ESPN: Top HS defensive stars of week. Wyatt Shallman

ESPN: Top HS defensive stars of week. Wyatt Shallman

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The article is paywalled:


RB/DE Wyatt Shallman
Novi (Mich.) Detroit Catholic Central, 6-3, 250, Class of 2013
CONSIDERING: Committed to Michigan.
PERFORMANCE: Eight tackles, two tackles for loss, two sacks and a forced fumble.
WHAT IMPRESSED: Shallman is being recruited to Michigan for offense, but he also plays defensive end for his high school team. Coming off a hamstring injury, Shallman has showed he is still a force, even if he's not 100 percent. -- Tom VanHaaren

Wyatt Shallman made the list for his defensive abilities.  It will be interesting to see what position he ends up at in college.  

"Tremendous Makes Friends With Wyatt Shallman"

"Tremendous Makes Friends With Wyatt Shallman"

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Rather a slow day (really, the last week overall, save for the burst of posts regarding the NFL Draft) here, so I thought I would share this...

Tremendous recently did an excellent interview with 2013 commit Wyatt Shallman. You can read the full interview here:

I would, however, like to quote the well-worded start of the summary, which caps what I think is one of the best interviews by Tremendous to date:

"Wyatt is a multi-faceted guy who is already developing a chip on his shoulder coming into this season. For Michigan, he'll be a running back. Any talk otherwise should end now and I think he's ready to prove some people wrong."

Scouting Reports: Ellison, Bosch, Breneman, Quick, Shallman

Scouting Reports: Ellison, Bosch, Breneman, Quick, Shallman

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Every Thursday over at Touch the Banner, I'm doing a scouting report on a 2013 target.  Now that we can concentrate on the 2013 recruiting class, here's a look at five big-time Michigan targets:

RB Wyatt Shallman
WR James Quick
TE Adam Breneman
OL Kyle Bosch
DT Jay Ellison

Wyatt Shallman Hurt?

Wyatt Shallman Hurt?

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I don't know if anyone mentioned this or not(and if they did my mistake), but Wyatt Shallman was carted off the field a couple of weeks ago against U of D and was in for very few if any at all snaps against St. Mary's last week.  He was walking around the sideline but I think it's something to look out for. Also, this weekend Matt Godin and Shallman play James Ross and St. Mary's(again) for the Catholic League Championship at Ford Field.

2013 RB Wyatt Shallman Visit Reaction

2013 RB Wyatt Shallman Visit Reaction

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[Ed: also check out Tom's Jehu Chesson interview.]

Detroit Catholic Central is the home of 2012 commit DE Matt Godin and 2013 RB target Wyatt Shallman (6'3", 248 lbs). Both were in attendance at Michigan's BBQ on Sunday and took in all the festivities. The event was probably more important for Shallman since his teammate Godin is already committed to the Wolverines. Here's a look at Wyatt's sophomore film and what he had to say about the event.

TOM: I know you're friends with a lot of the 2013 instate prospects, so did you guys all hang out at the BBQ?

WYATT: Yeah I was with the 2013 guys a lot. Shane [Morris] and [Jonny] Reschke. Their schools are two of our biggest rivals and usually Catholic Central kids wouldn't be caught dead with them. It was fun to sit down and not talk about high school football. It's interesting to talk about Michigan and to get a point of view from other teams about our high school. They're all a bunch of great guys, and they're all funny. Steve [Elmer] is a good guy too. He's a big dude; he's a beast. All of the 2013 kids are great.

TOM: Because of proximity I'm assuming you don't get to see Steve Elmer as much as the other guys. Was that your first time meeting him?

WYATT: The first time I ever met Steve I had heard about him during the season last year. I heard about some big dude and then I met him at the Notre Dame spring game for the first time. He's a teddy bear off the field but he's a killer on the field.

TOM: What was it like being out there with some of the guys that have committed already? Were they talking Michigan up?

WYATT: That was something that was interesting. A lot of the kids that were there today it's not like I knew them, I've played them though. Like James Ross. I know Danny O'Brien through Matt [Godin]. We were all just hanging out and playing catch out on the field and there was some chemistry with everyone. It was a different experience to get to know everyone in that atmosphere.

TOM: Since you're relatively close to Michigan have you been up there quite a bit, or was this all a new experience for you?

