Confessions of a Quiet Reader

Confessions of a Quiet Reader

Submitted by ruraljuror on February 15th, 2018 at 2:14 PM

Greetings from a member of the silent majority. That is not to say I don’t enjoy checking what our Mgoblog community is saying in the comment section on an almost hourly basis. I just assume nobody really wants to hear my point of view so I barely bother. Therefore here I am writing a freaking diary post. Oh well…

I don’t know why this specific time I felt compelled to be vocal about my thoughts revolving the football program. Perhaps it was the constant parade of uninspiring news from the end of the recruiting cycle, or it came during the incredible Dan Enos era, which has turned into the….I cannot believe I am saying this… Jim McElwain era, or the fact that Tim Drevno is still employed, or the fact that Shea Patterson is in NCAA purgatory, or the fact that Brandon Peters looked like a taller version of John O’Korn while an actual true freshman came in after halftime for Alabama and scorched Georgia to win a National title, or the fact that our offensive line has been perpetually below average spanning 3 coaching staffs and 10 years, or that we consistently seem to waste world beating offenses with historically bad defenses, or that we waste world beating defenses with historically bad offenses, or that Ohio State continues to exist as a supreme nuclear football power, or the fact that I live near Cleveland and have been constantly asked lately ‘are you guys losing faith in Harbaugh?’ while they reflexively smirk like giant entitled mouth breathing d**k bags. I don’t know.

This site has been my refuge for all things Michigan Football since I first started visiting it in 2010. Brian and Ace are ‘my guys.’ Our guys. I love their podcast, game breakdowns, and unrepentant honesty on what they see on the field every week. Reading or listening to them dissect the program is a lot like listening to your local baseball play by play and color guys. Then hearing ESPN or FOX comment on UM is like listening to Dan Plesac breakdown why your number 2 starter is really a number 1 starter. So it goes without saying that I try to follow their lead on what kind of perspective we as a fanbase should have regarding events around the program.

I am not, as our now embattled savior likes to call Pete Finebaum, an Mgoblog water carrier. I do have issues with some things that are said and written. However these disagreements do not outweigh the overall value the site brings to me. So when Brian wrote is post Outback Bowl article and title it ‘Whatever’ I oddly thought…yeah whatever. I don’t really know where to go from that. It is February and spring ball is nearing and all I can think of is how much I don’t want to hear about a damn thing related to this team until kickoff against Notre Dame. I don’t want to hear breakdown from Sam Webb on what new guy is killing it in fall camp, or what 5 star Pep is visiting. But why I feel that way is not because I have given up, or have resorted to complete apathy for my lifelong favorite sports team.

I just want to watch this team play football games because I actually do believe they will be really really excellent in 2018. I trust no one on the planet works harder and is more aware of the past years issues than Jim Harbaugh. His 2017 was an exception to an entire career built on excellence. I don’t feel great in the trust he continues to have in Drevno, or that he seems to want various opinions on what play to call before they break the huddle, but I also know that guy was inches away from being a Super Bowl winning coach. I know that even with that pro success he is an even better college coach. I remember he was also inches away from taken a team made up primarily of Brady Hoke’s players to the Big Ten Championship game and most likely CFP in only his second year.

So my ‘Whatever’ is based on everything else that surrounds the program that has nothing to do with the actual games that are played. I have no control over what school a high school stud decides to do, or what coach is hired, or the fact that the team I hate the most continues to work at a level I pray UM gets to on a consistent basis. I will continue to expect excellence on the recruiting trail, on the coaching staff, and then on the field, just like all of us do. Until then I will enjoy reading all of the perspectives from fellow fans that are not insane, and hope one day we can all look back at this period of time as a ‘remember when we hated our football team’ as Jim stands next to Shea holding up the Playoff Trophy. Go Blue.

Jack Kennedy, I will fight you

Jack Kennedy, I will fight you

Submitted by gnrgoblue on October 19th, 2009 at 3:56 PM

Jack Kennedy, son, listen here. I'm sick and tired of you fu*%ing up my program. Learn how to play football, son. Maybe then you will have my respect. But I declare here and now that I will withhold said respect until such time as you learn how to play football and stop fu*%ing up my program. Son. You have produced zero touchdown drives in your entire damn career at Michigan and are single-handedly responsible for me losing a bet with my mother that Michigan would put up 70 points. You, son, cost me a can of Coke.

And, Rich Rodriguez, you, sir, simply stood and watched -- STOOD AND WATCHED -- as Kennedy turned my mother into a winner and me into a loser. It's the same thing, sir, as if you'd taken the Coke directly from my refrigerator with your own hands and guzzled it yourself. The SAME THING, sir. However, though my respect for you has dropped by approximately 39 percent, I will not fight you. I will allow the season to play out and provide you the opportunity to earn my respect back. Should you squander this opportunity by failing to win each game by a margin of my satisfaction, you, sir, can expect an invitation from yours truly to a robust bout of prison-style fisticuffs.

Jack Kennedy, you will not be spared. Son, I will teach you about football by fighting you and, in doing so, assert myself as the world's foremost Michigan fan.