Zeke Pike to make decision this week per 247Sports

Zeke Pike to make decision this week per 247Sports

Submitted by wlubd on April 18th, 2011 at 10:49 AM

SWiltfong247 Steve Wiltfong

Five-star QB Zeke Pike will make his college decision this week 247sports.com/Article/Pike-t… via @247sportsdotcom
At least we'll know one way or the other what his plan is and can move on if necessary. Would be great to see him go blue though.

TomVH: QB Zeke Pike Update: 7on7 Incident

TomVH: QB Zeke Pike Update: 7on7 Incident

Submitted by TomVH on April 11th, 2011 at 12:18 PM

If you weren't aware, there were tweets and stories going around that Kentucky QB Zeke Pike was ejected from the 7 on 7 tournament for apparently throwing the football at the ref. That of course sparked conversations and controversy over what happened and why he did it. I thought I would give you Zeke's take on what happened.

It was really blown all out of proportion. They give you a play clock and it was 4th down, our team didn't get set and get the play off in time. They blew the play dead and called turnover on downs. I tossed the ball towards the ref who blew his whistle just giving him the ball. He cought the ball and then the other ref threw his flag and threw me out. It was pretty ridiculous but I just took it, not much I could do. I mean it wasn't worth arguing over, and then we have people tweeting and saying all this nonsense making me look bad.

It seems strange that no one else has gotten Zeke's take on this incident, but there you go. He also told me that he will be back up to Michigan quite a few times after spring recruiting, and reiterated that they will be in the top group.

TVH Weekly: Austin Appleby, Antonio Morrison, Kelby Latta and More

TVH Weekly: Austin Appleby, Antonio Morrison, Kelby Latta and More

Submitted by TomVH on April 4th, 2011 at 11:43 AM

We're already a few weeks away from the spring game and recruiting is in full swing. With two commitments under their belt the coaches are expecting a few more to come in before or during the spring game. Here's a look at a few visit reactions, upcoming visits, and general notes.

Austin ApplebyAustin Appleby

6'5", 228 lbs.


North Canton, Ohio

Appleby has been making his rounds across the country for unofficial visits. He took a trip out to Florida to see the Gators and then made his way up to Ann Arbor. 

I wasn't offered on this trip, but we sat down with the coaches and they told me what they want out of me to get that offer. They said they want to see me at their camp and based off of that we'll talk about an offer. They told me that they've seen my film and that they really like me but they want me to camp before they offer.

Normally when you hear that from a prospect it's not good news. However, Appleby has the talent to eventually get an offer depending on what happens with Zeke Pike and Maty Mauk. The fact that Michigan hasn't offered isn't discouraging him.

With Coach Hoke we were just building the relationship and he told me they definitely think I'm a D1 quarterback. It's a challenge to me because I have all the confidence in myself and I'm excited to prove what I know I can do.

Austin got the full treatment from the coaches and felt that he got a good idea of who the new Michigan coaches are.

We met with the coaches and Coach Singletary. We went straight to practice and the players were popping around. They look like a whole new team, I definitely think they're on the right track. The overall enthusiasm and attitude  was great. Everything they do is about beating Ohio State. I think the coaches were great, they were honest and genuine. It's hard to compare visits, but I'm definitely interested in Michigan.

I think Michigan would be in good position with Appleby if they were to offer. We'll see if that happens. 

Antonio MorrisonAntonio Morrison

6'3", 220 lbs.


Bolingbrook, Illinois

I brought up Antonio as a name to keep an eye on a few weeks ago. He hasn't been offered yet, but is planning on taking a trip to Ann Arbor this Saturday.

I'm really interested in Michigan. That was my favorite team growing up. I talked to Coach Hecklinski and they haven't offered yet, but they really like me. 

Morrison is hoping for an offer this weekend, and if Michigan does offer they could vault into his top group.

I know the coaches from San Diego State, but I don't know too much about them. I have about ten offers right now but the schools I talk to the most are Minnesota, Illinois, and Indiana. [Michigan] would definitely be in my top three schools if they offered. I don't really have a leader yet, but if Michigan were to offer they might be at the top.

There are already a good amount of linebacker prospects with offers that Michigan is in good position with. We'll see if Antonio does get offered this weekend, but I wouldn't be shocked if he wasn't. 

Kelby LattaKelby Latta

6'4", 295 lbs.

