Thomas Rawls unable to redshirt?

Thomas Rawls unable to redshirt?

Submitted by Jedelman11 on December 3rd, 2011 at 4:03 PM

On ESPN's Michigan site there is an article assesing Michigan's RB play this season. It points on some things that "worked" and some that didn't. Specifically it notes that: 

Perhaps it wasn't worth it to burn an entire season for 13 carries.

So that got me thinking...Isn't it possible he could still be eligable for a medical redshirt? I know the rules are a bit wonky (specially since we have to sweat out Gardner's) but a little bit of internet research returned the following:

To receive a medical hardship waiver - in any sport - the injury must limit the student-athlete’s participation to no more than 20 percent of the team’s contests (rounded to the next whole number), with all participation occurring in the first half of the season.

Therefore, for a football player, the maximum number of games that he can play in and still receive a medical hardship waiver is three (20 percent of 11 equals 2.2, which is rounded up to 3), and none of his time on the field can occur after the fifth game (the sixth game of an eleven game season is considered in the second half of the season).

In the case of a 12 game regular season (ie. Michigan 2011), none of the player's time on the field can occur after the sixth game.  The seventh game of a 12 game season is considered in the second half of the season.

Does anyone know if that's accurate? If it is, Rawls was still technically eligible after his 10 carries against Minny (assuming he came down with "an injury"), but it looks like his 1 carry against Purdue is going to cost him a full year of eligibility.

I remember reading somewhere that the staff told Rawls he wouldn't reshirt but was it really worth it for one carry?

Is it possible they played him knowing he'd reshirt next season?

Was he THAT good that the staff needed to get him on the field?

I hold Hoke in incredibly high regard, and I'm certain he didn't just goof, so what's the deal?

Did I miss something?

ToB on the QB Situation

ToB on the QB Situation

Submitted by MGoShoe on September 6th, 2010 at 12:29 PM

Over at Genuinely Sarastic, The Other Brian (Twitter) provides his take on the quarterback situation. It's a very compelling analysis and is chock full of insight on Denard, Devin and Tate.

[F]or the people holding the now-obsolete pro-redshirt point of view, and more importantly for the people confused, bewildered and agitated about Devin getting the call when Denard got dinged on Saturday - stop acting surprised.

- - - - - - - - -

...Denard Robinson kept putting in endless amounts of work in the weight room and the film room and the practice field, biding his time, honing his skills so he could one day maybe get a shot. As people on websites and message boards mused about when he would move to running back or receiver, Denard kept plugging away at this quarterback thing. And when Devin Gardner arrived in January, he too relentlessly took to the weights and the tapes and the practice field. And when the eye of the NCAA compelled Michigan to internally tighten up the coaches' access to off-season workouts and practices, which in turn compelled the seniors of the team to take charge and make sure work continued, some players chose to relax. The result? Denard Robinson taking the first snaps in the Spring Game. Some players starting fall camp with blue helmets, having to earn their wings back.

- - - - - - - - -

In the meantime though, this is Denard's limo. We learned a lot about him on Saturday. This upcoming Saturday, we'll learn more. As visions of Pat White dance through our maize and blue brains, one has to wonder if Denard even grasps what lies ahead. As long as he stays unbroken, the future is in his hands. At the risk of being hyperbolic, the fate of the program is on his shoulders, tangled up somewhere in his dreadlocks.

A must read in its entirety.  Thanks, ToB.

ToB: Since I can't post comments at your site, here are the links to MCalibur's QB Fragility series: