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Submitted by Dark Blue on May 6th, 2011 at 2:19 PM

Terrible day, terrible awful stooopid day. So in order to share my misery I felt the need to post a pointless stooopid thread. I figure most of the peeps will comment and talk shit which may make me feel better, or make me commit suicide. 50/50.  The only thing that gives me comfort today is something my Grandmother told me a long time ago. "Dark Blue" she said, "its better to get  pissed off then pissed on." Grandma was a wise woman. 



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Does the whole "coach in waiting" thing still work?

The only two coaches in waiting I could think of are Jimbo Fisher and Will Muschamp. Fisher finally got the job when Bowden was booted out and Muschamp jumped ship when a head coaching job came along. Are programs still doing the "coach in waiting" plan?


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i think its more of a wink wink thing.  i think that bielema was a coach in waiting. i think that the DC at VTech is a coach in waiting.  pretty sure WVU just hired the OC from OklaSt to be coach in waiting there.  i would think that muschamp would still be at texas if the HC at one of the best programs in the country hadn't flaked out.


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While the philosophy may have been valid, didn't Michigan really need to clean house with the coaching staff after 2007? Would Hoke/Harbaugh have done that if they had succeeded Carr in some fashion? I almost think you have to do something to get in all the new blood that we currently have now.


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relatively little since they left, which leads me to believe that there was a lot of dead wood / not a lot of bright young talent, which leads to the idea of coach in waiting. i don't expect that scot loeffler would have been a credible name, ron english? terrible situation but he has not made it much better.

the thing that kills me is that i remember raging about carr in 2004 about some recent loss and a friend of mine who is a huge ND fan says "carr is not retiring until hart and henne are done."  if it was clear enough for everyone else to see, why did they not try to get some guys in who could eventually take over?

Dark Blue

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And another thing, what the fuck is wrong with Sony? Is the PSN ever gonna be back up? Playing some BLOPS would probably make me feel better, but I can't do that cuz SONY has some MORANS working there. 


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Here's one... I hate the new Comment rating system.  Voting a simple up/down was my favorite thing about the boards... now I go "Was that funny? It wasn't Insightful... Not Informative... Why is there no 'Badass' label."


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The best part of this post are the Tags the OP uses.  Check them out.  Hilarious!

Dark Blue, you're outstanding.  You never fail to crack me up.  Is there a more misunderstood poster on this Board than you??



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Agreed! I read these comments, and all I can figure is that they've never read anything by Dark Blue before. I wasn't being sarcastic when I said he's the best poster on the board. The worst poster on the board? That "Brian" guy. Shows up just to push everybody else around. Screw that guy.

Dark Blue

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I've posted here for a long time, and I've never really changed. I'm always a jackass, I'm never to be taken seriously, and I try to have fun. Yet everytime I post something, there is all these dudes, who get so SHOCKED AND OFFENDED. Thanks for at least trying to understand. Its appreciated. 


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I do find it more than a little inexplicable that people still don't "get it," so to speak, after all this time. And it's not like you're hard to spot as a poster, you usually have the most attention grabbing avatars. People really need to pay a little more attention.