WYATT: I live twenty minutes away and the only time that I've really been there was to an Ohio State game in seventh grade, and also when I got my offer. This time we walked around campus, took a tour, and it was interesting to learn all the tradition and old things that are behind Ann Arbor. It's a cool little funky town. This visit was pretty sweet, I liked it a lot. Anytime you go on a visit and get good food and get to go on the field it's going to help. Plus the coaching staff is awesome, they're all really funny guys.

TOM: Since Matt Godin is your teammate and committed to Michigan has he been trying to recruit you at all?

WYATT: Matt and I, the recruiting has kind of cooled off because we're focused on the season. These visits aren't really the main attention right now. We start conditioning and two-a-days and we have our season right now to look at. He's been working hard though, and I'm really excited for his future. 

TOM: With your recruitment do you really know yet what you're looking for? 

WYATT: I don't know what I'm looking for yet, which is why I want to wait to decide. This isn't NCAA Football '12 where you can recruit a kid because he likes the college closer to home. There's a lot that goes into this, and there isn't one set thing that will make me go to a college. If it's the right fit for my family and I feel comfortable there then that's what I want.

TVH Weekly: Danny O'Brien, Steve Elmer, Ondre Pipkins, and More

TVH Weekly: Danny O'Brien, Steve Elmer, Ondre Pipkins, and More

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You know by now that Chris Wormley has committed to Michigan and become the 21st commitment for the 2012 class. While he was the only commitment at the BBQ the event was a hit. Here's a look at reactions from some of the visiting prospects. As always you can follow me on Twitter @TomVH and email me any tips or questions at [email protected]

Danny O'BrienDanny O'Brien

6'2", 295 lbs.

Defensive Tackle

Flint, Michigan

O'Brien has been listing Michigan as one of his favorites for some time now. This visit gave him a chance to get more personal with the coaches and other commits.

This visit definitely helped Michigan; I had a great visit. I got even more comfortable with the coaches and I'm good friends with a lot of the commitments so that was fun. I saw the locker room this time too, I never saw that before.

Now that he has taken this visit he will have to try to cut down his list even more and soon make a decision.

I'm going to think about my comfort level this week and where I'm at with everything. I have a top six of Michigan, Tennessee, Florida, Alabama, Michigan State, and Iowa right now. I'm going to cut that down to three and then take official visits to those schools. I know Michigan said they're only taking one defensive tackle, but if they want to take two I will still consider them if someone commits before me.

Danny has mentioned to me before that he knows the coaches have said they'll only take one, but he thinks there's a good chance they could take two. 

Steve ElmerSteve Elmer

6'6", 297 lbs.

Offensive Tackle

Midland, Michigan

Steve Elmer and his father have been on Michigan's campus a few times this year, and this time he got to bring his mother and brother along as well. I caught up with Steve Elmer Sr. to talk about their trip.

This visit was a little different because more of my family was there. My wife, Steven, and my middle son were all there. We got to spend more time with the coaches and their families. We actually got a picture with all the 2013 kids; Shane Morris, Wyatt Shallman,  and Jonny Reschke. They all got a chance to talk.

While the Elmers didn't necessarily see anything that they haven't before they got to see things from a different angle this time.

We had a different perspective on everything. We took a normal tour that they would give to incoming freshman, maybe a little abbreviated. We went to all the athletic stuff, and I don't know if it was a coincidence but we sat with the Dean of Admissions and a couple academic people. We spent some time with Shari Acho, too. My wife didn't meet her last time so it was good she got to meet her.

This visit also gave them a better chance to catch some one on one time with Brady Hoke. 

We got to spend more time with the coaches, which is important because we're looking for a comfort level. When we were at camp Brady Hoke was very busy and this time there were only around twenty kids there. There was about four or five occasions that we got some time to talk with the head coach. We met his wife too, and she is legitimately a genuinely nice person. They played some highlights, some things about Michigan, and then Brady Hoke spoke and got us all pumped up. The message was pretty much to restore the pride, that he's bringing Michigan back.

Elmer has already received a few early offers and will see plenty more roll in. While I don't think they want to drag his recruitment out the family wants to find the place that Steven feels is right for him, however long that takes.

Ondre PipkinsOndre Pipkins

6'3", 325 lbs.

Defensive Tackle

Kansas City, Missouri

Ondre Pipkins' visit was one of the more anticipated by the fans. Ondre had told me prior to his visit that there was a chance that he could announce at the event. Obviously that didn't happen, but it doesn't mean it still won't. As you can imagine he was busy today, so when we spoke he kept it short and sweet. I asked him what the visit told him about Michigan and if he would be visiting again soon.

