WTKA/Sam Webb: Funchess is fastest player on team

WTKA/Sam Webb: Funchess is fastest player on team

Submitted by Bodogblog on June 23rd, 2014 at 10:31 AM

Haterz commence the hating.  Per a snippet of an interview that will be used for the 2014 preview magazine of the The Wolverine, Funchess himself said he has currently been timed as the fastest player on the team.  Measured in at 6'4" (and I believe he said 3/4, but wasn't clear... and don't know how to write six-four-and-three-quarter inches numerically), 235 lbs., hand timed at 4.33.  The hand-timing was done by the coaches, I believe Wellman, though that was implied and not explicitly stated. 

Raymon Taylor is the second fastest.  He said something like "Jay-Lu" was the third, which actually sounded like Jayru on the audio.  My assumption is that was Jourdan Lewis, but could have that totally wrong.

Sam intimated that Dennis Norfleet - to those who this news may cause to haz a sad - is likely the fastest in a 20-yard window. 

Bonus WR coach tweet:

Told u. Keep it coming, the negativity, the doubting!! Because within the walls of Schembechler WE BELIEVE!! #gunslingers