Reputable Rumor: Harbaugh has signed another contract extension

Reputable Rumor: Harbaugh has signed another contract extension

Submitted by Sinsoftheschafer on December 5th, 2010 at 9:42 PM

Ok.  Pretty sure I'm going to be rightfully pilloried for this post (fastest post ever to -1000 points, etc.), but I thought it was worth adding to the discussion...

I have a source who is extremely well connected within the Stanford Administration.  He was chatting with the University president recently and relayed this to piece of news:

Stanford has been acutely aware of the RR situation and was not willing to watch its hot young coach get poached.  As such, they offered JH a contract extension this week (on top of the one he signed last year).   Harbaugh signed the extension this week.  The extension likely has a much higher buyout clause than previous one.  This story has not leaked to the press and may not for a while.  Stanford, as a private institution, is not required to report on any dealings with its employees.

I doubt this has anything to do with RR's job status.  I read it as Stanford simply being proactive in protecting its coach.  What I do think it means is that JH is highly unlikely to come to Michigan.

I recognize that alot of people will think this is useless rumor mongering.  Take it FWIW, but I think its plausible that Stanford (which frankly has much deeper pockets overall than Michigan) was not going to simply let another coach walk away after one good season.