Wallpaper - Michigan Football, Welcome Home

Wallpaper - Michigan Football, Welcome Home

Submitted by beangoblue on August 11th, 2015 at 12:58 PM

1920 x 1080 (desktop wallpaper)

1:1 (social media)


Greetings fellow MGoBloggers!

This is my first diary - yay! I've been meaning to make some Michigan wallpapers and graphics for a while, but only recently have I worked up the courage to actually share them. I've been lurking on MGoBlog for many years now. I love this site and am happy to finally be contributing, even if it's just graphics.

Here's my first attempt at a general UM Football graphic featuring Harbaugh. Nothing specific - just lots of in-your-face Harbaughness. This image was from his days in SF, so I had to remove the SF logo and apply the Bo Block M - not perfect but it gets the job done. The "Welcome Home" theme has a couple different veins, the most obvious being to welcome Jim home. Additionally, it serves the purpose of welcoming our program's detractors back into the fold. No excuses from here on out. You're either in (Welcome Home), or never come back as far as I'm concerned. I was going to include "2015" or "team136" in there somewhere, but I wanted this to be more of a general graphic that can be reused year after year if desired.

I want to send a big shout-out to MGoDesign trailblazers like JonValk, monuMental and all the others who share their art and designs - thank you! Also big thank you to the MGoBlog staff and Brian for spinning the hamster wheels!

Sorry in advance if the image links don't work properly - I tried my best! Let me know if anyone has any advice as to how to post this kind of thing. I'm a quick learner and will get better at it.

If you all dig my work, let me know and I'll try to create/post more of it!

Here's a link to the full versions if the images above don't work:

Michigan Football 2015 - Welcome Home - Wallpaper

Michigan Football 2015 - Welcome Home - Square


Michigan Football 2015 - Welcome Home - Mobile


I hope you enjoy! If anyone wants a different size/format, just leave a comment and I'll do my best to make it for you/everyone.

Thanks, and Go Blue!

Semi-personal background for anyone interested: I was born in Ann Arbor in '84, but have been living in FL for the past 20+ years. I didn't go to UM (terrible student in high school), but bleed Maize and Blue just like the rest of you (I do have former UM students and faculty in my family, if that counts for anything). I currently work as an Art Director, graphic designer and freelance multimedia artist. I'm all about simple designs, so you won't find anything too over-the-top from me. No crappy HDR filters, etc. Shameless portfolio plug: www.sebaballe.com (this link is my freelance design portfolio and not sports related. I'm working on an Instagram page for sports-specific graphics - stay tuned if you're interested in following me there.)