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Seth July 24th, 2011 at 2:09 AM


(Not these)

The 2011 Football Media Guide is out, and you know of course what that means: OBSESSIVE ATTENTION TO ROSTER NUMBERS HO!

Notable non-bullets:

Kellen Jones is not on it: There are plenty of rumors on [pick your favorite message board] as to why, but I've heard there's a high probability those rumors were made up to fill the great big "I dunno." I have a query in with Brandon's office.

Christian Pace is not on it: Medical rumors seem to be true, at least for this year. Shattered dreams of Molk 2.0.

Darryl Stonum is on it: If this means anything, horray. If not, horray.

Your Football Freshmen, Now With Digits:

No. Name Pos. Ht. Wt. State
3 Russell Bellomy QB 6'3 178 TX
5 Justice Hayes RB 5'10 175 MI
8 Blake Countess DB 5'10 175 MD
20 Tamani Carter DB 5'11 175 OH
21 Raymon Taylor DB 5'10 170 MI
24 Delonte Hollowell DB 5'9 170 MI
35 Greg Brown CB 5'10 180 OH
36 Joe Kerridge# FB 6'0 239 MI
38 Thomas Rawls RB 5'10 220 MI
40 Antonio Poole LB 6'2 210 OH
44 Desmond Morgan LB 6'1 225 MI
45 Matt Wile K 6'2 210 CA
57 Frank Clark LB 6'2 210 OH
58 Chris Bryant OL 6'4 330 IL
60 Jack Miller OL 6'4 268 OH
61 Graham Glasgow# OL 6'6 316 IL
62 Dallas Williams# OL 6'3 312 MI
71 Gary Yerden# OL 6'5 328 MI
79 Tony Posada OL 6'4 330 FL
82 Chris Barnett TE 6'5 250 TX
92 Keith Heitzman DE 6'3 237 OH
95 Chris Rock DE 6'5 250 OH
97 Brennen Beyer DE 6'3 225 MI

# = walk-on

Number Changes:

Name Pos. Was Now This is not the reason:
Josh Furman S 6 14 Stokes may line up on defense maybe?
Jack Kennedy QB 25 14 Walk-ons don't count.
J.T. Floyd CB 12 18 Secret plan to make me think we still have James Rogers next year
Thomas Gordon S 15 30 Doubled the abs
Isaiah Bell LB 26 34 Isaiah 26 is 'A Song of Praise'; Isaiah 34 is 'Judgment Against the Nations.' This is a bad sign for…someone.
Terrence Talbott CB 22 37 Weird: Jake Ryan is 37 too. Maybe there's a plot to make the DBs and LBs look interchangeable to confuse opponents or something?
Marell Evans LB 9 51 Those who stay can keep their number.
Ricky Barnum OL 56 52 Joey Burzynski (2010 walk-on OL) called it
Brandon Moore TE 88 89 Because he and Craig Roh are listed as 6'2"/250 and this was really freaking Funk out.
Teric Jones RB 14 -- Maybe you need a position first

Yes, I too was totally thinking of that Seinfeld episode after Susan died. Best as I can guess here is Lloyd and Bo liked to keep one guy to a number and some of them were repeats on the other side of the ball (RR was a proponent of that long before EA Sports let you do it). Or maybe some of the 2012 commits have been promised digits?

Counting Things on Scholarship


15! Fifteen scholarship seniors on the roster, ah ah ah! Also 18 juniors, 20 sophomores, and 27 guys with freshman eligibility.

42! Forty-two scholarship players not from one of the last two ('10 or '11) classes, ah ah ah! Up from 36 last year.

80! Eighty guys on scholarship, ah ah ah, counting Kovacs, Grady and Evans but not the missing fellows. Up from 76 at this time last year.

15! Fifteen scholarship players at defensive back, ah ah ah! Five of those are redshirt sophomores or older (two each from '08 and '09, and Woolfolk). Last year was 15 guys, but 7 of them freshmen. Now we have five freshmen and five sophomores, which, better?

15! Fifteen guys on the 2010 roster not on the 2011 one. That's 9 graduations, 2 non-renewed, four transfer/booted (Forcier, Cullen, Vinopal and D.J. Williamson) and one we're guessing medical. Strangely only Vinopal, the 2-star who became a freshman starter, seems to be a coaching transition loss.

12! Twelve guys pictured in the Media Guide with dreads: Richard Ash, Chris Eddins, Josh Furman, J.T. Floyd, Jeremy Gallon, Junior (Not a Junior) Hemingway, Stephen Hopkins, Martavious Odoms, Denard Robinson, Vincent Smith, Je'Ron Stokes.

