Big Weekend coming for Michigan?

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Mike Farrell: 

Nick -- great, great start on defense and I think they will focus on a QB for sure next year and look to bring in a couple of DTs as well as a couple of OL and WRs. I think Michigan fans are going to get some really good news very soon and it could be a big weekend.  


I guess I'm confused, aren't most of the Michigan coaches on vacation this week?



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A. A distinction can be made; and

B. It doesn't matter very much. 


I don't think the use of "Big Blue" is a terrible thing.  I just think it's a minor annoyance.  It reminds me of Nebraka's "Big Red."  Having lived in Kansas for eight years, I hate Nebraska.  I'm willing to bet my lunch money that most other Michigan fans will hate them in the near future too...Okay, tangential thought over. 


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While we're on a tangent anyway, why is every state school (except Texas) between the Mississippi and the Rockies intent on reversing the U and the letter of their state? Nebraska should be UN, Colorado should be UC, Oklahoma UO, what gives?

Truth be told, I would rather wear a Big Blue t-shirt around than hear about "OU" and "NU" for the next fifty years.


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Hmm...we need ChicagoRed or an Oklahoma fan to enlighten us. On the ESPN blog last year Rittenberg had a write in between Northwestern fans and Nebraska fans over who should be called NU and he explained that "Nebraska U" is a line from their fight song. I wonder where OU and KU and the rest came from.


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and before "Big House" was a synonym for "Michigan Stadium", "Big House" was a synonym for penitentiary, as in "But Mickey, if we get pinched, we'll be sent back to the Big House."

Edit: I *will* read the entire thread before posting.  I *will* read the entire thread before posting.   I *will* read the entire thread before posting.... x50


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But "The Big House" has always referred to Michigan Stadium. It's not that the university itself created "M Go Blue" that makes it special and meaningful, it's that it has always been uniquely Michigan's.

"Big Blue" is the exact opposite, it is neither meaningful nor special, and use (in recent years at least) has most often come from sportscasters at ESPN who have run out of snyonyms for U of M and want to sound like they're cool.


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She went to Michigan in the late '30s early '40s. Until she died in 2005, every time she heard "Big House" on TV she got really fired up! I can still hear her, "Michigan Stadium is NOT A PRISON! Sing Sing is the big house!"

FWIW... She and my grandfather, who played at UM in the same time period, both used "Big Blue" regularly.


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He played guard for Crisler and blocked for Tom Harmon. His uncle, Fred Conklin, played for Yost, and was captain of the 1911 team.  If you have the Maple Street Press, he's mentioned prominently and pictured on page 108.

So although I'm not crazy about "Big Blue", I grew up in a very Blue home, and it wasn't uncommon.  Maybe it's a generaltional thing, but I haven't looked for other old references.


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There is a newpaper headline out there from when my grandfather started playing that reads "Olds replaces Ford", since he followed the future president, and the author couldn't pass up the play on words.

If you read about the 1911 team in the MSP Wolverine Kickoff and had any interest in the captain, I wrote this up on the "family claim to fame" thread a few weeks back. Fred Conklin was an inovator in biomedical engineering. He invented a number of surgical instruments, ran Navy hospitals and retired an admiral, in addition to the brush with JFK.

Fred Olds went on to be a nuclear engineer and the editor of Power Engineering magazine. He spoke all over the world (including communist China and East Germany in the 80s) on nuclear power.


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FWIW, the nickname "The Big House" wasn't a "Michigan nickname" either. It was a Keith Jackson creation.

Which is much better than if we'd invented it ourselves.  Keith Jackson is a legend.  Receiving a nickname from him is like being bestowed a royal title.  It's akin to Grantland Rice calling Red Grange "the Galloping Ghost."  You don't turn down a Keith Jackson nickname.


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Not one is relevant.  NOT FUCKING ONE.  So you click on it, and into the second page all you get is snarky comment after snarky comment, and a bunch of bitches bitching at bitches.  It's a complete waste of time, and it would be fun if any of it was clever, but none of this is.  That's why you get a down vote.  Not pissing at you directly, just trying to let you know why this type of thread gets hammered.  This board used to be fun.  Now it is just full of see.

Sac Fly

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... Our class is filling up, and the big time prospects we are recruiting are moving up their timelines. We could be close to having a full class before the season starts. Ill be sure to rub it in to all the spartan and buckeye fans who laughed at us when hoke handed out 100+ offers in a week.


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Kalis is in town with his parents this weekend.  Ace Williams reported yesterday that he and Wormley are committing this weekend and that they've been silent commits for awhile now.


I know it's Ace Williams, but I'm seeing these assertions more and more as today goes on...