Offensive Line

Battle Creek, Michigan

Latta is a big prospect that hasn't started to pick up steam with his recruitment yet. He currently has offers from Wisconsin and Western. Some schools prefer him on the offensive line and some prefer defensive line. Michigan has shown interest in Kelby, and the new coaching staff has made that feeling mutual.

I like the kind of mentality the new coaches are bringing and starting to get. I like the style of ball they're playing, and I just want to see what kind of coaches they are and how we get a long. 

Kelby hasn't picked up many offers yet so he isn't anywhere near making his final decision. He does have an idea of how it will play out though.

I want to have it down to three schools by the time football season comes around. I know Wisconsin will be in there and the other two spots are open. Michigan has a chance to be in there. I'll probably make my final decision at the end of the season. I'm really just looking for the style of play, if they can win, the coaches, the class I'd be coming in with, and the education.

Wisconsin is the leader for now, but Kelby has interest in finding out more about Michigan. Latta says that the Michigan coaches have told him they prefer him on the offensive line. They have quite a few offers out already to offensive linemen with around 4 committable spots left. 


  • If you missed it you can take a look at what QB Zeke Pike thought of his visit to Michigan here. Pike just took in Arkansas this past weekend, but Michigan has done a good job of getting in the conversation. Zeke plans on making his decision within the next few months and as of now Michigan has a great chance.
  • Visit reactions from Minnesota OL Jonah Pirsig and Ohio TE AJ Williams are here.
  • East Detroit TE Ron Thompson told me he will be making his decision within the next few weeks. He doesn't have a set date, just whenever he feels ready. Michigan is in good position.
  • Ohio LB Kaleb Ringer will be announcing his decision on April 15th at 6pm EST. Michigan is in good position here as well.
  • Michigan offered Texas fullback EJ Fatu (5'10", 235 lbs). His late father was Eddie Fatu, the WWE wrestler and his cousin is The Rock. 

Sam Webb on Zeke Pike

Sam Webb on Zeke Pike

Submitted by umhero on April 2nd, 2011 at 6:58 PM

Sam Webb and Allen Trieu spent the week traveling around Ohio with a dip into Kentucky to see Zeke Pike.  It sounds like he's hinting we are in a very good position with Zeke.

Highlights from the Recruiting Round Up:

Zeke Pike is very personable.  In that respect he's a lot like Ryan Mallett.  People might take that to be a negative in some respects but don't; the kid's very personable, a very gregarious young man and he has that charisma you want to see a quarterback have.  And you'll find out some things that Michigan really has going for it in the interviews we will have posted on GoBlueWolverine later today.  Very clear Michigan is in a good position with him and very, very clear there may be some positive things on the horizon with him.

I'm not a subscriber, but Scout has this in it's title and  tease for the interview:

Will Pike Lure UM Mega Class?

In part one of GoBlueWolverine's sit-down with the talented signal caller he discusses his game, his relationship with the Michigan coaching staff, the top schools on his list, where Michigan fits into that group, and more.

Sam continues to talk about several of the other players in Ohio and then he ends his Round Up with this message when asked if we are close with any of the players he visited:

Michigan is very close with a couple of young men that we stopped through to see on this visit.  A couple of young men that we will have video interviews with up today.  That's not a promise that they will commit, but pay close attention to the guys that we put up.

The three interviews they posted that day from their trip were with LB Joe Bolden, QB Zeke Pike, and S Allen Gant.

TomVH: Visit Reaction From QB Zeke Pike

TomVH: Visit Reaction From QB Zeke Pike

Submitted by TomVH on March 29th, 2011 at 10:30 PM

Kentucky QB Zeke Pike (6'5", 220 lbs) made his way up to Ann Arbor today [Tuesday] with his dad. They got a chance to meet the coaches and check out practice. Here's a look at his film and what he had to say about the visit.

TOM: What did you get to see when you first got there?

ZEKE: We kind of met everybody and got familiar with the faces. We sat down with Coach Borges and talked football. We talked about where I fit in to the program and just talked about life. We just kind of got to know each other. 

TOM: Did you get a chance to sit down with the other coaches too?

ZEKE: Yeah, Coach Singletary was with me a lot. We talked to Coach Hoke for about an hour. We talked about a little of everything. They told me I was the number one guy on their chart and that intrigued me. Then we went on a tour of the Big House, which was pretty awesome. Playing in front of 120,000 people every week is amazing.

