NCAA Suspends Rule Change for Football Recruiting

NCAA Suspends Rule Change for Football Recruiting

Submitted by Bo_Knows on May 2nd, 2013 at 11:53 PM

NCAA board of directors has decided to suspend the recent changes to football recruiting (rule changes related to unlimited text messages, printed materials, and unlimited contact.) (LINK)


The details are highlighted below:

At its meeting in Indianapolis on Thursday, the board adopted the March recommendations of the Rules Working Group after several of the proposals, designed to create a more meaningful and enforceable NCAA rule book, were met with widespread criticism by the college and high school coaching communities.

In March, Proposal 13-3 received more than 75 override requests from NCAA membership, mandating a review by the board.

Also suspended:

• The remainder of Proposal 13-3, which would have allowed for unlimited contact initiated by college coaches to recruits.

• Proposal 11-2, which called for the elimination of the requirement that only a head coach or assistant coach could perform the functions of a recruiting coordinator.

• Proposal 13-5-A, which would have removed restrictions on printed materials mailed to prospects.

The decisions Thursday do not affect basketball.

Personally, I think this is great - for the recruits and their family, and recruiting in general.  It would have been insane for both coaching staffs, recruits, high school coaches, and the NCAA to monitor/enforce. 

fergodsakes, 75 schools opposed to rule change.