Non-Notable Non-Bullets


Photo day!: From his picture I think Devin Gardner is going to end up being CEO of something. Will Campbell wins the "Fell for the old 'hey everybody let's all look like we're really tough in our photos' shtick" award. Meanwhile Klingons are attempting to steal Denard's smile because it has the power create habitable, lush new planets all by itself.

Non-renewed 5ths: Michael Williams, John Ferrara, Zac Ciullo, and Kevin Leach might have had another year of eligibility, but are gone. All were expected. Sad that Mike Williams's career ends with his pre-2010 concussion. I've been hard on his play but we'll never know if he might have put it together for his last two years.

Weight Gain 2011: The player weights are unchanged from Spring but some of the freshmen are a little off from their high school weights. Of those, Tony Posada is up 15 lbs. (to 330…um), Delonte Hollowell is up to 170 (from 162), and Thomas Rawls is listed at 220 (from 214). Standard operating procedure is to consider all weight gains and losses as good things.

Gentlemen, start your dynasties.


Feat of Clay

July 25th, 2011 at 1:29 PM ^

Yeah, the squirrel (see 3:28) was the best part, but can we agree that as a U-M squirrel it was seriously WEAK?  If you're going to show a campus squirrel, show a specimen that truly reflects the girth, sense of entitlement, and "fuck you humans" attitude regularly seen on the Diag.  In other words, it needed to weigh at least 30% more and shouldn't have had that panicked "about-to-flee" posture.  

I also liked how their three friends pretty much stayed hunched down in the background for maximum camera avoidance.


July 25th, 2011 at 1:44 PM ^

...all. The fact that the best thing about the video was screwed up really shows how awful it really is. Each time we're on campus, my wife (a native Michigander)  inevitably remarks on the size of the Michigan squirrels and compares them to "our scrawny Virginia squirrels". 

While clearly wary, the friends failed to realize the danger they were in when they decided to participate. Potential for lifelong ridicule: Extremely High. Potential for fame and fortune: Miniscule. WTH, let's do it, bro!


July 24th, 2011 at 2:57 AM ^

Disappointing that we don't get to see current heights and weights - perhaps a new roster will come out on when practice starts.  With regard to Teric Jones maybe he is  taking a red shirt year to rehab his knee?


July 24th, 2011 at 3:53 PM ^

Ok. I realize there are a number of reasons why someone wouldn't want to share what these rumors are. It allows the many to freeride off the money spent by the few on premium message board content. As alluded to above these rumors are probably (hopefully?) untrue. And they may invade on the privacy of an 18 year old kid. However having said all that kellen jones is the incoming recruit I am most excited about and it being a particularly slow time football news wise my interest is very much piqued and it would be much appreciated if someone would shed a little light on what may be going on here.

Zone Left

July 24th, 2011 at 10:58 AM ^

As the parent of a small child, I appreciate the Count. Thanks.

You never really came out and said it, but we're looking at 20 scholarships available right now (15 Seniors + 5 slots under 85). Seems like a full class is definitely possible.


July 24th, 2011 at 11:03 AM ^

...Graham Glasgow announced in Feb that he was taking a preferred walk-on slot at TSIO. Looks like we have another defection. Recall that Glasgow's HS OL coach was former Michgan OL Kurt Becker. All the recruiting sites still list him as committed to OSU.

And now TomVH confirms that he switched in June.

 I confirmed that OL Graham Glasgow did switch to Michigan from committing to OSU as a preferred walk on around June.

Bobby Digital

July 24th, 2011 at 11:44 AM ^

"Yes, I too was totally thinking of that Seinfeld episode after Susan died. Best as I can guess here is Lloyd and Bo liked to keep one guy to a number and some of them were repeats on the other side of the ball (RR was a proponent of that long before EA Sports let you do it)."

I've read that paragraph about five times and still have no idea what it means.


July 24th, 2011 at 2:16 PM ^

mavin robinson is peaceful, oh so peaceful. so peaceful in fact that he will haunt my dreams

and je'ron stokes is apparently the only one facing left-looking right

AND kenny wilkins is listed as a DT. holy crap man


July 24th, 2011 at 11:34 PM ^

If a kid walks on just because he wants to play for Michigan...he's going to give the team all he's got.  Man, I wish I had the talent to walk on to Bo's team back in '81!!!!!