TOM: Did you take in practice after that?

ZEKE: Yeah, I think right now they're trying to use the spread offense because of the quarterbacks they have. They're trying to gradually get to the pro style offense. Those are spread quarterbacks so it makes the position a lot more intriguing and the school a lot more intriguing because they need that true pro style quarterback.

TOM: You say it's intriguing, do you almost view it as a challenge to be that quarterback that gets Michigan back to the top? Or in a different way?

ZEKE: I think the coaches they have are the perfect coaches to get Michigan back to Michigan. I think Coach Hoke is doing a very good job with bringing tradition back. There was so much fire, intensity, and energy at practice. It just looks like there's a lot of competition on the field and you need that to be great. I think the right coaches are in place and that's exciting. I think it's a great opportunity to be that next guy at Michigan. It's a program on a national stage, when you say Michigan football people turn their heads. I'm excited to continue to build the relationships.

TOM: I know it's hard to see everything on one trip, but did you get a good feel for the coaches as people and how they coach?

ZEKE: I really enjoyed my time and I got a really good feel for them; I liked it a lot. It's definitely a school that will be there for me down the wire. It was just a feel that I got, it's hard to explain. There's only been a couple other places that I got that feeling and Michigan was one of those places.

TOM: You said Michigan will be there down to the wire, when are you going to be making your decision? Do you have a timeline?

ZEKE: I'm going out to Arkansas this weekend and I'm going to Tennessee, Georgia, FSU, Clemson, and Auburn over spring break. After that I'll narrow it down to a top five or so. I'll probably make my decision in the next couple months. I'm just going to be looking for the it factor, is it going to be somewhere I want to go for the next four years even outside of football.

TOM: With regards to Michigan, did this visit help them?

ZEKE: Yeah, it definitely helped Michigan. I'm really close friends with Chris Barnett who signed with Michigan in the 2011 class. We're really good friends and he stays on me about going to Michigan. It's a school that intrigues me and has a lot of tradition. Year in and year out they compete with everybody. I'm anxious to continue the relationships there and see where it goes.

TomVH: Visitors for the Week of March 28th

TomVH: Visitors for the Week of March 28th

Submitted by TomVH on March 28th, 2011 at 2:49 PM

There are going to be visitors all week, not just the weekend so I figured I would post this now. You can take a look at the visitors from last weekend here. As always there will be names added and dropped as plans change. Here's who I have confirmed so far.

  • Tuesday: Kentucky QB Zeke Pike (6'5", 220 lbs). Offers from everywhere and will be one of the top quarterbacks in this class. I confirmed with him that he will be in on Tuesday.
  • Tuesday: Ohio LB Kaleb Ringer (6'0", 220 lbs). Visiting Michigan again. Announcing on the 15th.
  • Not coming anymore: Indiana TE/DE Pierre Aka (6'4", 250 lbs). He was supposed to make it in last weekend but had to reschedule. He's hoping for an offer, and if he gets it there's a chance he could pull the trigger.
  • Saturday: Ohio QB Austin Appleby (6'5", 228 lbs). Took a visit to Florida this past weekend and recently took a trip to U Conn as well. Also still hoping for an offer. I think he will eventually get one depending on how things play out with the other qb prospects.
  • Saturday: Ohio QB Maty Mauk (6'2", 185 lbs). Does have a Michigan offer, and seems to be impressed with the new Michigan coaches. This visit could help Michigan move along in the process.

TomVH: Visitors for March 24-26th

TomVH: Visitors for March 24-26th

Submitted by TomVH on March 21st, 2011 at 6:47 PM

This is the first big visitor weekend for Michigan and I've already confirmed a few names. This was in the Weekly Update, but this will be the permanent home of the list as it gets updated with new names. Here's who I have so far.

