Meta: iPad App Beta (now closed)

Submitted by elaydin on July 9th, 2011 at 10:01 PM

People have occasionally inquired about an iPad app, but I had always felt that the main site looked fine on the iPad.  That being the case, there are still some nice things about an app (easier navigation, access to a lot more posts).  Since the code is more or less the same as the iPhone app, and Brian has given me the go ahead, I've cobbled something together.

Here's a quick video of it (if I can get the embed to work, direct link otherwise


I'm looking for a small handful of beta testers.  Requirement:  have an ipad.  Definitely looking for some 1st gen ipad testers.  

Email me at at gmail if you're interested.


Thanks for the quick and healthy response.

I think I have all the testers I need.  I'll respond to all those who have responded within a day.