Zoltan Mesko Foundation donates $5000 to Hasbro Children's Hospital Miracle Wraps Mall (raffle ticket donation followup)

Zoltan Mesko Foundation donates $5000 to Hasbro Children's Hospital Miracle Wraps Mall (raffle ticket donation followup)

Submitted by ZoltanMeskoFou… on December 20th, 2012 at 9:50 AM

Hi MGoBloggers,

Tim North here with an update from the Zoltan Mesko Foundation.  I posted in October about the Celebrities for Charity x Zoltan Mesko Foundation "London Ticket Raffle" we were promoting at the time to raise inital funds for our new foundation.  I am happy to report that from the revenue we raised we have recently donated $5000 to Hasbro Children's Hopspital (link below) and another $5000 to Boston Children's Hopsital.  All the proceeds go towards efforts to help brighten the holidays for the patients and their families during a difficult time.  Please visit the link below for more info (I will be updating a link to the Boston Children's Hospital release when it is availible.)

In the wake of the Sandy Hook tragedy, we have reached out to foundations that support the community of Newton, CT and are currently in the process of making a donation.  I will provide more information when I know more...

I know that a few MGoBlog members had specific questions in regards to the foundations and causes we are focused on supporting, and I hope this helps to give a more clear direction of where we will be headed in the future.  Again, we can't thank enough for all of your support and we encourage you to "like" us on Facebook for updates on Zoltan's weekly volutneer work (he has yet to miss a week all season) as well as future campaigns we will be launching in the near future - expected mid-January

Happy Holidays and Go Blue!

Tim North


Story link: http://www.hasbrochildrenshospital.org/HCH_News

"On December 18, 2012, football player Zoltan Mesko visited the children and families at Hasbro Children's Hospital. During his visit Zoltan presented the Hospital with $5,000 from the Zoltan Mesko Foundation to help support the Miracle Wraps Mall program.

Miracle Wraps Mall is a program that was set up for the patients of Hasbro Children's Hospital to shop during the holiday season. Miracle Wraps Mall is a mini-mall set up in the hospital, complete with a bank, store, gift-wrapping station and food court."