Looking ahead to Iowa

Looking ahead to Iowa

Submitted by El Jeffe on October 9th, 2010 at 7:35 PM

I'm guessing this will get deleted because obvs. But on the off chance it doesn't, here's what I took away from today's game:

The game hinged on five high-variance plays--the two long MSU runs, the long MSU pass, and the first two Denard interceptions.

Now, on the defensive side, it is simply a case of pick your poison. I liked how aggressive we were at stopping the run, but when you have an underachieveing MLB and a first-year free safety, those things happen. I don't know what GERG can do about it at this point.

On the offensive side, State had a good game plan: (1) take away Denard the runner, (2) make him a thrower, and (3) importantly, take away his first option as much as possible. This forced all three interceptions, though the last one was kind of a dopey throw under any circumstances.

The reason I bring this up is to look forward to Iowa. I'm not sure they'll have the inclinatino to do what State did, in which case I expect more Denard on the ground, a la the last two drives of the last game. If they do follow the Sparty Plan for Success, then what I hope to see is more throwaways by Denard. Essentially, I hope the coaches tell him: "make your first read. If it's covered, go to run rabbit run or ballthrowaway.exe."

In other words, I hope I see Denard's completion percentage plummet next week (unless his first read is always open; then I expect the usual accuracy he has shown this year), or a bunch of 5-20 yard scrambles when his first read is covered.

Go Blue!