Why I still believe in Denard after the Spring Game.

Submitted by chunkums on April 17th, 2011 at 9:34 PM

Because I have faith:




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I mean, not like MGoBlog is really work appropriate in general, but I don't think Michalangelo's most famous creation is really NSFW. Just my opinion though.


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That is disturbing for so many reasons...how am I ever going to get this image out of my head when Brady has his arm around Denard's shoulder on the sideline coaching him up next fall?


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Wow....NSFW and CREEPY!

But I believe in Denard because of his awesome smile. He cares about Michigan Football. And his future career in the NFL.........


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I came to this thread with the angriest of clicks expecting to see the scattered remains of a negbombed OP and add my sarcastic and insulting response. However, it's just an incredibly creepy photoshop job. Creepy, but not bad, I guess. I've seen the real painted ceiling and they make you wait outside in line for hours only to be brought into the room stuffed with smelly, sweaty, angry people at which point you are forced through like a herd of cattle without being able to stop for even a second. You get to actually look for about 90 seconds. Fucking bullshit. Yes, I know....cool story bro. Just thought I'd share.


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Yeah, that's what I hear. I'd really like to go back during non-crazy months. I went on my parent's dime during high school summer break so I'm not complaining, I'm glad I got to see it, plus many other European treasures. Right now, I don't have the resources to travel like that. Hopefully when I'm out of school and gainfully employed.


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Our tour guide let us stay longer than I thought we could.  Even after he was ratted out by an official guide for having 2 women with bared shoulders in his group.  And for not being official.  It was last July, and there were no lines at the end of the day.

I don't remember seeing the Michigan hat, though.

Mr Mackey

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Wow... that is just beautiful. My screensaver is Desmond's Heisman pose over the same picture, with God wearing a Michigan shirt. 

I'm surprised there's not an uproar about Denard's naked picture being released like there was over Greg Oden or Brett Favre