  • Kentucky QB Zeke Pike (6'5", 220 lbs): Pike had to reschedule the visit to next week. Offers from Alabama, Arkansas, Auburn, Clemson, Florida, FSU, LSU, Michigan, Penn State, and USC among others.
  • OL Chase Deback (6'8", 308 lbs) Michigan: Hoping for an offer from Michigan. Reporting no offers yet, but is gaining interest from local schools.
  • LB Joe Bolden (6'2", 225 lbs) Ohio: Recently offered by Michigan. Other offers include Arizona, Illinois, North Carolina, NC State, Stanford, Tennessee, and West Virginia among others.
  • OL Jonah Pirsig (6'9", 300 lbs) Minnesota: Also has a Michigan offer as well as Auburn, Illinois, Iowa, MSU, Ohio State, and Wisconsin among others. 
  • WR Aloyis Gray (6'3", 165 lbs) Indiana: Teammates with Pierre Aka, he's hoping to get an offer. Cincinnati, Illinois, and Purdue have offered.
  • OL DeAndre Herron (6'6", 300 lbs) Indiana: Has offers from Louisville and Toledo, will probably have more soon.
  • OL Daron Brown (6'5", 312 lbs) Michigan: Has been up to Michigan before, and is hoping for an offer. No offers yet for Daron, but is gaining interest from local schools.
  • DB Wayne Morgan (5'11", 188 lbs) New York: Rutgers leads because he's familiar with their program. This visit could be big for Michigan. Offers from Alabama, U Conn, Miami, Penn State, Rutgers, and Syracuse among others.
  • DB Allen Gant (6'1", 182 lbs) Ohio: Recently took a trip up to Ann Arbor and plans on camping this summer. Some offers include Boston College, Cincinnati, Stanford, and West Virginia.
  • DE Mario Ojemudia (6'3", 215 lbs) Michigan: Plans on taking his time with his recruitment, has a Michigan offer.
  • TE Devin Funchess (6'5", 205 lbs) MIchigan: Teammates with Ojemudia. TE Ron Thompson (6'4", 210 lbs) MIchigan: Very high on Michigan, plans on waiting a little while longer to make his decision.
  • TE AJ Williams (6'6", 260 lbs) Ohio: He'll be up either Tuesday or Friday, he isn't sure of the date yet. Offers include Boston College, Illinois, Louisville, Michigan, MSU, NC State, and West Virginia.
  • LB Royce Jenkins-Stone (6'2", 215 lbs) Michigan: Said he wants to get back up to see them practice in pads.
  • DE Alex Pace (6'2", 255 lbs) Glenville. Offers from Akron, Kent State, Ohio, Toledo, and Youngstown State.
  • LB DeAndre Rollins (6'1", 215 lbs) Ohio: No offers yet.
  • DB De'van Bogard (5'11", 172 lbs) Glenville: Reports an offer from USC, could be close to an Ohio State and a Michigan offer.
  • DE Se'Von Pittman (6'4", 225 lbs) Ohio: Offers include Alabama, MSU, Michigan, Ohio State, Florida, and Notre Dame.
  • DE Chris Wormley (6'4", 255 lbs) Ohio: Confirmed that Chris will be up for this weekend. This will be big for Michigan to have Chris see what practice is like and to get more interaction with the new coaches.
  • TE Matt Doneth (6'5", 235 lbs) Michigan: Has offers from CMU and WMU.
  • TE Sam Grant (6'6", 238 lbs) Ohio: Has offers from Michigan, Boston College, Louisville, Syracuse, and Toledo. St. Edward teammates with Greg Kuhar and Tyler Orlosky. 
  • TE/OL Mark Harrell (6'5", 260 lbs) North Carolina: Offers from Michigan, Auburn, Clemson, Kentucky, North Carolina, Notre Dame, Stanford, and Virginia Tech among others.

Maybe Visiting:

  • DT Greg Kuhar (6'3", 265 lbs) Ohio: Talking to his parents about making the trip. Michigan, Toledo, and West Virginia have offered.
  • LB Vin Ascolese (6'2", 205 lbs) New Jersey: Not sure if he'll make it.
  • RB Auctavius Bennett (5'7", 180 lbs) Maryland
  • WR Monty Madaris (6'2", 175 lbs) Ohio: Not sure of his ride situation, but is trying to make it up. Offers include Boston College, Cincinnati, Illinois, MSU, and Nebraska.

Not Coming:

  • OL Sid Anvoots (6'4", 285 lbs) Indiana: He committed to Louisville on Friday.
  • ATH David Perkins Indiana: He has to work
  • TE Pierre Aka Indiana: Has a ride situation, isn't coming.

TVH Weekly: Visit Reacts, More Visits, Visits

TVH Weekly: Visit Reacts, More Visits, Visits

Submitted by TomVH on March 21st, 2011 at 11:03 AM

This past weekend had a few visitors to take in the first spring practice. Moving forward, this coming weekend will be even bigger as Michigan is expecting double digit visitors. Here's a look at how those visits went and who's planning on making it in next weekend. As always you can follow me on Twitter for more updates @TomVH, and email me with any tips or questions at [email protected].

