The View from Row 42

The View from Row 42

Submitted by Blazefire on February 23rd, 2011 at 11:10 PM

Backs to the wall, stood row 42.

Up in back to support the Maize and Blue.

We'll stand, no one behind us to block.

We'll stand, the cheer of the fans is a rock,

on which the team can build, and so can rise anew.


Backs to the wall, battled the Maize and Blue.

Though they may fall, they fought to find their way through.

They'll stand, and fight those who stand in their way.

They'll stand, and with all their hearts they will play.

It's not always enough, but that doesn't stop row 42.


Hail to the Victors, leaders and best.

They can wear a loss proudly, like a win on their chests.

And we will support them, the wins and the rest,

sing the fans in row 42.


The team didn't win tonight, against Wisconsin. I was at the very top, section 8, row 42. But even from that far away, I could see clearly how hard they were trying, how much getting somewhere big this season means to the team, and hoiw they played their guts out. I saw them dive for so many loose balls. I saw Zack Novak stretching farther than I knew he could to pull down critical rebounds against a great reboudning team. I saw Darius Morris working as hard as he could to create shots in one of the best defenses out there.

They didn't win, but I've never been more proud to stand up and cheer for a team, and I've never been more proud to sing the Victors. It was obvious they deserved it from all the way up.