Michigan men take care of Michigan men. That means that they take care of you beyond football. And yeah, I'll visit again.

The important part about saying he'll visit again is that he's still in the state of Michigan for some time. So there is a chance that he will be visiting again while he's on this current stay in the state. We'll see what happens.

Jon ReschkeJonny Reschke

6'2", 210 lbs.


Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Reschke is a 2013 prospect fresh off of a Michigan State offer. He took in Ann Arbor today for basically the first time today as a recruit. 

This was basically my first time there. The Big House was unbelievable. We were just saying how crazy this place is packed. We took a tour of everything, and I love the campus up there. It was great. 

Jonny believes that this visit will help him not only get to know MIchigan better but also get closer to an offer from the Wolverines.

I talked to Coach Smith one on one.  All the coaches really like me. Coach Smith told me he's going to take a look at some tape and that I should call Coach Jackson soon. If he doesn't answer then I should call Coach Smith. He didn't say that I was getting an offer, but he was kind of implying it, so I think it's close. After camp they had a dead week and then they put on this BBQ, so they need to regroup and start recruiting again.

The visit really helped with my comfort level though, and it was really cool to see all the kids together. Coach Hoke's speech was pretty awesome and then they played a video, too. I just want to play football right now after that.

As I mentioned Reschke has an offer from Michigan State, and that hit home with him mainly because of where his father went to school.

My dad played at MSU in 1979. It doesn't matter though; he's going to let me make my own choice. He wants me to play somewhere that I'll have an opportunity to play. I'm not going to wait until after my senior year, I want to get it done with. It will probably be around this time next year, I just want to check out all the places that want me during the spring. I'll also probably be back to Michigan for the Notre Dame game.

I believe at this point it's probably a Michigan vs MSU scenario right now for Reschke. We'll see how his recruitment plays out.

Ty IsaacTy Isaac

6'3", 202 lbs.

Running Back

Joliet, Illinois

Isaac is a 2013 running back prospect that made it in for the BBQ this weekend. This was his first time on campus and he seemed to come away very impressed.

I've been talking to Coach Hecklinski and he told me to come out to the school. We went on a tour, met all the coaches, and I really liked it a lot. We talked to the coaches and most of them knew who I was. I was just happy I could get on campus and get a feel for everything. It was my first time there so I didn't know what to expect. I enjoyed it, I went up there not knowing much about Michigan but it really surprised me. I'm excited to go back and check it out again to get there for a game. This was different, I didn't know what to expect so it was good for me, I really liked it.

Isaac has now been out to Michigan, Illinois, Notre Dame, and Wisconsin. He says he will try to make it out to all the schools that offer and maybe a few more as well. 

To me every school has a uniqueness about it. The way Michigan went about everything and the feel of everything was different. I'll definitely try to get up to games for the schools that have offered. I can't really give you a timeline for everything though, I'm not too sure when I want to make my decision. And to be honest I don't really have a list yet, that's the truth. Everyone wants the big schools, but I want whatever fits me the best, that's where I want to be. I just don't know yet.

It seems like Michigan has done themselves a favor after this visit with Isaac. They haven't offered him yet, but it seems likely that he will eventually receive one from Michigan. 


This post is starting to get pretty long so I'm going to save a couple posts for this week. I'll have 2013 RB Wyatt Shallman's thoughts, WR Jehu Chesson, and RB Bri'onte Dunn. Bri'onte's father told me that this visit also helped Michigan with his son, I'll have more from them later in the week. I still think Michigan has a chance with him, I just believe he'll take his time with everything.

WR Amara Darboh told me that he's going to talk to his coach about his last MIchigan visit and his choices overall after camp. His camp ends Wednesday and he'll likely have a short list out soon after. He said that Michigan is up there on the list, but he still wants to have his guardians see what he saw at Michigan, and all the other schools he's seen as well.

I wanted to mention WR Monty Madaris. I had made a comment that because he wasn't visiting for the BBQ Michigan's chances to land a receiver will be pushed back, and that I thought Michigan was in good shape with him and Darboh. I said that not to imply that Madaris was 100% going to commit to Michigan, but that he had mentioned to me it wasn't out of the question. I didn't mean to say that Michigan was the leader and that they were definitely getting him. When I said that Michigan was in good shape I simply meant that they are in the top group for now. I receieved an email from a confused reader and figured I would share with everyone.