Pharaoh BrownPharaoh Brown

6'6", 220 lbs.

Defensive End

Lyndhurst, Ohio

This was Brown's first time up to Ann Arbor so this was a big visit for him to get to know the coaches and environment.

We got up there and went straight to the academic center, we watched practice, and then we got to see the facilities and the Big House. I watched some film and talked about how I would fit in to the defense.

Outside of the facilities, meeting the coaches is usually the biggest part of a first visit and that was the case for Pharaoh.

Coach Mattison was talking about the Ravens and the scheme. He said I would be a rush defensive end, or I could be rushing and dropping back some too. Coach Hoke talked more about academics and the overview of the whole thing. He and my uncle were talking about college life and how to help people transition. I think they're pretty good guys, I feel comfortable with all of them now seeing them in person.

It's still early in the process but this visit did a lot to help Michigan with their recruitment of Brown.

I think I could fit in perfectly with what they were telling me, it was good. I'll probably make my decision in the middle of my season and I might take a few official visits. This visit moved them up on my list though; my interest level went up tremendously. They are at the top of my list for now.

Pharaoh might make it back up to Michigan for the spring game or a game during the season. His top list may end up changing, but this helped move Michigan forward with Brown.

Kyle Dodson

6'6", 315 lbs.

Offensive Tackle

Cleveland, Ohio

[ed: epic shirt.]

This was also the first time seeing the Michigan facilities up close for Kyle Dodson. Michigan has been making up ground with Kyle for some time, and he was excited to make this trip.

I saw the football facilities and the Big House. We talked with basically all the coaches, and we really got a feel for the place and the surroundings. Coach Funk talked to me about how I would fit in and that they only really have one left tackle right now. They were saying there's a good chance I could play early depending on my work ethic. 

Dodson also got a chance to talk to Coach Hoke, but the Big House was what stuck out most to the big lineman.

Coach Hoke is a really nice guy. He talked to me about the tradition and about all the players he coached. But the Big House was the most impressive. I walked in there and it was just amazing. I stood on the M and was thinking I could definitely see myself playing there. When I walked out onto the field I had some hype music that I was singing in my head and it felt good, it was magical.

A lot of what Kyle is looking for comes with comfortability and feeling like he fits in.

This visit really made me know that all those coaches are there for my well being, and they're definitely going to be on my side through my time there. I know for a fact that they all care for me. I kind of want to decide before my season so it won't be a distraction. I'll probably come out with my top list soon, but Michigan is definitely in heavy consideration. They definitely moved up in my mind.

Dodson also said that he will only consider schools that have offered him, and doesn't want to wait for schools to come through past a certain point. Michigan is in really good position with Kyle and he's an outstanding prospect for Michigan's needs.

Royce Jenkins-StoneRoyce Jenkins-Stone

6'2", 215 lbs


Detroit, Michigan

This wasn't the first trip for Royce Jenkins-Stone, but it was an important one. He came up with his friends LB James Ross and DB Terry Richardson. All three were hoping to see more from the new coaches and saw just that.

This visit helped me see how they coach and how the environment changes. I talked to some of the players and asked them what these coaches were like. They said that there's not much yelling and they really treat you like their sons. They help you with your personal stuff more than just football. I think I feel comfortable with them, and I know my mom likes it a lot. She thinks it's a great place for me.

Royce has seen his offer list blow up and has become a national recruit. He plans on taking his time with everything, but this visit definitely helped Michigan.

Yeah, this visit helped Michigan a lot. I didn't think it was that family centered up there. Everyone felt like they were at home, and I know for a fact that none of those coaches are leaving. If I go there none of them are leaving for the three or four years I'm there. I know Terry [Richardson] and James [Ross] felt the same way. I don't know where they're at with everything, but I know they liked it.

Those three recruits, Jenkins-Stone, Ross, and Richardson have seemed to become an area of focus for these coaches and they expressed that on this visit.

Coach Mattison went over film with us and what positions we would be playing. He said they see Biggs [James Ross] as a WILL and they see me at MIKE. They said we're the dream team, me, Terry, and James, and that they really want us.

