Checking in from Dublin!

Checking in from Dublin!

Submitted by cweerapp on March 12th, 2017 at 12:28 PM

Sup M Go Fam!

Checking in from across the pond on day two of a European excursion. Yesterday bounced around the streets of Dublin in full U of M onesies. As we showed up to the Guiness Factory, the staff loved our get ups so much they let us cut an hour and a half line and comped our tickets! Able to enjoy a fresh pint at the 360 lounge overlooking the city. After receiving a variety of Go Blue's we made our way to "The Living Room" where the staff not only had the game on for us in our own VIP section with two free pitchers, but proudly hung our U of M flag that has now been to Machu Picchu, Alaska, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Paris, Brazil, and Santiago. 

Got a gaggle of Irish Rugby blokes to jump full steam on our bandwagon. Safe to say there is now a strong contingent of Wolverine Fans in Leprachaun land! At halftime we got the entire bar to yell NOOOOBODY after I politely asked who could possibly have it better than us, and closed out the bar with a Great To Be A Michigan Wolverine. 

Truly is fam, let's hope for a repeat today. If you're in the Dublin area we'll see you back at the Living room at 630 Local Time. 


Gary Parrish of CBS with High Praise of Beilein as Developer

Gary Parrish of CBS with High Praise of Beilein as Developer

Submitted by alum96 on July 3rd, 2014 at 10:11 PM

If this has been posted feel free to delete mods. 

Caught this article on my twitter stream by Gary Parrish of CBS Sports.  It essentially says what those of us who follow MBB closely already know - the development of late has been off the chart, esp the 2012 class and Burke.  But it is good to see more and more of the basketball media catch onto it.  Also has a fascinating stat - UM has the only 2 players drafted selected in the top 10 of the past 2 drafts who were not top 75 recruits and/or 3 year players.  Lots of talk about Caris in the article too, as well as how shooting is taught.   Would have liked to see some Jordan love here too though as the wings/guards development has been under his eye as well.


No, Beilein doesn't have a national title like each of those coaches do, and he hasn't put as many players in the NBA, either. But what he's done is arguably more impressive, because what he's done is help turn borderline top-80 high school prospects into top-10 picks in consecutive NBA Drafts, and he just might do it again next year, which is pretty bananas.

Of the 20 players selected in the top 10 of the past two NBA Drafts, 18 were former top 75 prospects and/or players who spent at least three seasons in college. The only exceptions? Burke and Stauskas -- both of whom enrolled at Michigan as unheralded recruits, earned Big Ten Player of the Year honors as sophomores, turned pro and were selected in the top 10 of the subsequent NBA Draft.

Beilein: What he looks for, rather, are versatile players who haven't yet peaked, and that's why recruiting rankings rarely matter to Michigan, because what Beilein cares about isn't always what analysts value.

"We try to project whether a player is on the rise or if he's already where he's gonna be," Beilein said. "A lot of the [analysts'] early projections on players, I think, are made because the players' bodies are ahead of everybody else's bodies. And if you saw Nik or Caris, back when they were 16 years old, their bodies weren't ahead of anybody else's bodies."



2015 Caris Early Entry?

2015 Caris Early Entry?

Submitted by My name ... is Tim on February 12th, 2014 at 3:35 PM

Not sure if anyone had posted this prior - if so, feel free to remove - but it appears as if Caris Levert is getting some NBA love now? has him listed as a first-round pick in the 2015 draft. I am perhaps not the largest Caris Lavert supporter but his development, offensively at least, has been amazing. That said, I'm skeptical of this projection. I'm just not sure where he would project to in the NBA given his size and skill set.


Related, Stephen Ross should just start mailing Lavall Jordan envelopes full of cash now.

OT: Friday Night Drinking Thread? Friday Night Drinking Thread

OT: Friday Night Drinking Thread? Friday Night Drinking Thread

Submitted by Brown Bear on August 2nd, 2013 at 8:02 PM
The greatest time of the year is almost upon us team and to prepare we shall drink! What's your drink('s) of choice for this fine Friday night? I was excited to find a bomber of Firestone Walker Double Jack at Binny's in Chicago and that's already been finished off. Now onto some Great Lakes Edmund Fitzgerald.

Urgent Request for U of M/Matt Shepherd Broadcast Information

Urgent Request for U of M/Matt Shepherd Broadcast Information

Submitted by rob f on April 8th, 2013 at 6:38 PM

With less than 3 hours to go until tip-off, can anyone give me rock-solid information on how to be able to listen to Matt Shepherd doing the National Championship Game PBP instead of the CBS national radio feed?  I want to be prepared well in advance of tonight's game.

I've spent the last hour on these internets searching for KNOWLEDGE on how to insure being able to listen to Shepherd, and now am at the mercy of those here who are in the know about such vital information. 

I was able to find out that the game will be broadcast in my area locally by WSJM 1400-AM out of the St. Joseph/Benton Harbor area, but 2 nights ago (when I tired of Jim Nance) and clicked on to their "Listen Live" icon, they instead had some syndicated political talk show on.  Found out later they were not permitted to stream the game live, but I was given no actual reason  (BTW, WSJM is a local-only AM station that is required to cut way back the wattage of their signal at sundown.  I know this from the frustration of losing night-game radio broadcasts of Tiger Baseball).

What, if any, are my best options for being able to listen to Shepherd do the broadcast tonight?