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I have had family members that have fought in every war since world war 1.  I am a big supporter in the servicemen of this country, but that doesn't mean I am supportive of the warmongers in Washington.  My grandfather always told me to question what was presented to me, especially when it comes from Washington.  He fought in World war 2, and he would tell me stories of the propaganda machines in Nazi Germany and the same propaganda here in the states.  Disinformation has been used for many years, on all sides of all arguments, so I always try to discern what is true and what is false.

With that being said, I have a hard time buying the BS rhetoric from our elected "representatives."  I don't know what happenned on 9/11, I just find way too many of the so called facts to be completely unbelievable.  I find it difficult to buy the official story, the passports of the terrorist that was found in Shanksville, WTC7, the 911 commission report, NIST report, Bush and Cheney having to testify together, and the list goes on.  Then you look at our history and you see that the Vietnam war was escalated by the Gulf of Tonkin incident, which has been recently declassified as being a lie.  The WMD lie got us into Iraq.  Pat Tilman, Jessica Lynch stories were both ficticious accounts of the real story, glorifying what really happenned to them.  Even the financial crisis of 2008 was the result of a giant Ponzi scheme created and orchestrated by Wall St. and Washington.  There is a great movie on the subject called "Inside Job" that lays the whole story out. 

The Bin Laden piece was very well done, but there are questions regarding that whole story that make me think.  Why did the White House change their story 16 times in one week of what really happenned.  Why did the biggest piece of intelligence on Al-queda get shot in the head and dumped to sea instead of being interrogated for everything he knew.  I don't know what happenned, or claim to have any answers. I just know that I have a ton of questions and I will probably never get the answers.

It is easy to label people as conspiracy theorists and nutjobs and dismiss everthing they have say.  I think Westsider and umich4life have some very thought provoking points, and the beauty of living in a great country like ours, is that we can have these discussions openly and not get thrown in jail.  My relatives who have served and our still serving in Afghanistan and Iraq, all question what is going on, does that make them any less patriotic?  If anything I think it makes them more Patriotic.



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If by thought provoking you mean spouting out random and words and sentence fragments, then yeah umich4life has done a great job. Anyone with a high school understanding of basic chemistry and physics concepts can see right through his 9/11 conspiracy bull.Yeah, he does bring up some interesting points.