Like I said Royce has offers from almost everywhere and he plans on checking those schools out. He'll most likely use official visits for the schools that aren't within driving distance and unofficials for the closer schools. He plans on coming out with a top ten before the season, a top five mid season, and then a top three before he decides towards the end of the season. He was also nominated for the US Army All American game, so he may decide then if he gets chosen.

March 24-26th Visitors

These are the names that I have confirmed so far. This list will change as the date gets closer and I confirm more people.

  • Kentucky QB Zeke Pike (6'5", 220 lbs): Pike told me he's visiting Michigan this week and will probably be up on Thursday. It's not set in stone yet.
  • OL Sid Anvoots (6'4", 285 lbs) Indiana: Visiting this weekend
  • OL Chase Deback (6'8", 308 lbs) Michigan: Hoping for an offer from Michigan.
  • LB Joe Bolden (6'2", 225 lbs) Ohio: Recently offered by Michigan
  • OL Jonah Pirsig (6'9", 300 lbs) Minnesota: Also has a Michigan offer
  • TE Pierre Aka (6'4", 250 lbs) Indiana: If Michigan offers he might make his decision on the spot. He's very high on Michigan.
  • WR Aloyis Gray (6'3", 165 lbs) Indiana: Teammates with Pierre Aka, he's hoping to get an offer.
  • OL DeAndre Herron (6'6", 300 lbs) Indiana: Has offers from Louisville and Toledo, will probably have more soon.
  • OL Daron Brown (6'5", 312 lbs) Michigan: Has been up to Michigan before, and is hoping for an offer.
  • DB Wayne Morgan (5'11", 188 lbs) New York: Rutgers leads because he's familiar with their program. This visit could be big for Michigan.
  • DB Allen Gant (6'1", 182 lbs) Ohio: Recently took a trip up to Ann Arbor and plans on camping this summer.
  • DE Mario Ojemudia (6'3", 215 lbs) Michigan: Plans on taking his time with his recruitment, has a Michigan offer.
  • TE Devin Funchess (6'5", 205 lbs) MIchigan: Teammates with Ojemudia.
  • TE Ron Thompson (6'4", 210 lbs) MIchigan: Very high on Michigan, plans on waiting a little while longer to make his decision.
  • TE AJ Williams (6'6", 260 lbs) Ohio: He'll be up either Tuesday or Friday, he isn't sure of the date yet.
  • LB Royce Jenkins-Stone (6'2", 215 lbs) Michigan: Said he wants to get back up to see them practice in pads.
  • DE Alex Pace (6'2", 255 lbs) Glenville
  • MAYBE DT Greg Kuhar (6'3", 265 lbs) Ohio: Talking to his parents about making the trip. 
  • MAYBE ATH David Perkins (6'2", 209 lbs) Indiana: Not 100% sure if he's coming, but he's leaning towards it.
  • MAYBE LB Vin Ascolese (6'2", 205 lbs) New Jersey: Not sure if he'll make it.
  • MAYBE RB Auctavius Bennett (5'7", 180 lbs) Maryland
  • MAYBE WR Monty Madaris (6'2", 175 lbs) Ohio: Not sure of his ride situation, but is trying to make it up.


Massachusetts LB Camren Williams and Armani Reeves both took in Michigan this weekend. Williams had excellent things to say about the trip.

Ohio OL Caleb Stacey was offered while visiting Michigan. Stacey thoroughly enjoyed the visit, and it probably vaulted Michigan to the top. We'll see if he decides to make a decision soon. 

TVH Weekly: Armani Reeves, Jaleel Johnson, and more

TVH Weekly: Armani Reeves, Jaleel Johnson, and more

Submitted by TomVH on March 7th, 2011 at 1:46 PM

As we're getting closer to spring ball we will start to see more visits being scheduled and more lists being narrowed down. Michigan is firing up visits. Here's a look at some of those trips that have been scheduled and what a few recruits have to say about the Wolverines. As always, you can follow me on twitter for more updates, and feel free to email me at [email protected] with any tips or questions.

Armani ReevesArmani Reeves

5'11", 185 lbs.


West Roxbury, Massachusetts

The Massachusetts athlete and teammate of LB Camren Williams has a Michigan offer and plans on taking a visit this month.

I have 12 offers right now, so I'm kind of taking everything in. Michigan is definitely a school I want to see, I think we're going there either March 26th or the 19th. Coach Mallory is the one recruiting me, and they're telling me I could play cornerback. It doesn't matter to me, wherever I can play the fastest.

