Green and Issac together puts UM in very heady company

Green and Issac together puts UM in very heady company

Submitted by Wolfman on June 6th, 2014 at 3:56 AM

It goes without saying adding Ty is one "Great Get" for UM football.  However, the more I thought about it I realized, even with a year in between original recruiting classes, just how unique having the no. 1 and no. 4 rb in the same class is. The "Pony Express" at SMU was far before stars were being placed beside player's name and I'm not certain James was among the top ten that year, even though Dickerson would have to had been among the top five. 

I can recall when we got commits from Adrian Arrington and Mario Manningham in the same season, but it was actually the combination of David Terrell and Marquise Walker that gave UM two of the nation's top 15 receivers,  a feat that had not been accomplished prior to then. But knowing how much we wanted this kid motivated me to do some research and although Green was the consensus no. 1, Issac was just a few places back at no. 4.  Toss in Smith who came in at no. 37 and that's one hell of a haul for that season, even though Derrick and Ty are, of course, are not considered part of the same recruiting class. Fact remains just the same we landed two of the top five rbs for that particular year. 

I am not certain, of course, especially with some of Bama's recent hauls, whether or not they were able to accomplish a like feat. Given that Hart was considered by many the no. 1 back in his respective senior season, then getting beaten out for the starting spot, leads me to believe they may have, indeed, pulled something similar.  The only two I'm certain are of USC in their "Glory Decade" when they pulled both no. 1 Reggie Bush and according to many sites who had Lendale White at the same spot they, undoubtedly, pulled off the same accomplishment.

They will be considered part of the same graduating class, of course, unless one of them bounce for the NFL, an unlikely scenario inasmuch as Green has yet to accomplish anywhere near the numbers penciled in for him immediately after his verbal. Although Issac, due to learning a sophisticated offense along with the experience the Trojans had, he did enjoy some season ending success,  particulary vs. a weak, ableit a true D1 defense against Cal.  Don't know the whys or werefores, but Smith looked like the best back on our roster in the spring game.  No matter how the two big names in this particular piece end up in the all-time UM record books, the reality that they both ended up wearing the winged helmet is one hell of an achievement for Brady and staff.

Comparing white players to white players

Comparing white players to white players

Submitted by Boo-erns on March 5th, 2010 at 12:34 PM

I just read an article about Tebow that had the phrase "think Chris Cooley" in it.

Everyone knows that white players are only ever compared to other white players. Does anyone know of some particularly egregious examples (i want to write a longer post about this)?

They must be out there, especially around draft time.

I like this one a lot:…