like his insight on particular games.  When we played Notre Dame in 2003, he posed for a picture with some members of the Michigan Marching Band.  They put a Michigan hat on his head and he went along with it like a good sport.  It was a great pic. 

I am surprised, however, how many fans outside the Big 10 hate his guts.  Just read some of the comments on that video.


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Yea that was the 1 thing I didn't understand, considering dual threat QBs are some of the most fun players to watch since you never know what they could do.

The USC-Texas NC game was one of the most exciting (non-Michigan) games I have watched because of how Vince Young just shredded USC's defense to bits. (Well that and growing up hating USC made it all the sweeter)


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focus group approved and full of "fun and irreverant" titles like " SHOW ME SOME RESPECT: UNDERRATED COACHES"

please just start the games

EDIT: this does contain Erin Andrews, so its not completely worthless


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lol i saw that, he has OSU beating Iowa for the conference championship lol what the fuck?


Iowa is somehow going to manage to beat us, msu, and Nebraska out?  They haven't even beat NW the past few years


August 30th, 2011 at 9:12 PM ^

I wouldn't count Iowa out, they've got a solid QB and barring injuries a solid running back as well. They could be pretty decent this year, not to mention every year they get counted out they always seem to do really well. And the flip side is whenever they get hyped, they kinda fall apart. Our division is really up for grabs, with one favorite (Neb) and everyone else is jumbled up pretty good