Reeves is currently playing basketball for his high school, so he hasn't focused too much on the process. He does know what his timeline will look like.

My final decision will probably be no later than December or January, I'm not going to drag it out. I'll visit all the schools that have offered first, then narrow it down. I'm really looking for a school with good academics, good coaching staff, and what the campus around it is like. 

So far Armani has been to Rutgers, North Carolina, Wake Forest, and Maryland. Reeves will be visiting Michigan with his teammate Camren Williams, who is also being recruited by Michigan.

Me and Camren are just enjoying the process together. We've been friends since 4th grade so he's like my brother. We don't base everything on going to school together, it's just a blessing to go through it together. Hopefully we can pick the same school.

This upcoming trip to Ann Arbor should make things more clear for the pair. Williams is looking to make his decision in June, so the visit will be crucial for him.

Jaleel Johnson

6'2", 277 lbs.

Defensive Tackle

Westchester, Illinois

Johnson does not have an offer from Michigan yet, but they have been in constant communication. He has definite interest.

I do think they'll offer me soon, and I know I want to get up there for a visit. I just have to put some dates in order and check my schedule to see when I have off. I think it will be during spring, since I have that time off, either way I will visit [Michigan]. I don't have a top list yet, but they're definitely a school that sticks out to me.

Defensive tackle is going to be a major focus for Michigan. Despite the fact that Johnson doesn't have an offer from Michigan yet, I believe that he could eventually get one. As other DT prospects make their decisions Michigan will have to look to kids like Johnson to try to shore up that hole on the depth chart.

Upcoming Visits:

These visit dates seem to be changing every day, so I will update them as I confirm what they are. Some of the recruits weren't positive on the dates, which tells me it might change. Here's a list of visitors that I have confirmed so far in the next coming weeks.

Michigan DT Matt Godin (6'5", 260 lbs) was in Ann Arbor this past weekend for the Michigan vs. MSU basketball game.

Illinois OL Dan Voltz (6'5", 289 lbs) visiting Michigan this weekend. He'll be making his final decision in the next couple months, so this is a big visit. I think Michigan is a little behind right now.

Wisconsin LB Vince Biegel (6'3", 210 lbs) also visiting Ann Arbor this weekend. This date could change, but as of yesterday it was still the right day. Vince has Michigan in his top three with BYU, and Wisconsin. The coaching changes at Wisconsin made him take a step back, so he'll visit Michigan and BYU next, then likely make his decision.

Michigan LB Royce Jenkins-Stone (6'2", 215 lbs) said he thinks he'll be up to Ann Arbor on March 12th, but it sounded like it wasn't set in stone. This one might change.

Ohio TE AJ Williams (6'6", 260 lbs) has a trip planned for March 19th.

Ohio DE Pharaoh Brown (6'6", 220 lbs) also coming up on March 19th.

As mentioned, Mass LB Camren Williams (6'2", 215 lbs) wasn't sure of the exact date, but it's either March 19th or the 25th. I'll confirm with him in the future.

Mass ATH Armani Reeves (5'11", 185 lbs) teammate of Camren Williams, and will be visiting the same time as Williams.

New York DB Wayne Morgan (5'11", 188 lbs) will be visiting on March 25th. Morgan plays quarterback, corner, and free safety for his high school team now. Very versatile, very good athlete. 

Indiana TE/DE Pierre Aka (6'4", 250 lbs) is planning a trip on the 25th as well. He thinks Michigan may offer on the visit. If Michigan offered they could hear his decision shortly after. 

This is who I've confirmed so far. I'll be spending time this week trying to confirm more, so this list is going to go up from here. 


  • Mass LB Camren Williams says Michigan is in his top five, and grew up a Michigan fan. Visiting this month.
  • The Good Counsel prospects have interest in Michigan, and vice versa. 
  • Ohio DE Ifeadi Odenigbo will visit Michigan in June, and says that Michigan is not in his top five yet. A visit may change that, but I believe Ohio State and Stanford are the teams to beat.
  • Texas LB Jeremiah Tshimanga didn't make it up to Ann Arbor this weekend, but is hoping to make it up soon.
  • Kentucky QB Zeke Pike (6'5", 220 lbs) told me that he plans on visiting Michigan sometime this spring. He doesn't have an exact date yet, but he will make it up. Remember that 2011 Michigan signee TE Chris Barnett is friends with Pike, and has been trying to convince him to pick the Wolverines.