Impressions from last night in Evanston

Impressions from last night in Evanston

Submitted by JeepinBen on January 4th, 2013 at 8:43 AM

I was one of the many (thousands?) who donned some maize and blue and took over Northwestern's "Arena" last night, and it was the first time I've seen this team in person, and it's slow on the board, so here are my thoughts:

  • We're really good at basketball. It seemed like we weren't even quite hitting on all cylinders, but even with a couple of misfires we put up 94 points.
  • Trey Burke loves being faster than everyone. It's not every day you can beat a guy who is a foot taller than you for a layup.
  • Timmy found his stroke. Ankle? What ankle? His bad decisions have been cut immensly. And even when he took a ball to the rim that didn't look like it was in the flow of the offense, he got to the line. He's matured a ton as a basketball player.
  • Mitch still isn't at 100% (might be healthy, but isn't quite in top game shape?). But when he gets there, watch out.
  • The refs were just bad - Morgan's tech seemed like BS, there were some touchy non-calls and calls... but again, we won by 28 so it's like, OK. (edited for early morning math error)
  • We need to practice Alley-Oops more. I mean, layup oops? Really? /picking all of the nits
  • All 5 starters were in double figures despite:
  • Stauskas is obviously a TERRIBLE shooter in the B1G /statistic'd
  • GR3 is going to be a matchup problem for a lot of 4s throughout B1G play.

Also, on the arena, etc:

  • Wow, if you thought old Crisler was bad, head to Welsh-Ryan. It's like the inside of yost with a higher rake and fewer endzone seats
  • They don't have many concession stands, and had no apparell store. They did bring in racks with T-shirts for sale though
  • They did have vendors throughout the crowd selling stuff. I don't remember seeing that at many college games
  • The scoreboard was like Yost's old one, an early 90's LED board that had about 10% of the lights burned out
  • Pat Fitzgerald thanked everyone during a break with their bowl tropy. I didn't realize they won 10 games. Way to go Northwestern
  • Also, Pat is totally a meathead linebacker

Anybody else make the trip? How maize was the crowd on TV?

UPDATE: NW passes on all-purple court

UPDATE: NW passes on all-purple court

Submitted by The Barwis Effect on August 17th, 2011 at 1:31 AM

You might recall a few weeks back when we addressed the four proposals that fans could vote for on Facebook and touched upon the one rods-and-cones-scarring possibility that the court would end up looking like this. Thankfully, cooler heads prevailed and the least awful option was selected.

Below is sample illustrating how the stained floor will actually look upon completion:


That’s actually not too shabby. You know what? Democracy: sometimes, it actually works!…