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Caption: After a breakout sophomore campaign, Denard Robinson may get bogged down learning a new pro-style offense.

Links to Mandel's piece entitled "Ten things we learned this spring", including msu and nd mentions.  Here's the Michigan bit.  First time I've ever seen D-Rob referred to as "lanky." I don't think that word means what you think it means, Stewie...


2. Denard Robinson is starting over Michigan fans concerned that new coach Brady Hoke's preferred pro-style offense may not be the best fit for their beloved Big Ten player of the year saw nothing in Michigan's spring game to alleviate their fears. Shoelace broke off one of his trademark 55-yard runs the first play of the game but struggled through the air, finishing 5-of-14 for 70 yards. Hoke and offensive coordinator Al Borges have made it clear they'd prefer the lanky QB to run less often, which should help Robinson's durability. But after progressing so dramatically in Rich Rodriguez's spread offense from his freshman to sophomore years, Robinson may get bogged down at times as a junior while learning a much more nuanced passing game. The silver lining for Michigan followers is that their beleaguered defense looks improved -- not that it could have gotten worse. New coordinator Greg Mattison unleashed a more aggressive unit this spring, an approach that included experimenting with star tackle Mike Martin rushing off the edge.


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After reading the whole article, I realized that the photo of Denard (and his sexy arms) was the only good part of the link.  I learned that we need to expect less of Denard and also that Sparty is going to be good.


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I had high hopes for the article and came away feeling more pessimistic about the season than before.  In fact, the only good part of the entire link was the photo of Denard and his sexy arms.  The rest of it can go straight to hell for all I care!  F- you SI!

While I'm yelling, why the F- do all of my comments appear hidden in the thread???????   WTF???????  I hate this new format!!!!



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If you were at the Spring Game, you may remember that it was windier than all get out that day.  20 mph winds that were gusting to 40.  NO quarterback looked good because the ball kept lofting on them.  I'm not saying that on a clear day, Denard can throw forever, I'm saying that while he may struggle, it's not as dire as it seems, at least I hope.

Marc 71

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everyone because he is an extraordinary talent in every way.  He has learned some of what he needs to learn in Spring practice and will practice his ass off this summer along with his roommate Devin.  His leadership by inspiration and doing will bring everyone else up towards (but obviously not quite at) his level.  How he progressed last summer is an indication of how he will progress this summer.  I am not worried. I am fucking done worrying.  Let our opponents start to worry.

Bernard Ducamp

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What Mandel forgets is how much progress Denard made his Sophomore year.  He began as an adequate starter and ended up Big Ten POY.

Asuming this demonstrates Denard's tremendous ability to grow and develop, then in 2011 he will start as barely the pro-set starter and end the season @#$%^&*() whoa.a.a.a.a.a.a. turning out the lights on some really good teams.  Do not think Denard will be in the Fall where he is now in the Spring.  He will develop handsomely and be great.  That's my belief. 


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I am 100% ready for some growing pains, offensively...BUT, with that said, I'm also pretty confident that they'll figure it out. Denard is the man. While he doesn't have ideal height or make all the throws, he will work as hard as he possibly can this summer to get it right. That's a good feeling to have as a fan...whereas other fanbases (e.g., South Carolina), have to worry about their guys acting like complete idiots, we all know that Denard is working hard in preparation for 9/3/11 and the rest of the upcoming season. Spread or pro-style, Denard can play.