Week 6: Best thing you saw

Week 6: Best thing you saw

Submitted by mi93 on October 9th, 2016 at 12:53 AM

Well, me thinks Paramus Catholic would have been a tougher opponent.  Total annihilation is always a solid 'best thing', but a few other items caught my eye:

- Another FSU - Miami classic

- Texas A&M outlasting the Vols magic

- Mike Leach in the road trip passenger interviews on Gameday (and the present lead over Stanford)

However, my 'best thing' this week...

young men who have willingly agreed to represent our country in international conflicts so the rest of us enjoy its freedoms banded together to rush for over 300 yards against the #6 team in the country.  Navy beating Houston was the best thing I saw today.  Congrats to the Midshipmen!

What you got?

Stephen M Ross Backs Dave Brandon

Stephen M Ross Backs Dave Brandon

Submitted by GoBlueInJersey on September 27th, 2014 at 10:36 AM

Well, for those of us wondering how Stephen Ross feels about Dave Brandon and the AD, I think we have our answer, though it's not what most of us hoped for:

"He's probably the most qualified athletic director in the country. I think he's terrific," said billionaire real estate developer Stephen Ross, a UM alumnus who has given the university $310 million in recent years. "I wouldn't have given my gift to the athletic department if I didn't believe in Dave."


Another interesting takeaway from this article that seems to contradict what other recent reports have suggested:

A source within the university, who agreed to speak only on the condition of anonymity, said concerns about Brandon and UM athletics are a talking point, but little else at this point. 

"There's no movement to push Brandon out," the source said, who noted that any change would go through the university president, to whom the athletic director reports, and would be a long-term process rather than a sudden dismissal. 

Here's the full article




On The Field For Pre-Game Warm-Ups

On The Field For Pre-Game Warm-Ups

Submitted by UMAmaizinBlue on September 21st, 2010 at 7:10 PM

I recently won a pair of field passes for this Saturday's game against BGSU! So, after 5+ years at this wonderful University, I'll finally be able to fulfill a dream I've had since I watched my first Michigan Wolverines game: I'll be running through the tunnel with the players as they enter the Big House for pre-game warm-ups!


Now, this is not a "PRAISE ME" post. I have some serious questions, especially for those who have been on the field before during a game:


  1. Would I be allowed to/Should I bring a Sharpie to get signatures from the players (especially Denard since I'll be wearing my #16)?
  2. Should I just blend in and try not to get in the way at all, or would it be acceptable to schmooze with the players and coaches when I find an opportunity to do so?
  3. Is there a safe distance I should stand from Denard's dreads so as not to be destroyed by their awesome power?


Any and all suggestions would be appreciated. Also, I must give props to the School of Public Health for providing these field passes.


Go Blue!

OT: Donald Trump (On Miss USA, And Living Every Teen's Fantasy)

OT: Donald Trump (On Miss USA, And Living Every Teen's Fantasy)

Submitted by Guttman on May 10th, 2010 at 8:10 AM

I considered posting this under numerous other threads ("OT: Bachelor Party" almost got it), but in the end, it just needed its own special treatment.

I'm prepared to make a bold statement: Donald Trump may have saved America.  Or at least USA.  Or US Americans.  Or whatever, but. . .wow.  Thank you, Donald.

The Miss USA pageant has been something of an afterthought for years. . .aside from a handful of notable distractions (Carrie Prejean, Shanna Moakler, Ali Landry, and the wonderful Tara Conner), it was an event that many of us remember most fondly as one we watched with our dads when we were kids, in one of our first "guys vs. mom and sisters" bonding rituals.  We really didn' t know what we were doing, we just knew it was something Dad liked, and Mom. . .didn't.  Mom liked the Miss America pageant, because they sang, danced, and demonstrated wholesome qualities.  Dad?  He was one of us, before we was "us".

Miss USA was the Penthouse of beauty pageants.  None of this "talent" stuff; Miss USA was founded when some Miss America winner decided she didn't want to pose for photos in a bathing suit.  So the sponsor dumped Miss America, and created a whole new contest that got right to it: no more plate spinning, juggling, or bird-training, this contest was about looks (evening gown), looks (bathing suit), and looks (better not distract me from your looks during the interview).  Miss America was for the girl next door; Miss USA was for her naughty cousin who came into town from time-to-time, and who you still remember with a smile.

I could go on and on, and maybe should in my first diary--plenty to say, looking back on pageants' role in the whole father-son relationship (like "watching Wonder Woman with Dad makes more sense when you know she was Miss World USA first", or "what the hell happened to Delta Burke?").  However, how about we end it now and open this up for comments with the following 3 points:

1)  Donald Trump is a genius, as hard as that is to admit;

2)  I'll be watching the Miss USA pageant next weekend, likely chatting with my brother and Dad over the phone, wholly because Trump has decided that there wasn't enough "glam" (yes, their word) in pageant-world;

3)  http://missuniverse.com/missusa/members/contestants

Behold, Miss Wyoming: