Raiding the B1G-er Big Ten: Recruiting Prospects in Maryland and Rutgers Territory

Raiding the B1G-er Big Ten: Recruiting Prospects in Maryland and Rutgers Territory

Submitted by The Mathlete on May 22nd, 2013 at 2:30 PM

With the addition of Maryland and Rutgers the conversation has centered around WHY, WHY, WHY, TV sets and whether or not this was just a cover for Delaney to ditch Leaders and Legends. MGoUser trppwlbrnID asked the question that should always be asked, what about recruiting?

With the addition of the two schools, I dug into their recruiting bases and how much opportunity there might be for Michigan to jump into some new territories.



Home state of Maryland recruits (2009-2013 classes) weighted by consensus rating

Nearly half of Maryland’s last five classes have come from Maryland and Washington, DC. These two regions would have the most likely opportunity for Michigan. Pennsylvania, Georgia and Florida are regions that aren’t going to give any advantage because Maryland has joined the Big Ten.



Home state of Rutgers recruits (2009-2013 classes) weighted by consensus rating

Over half of Rutgers’ recruits came from the home state of New Jersey. Like Maryland, Rutgers has looked to Pennsylvania and Florida as key secondary regions. So that leaves just the home regions of New Jersey, Maryland and DC as areas that Maryland and Rutgers have had success that seem viable for Michigan to make new inroads into.


Over the last five years, there have been 73 players from New Jersey, Maryland and DC that have garnered a consensus 4 star level rating. Five schools have signed at least four of these players. Penn St has signed 9 of these players while the new members of the Big Ten have signed 7 each. Florida and Michigan have each signed four. When you look at the totals by conference (excluding Maryland and Rutgers from any conference) the Big Ten is already the leading team in recruiting these key regions.

Conference/Team Recruits
B1G 19
ACC 15
SEC 10
Pac-12 9
Big 12 3
Notre Dame 3

The Big Ten is already getting about a third of the players not going to the new members. Adding Maryland and Rutgers into the Big Ten count gives them 45% of the top recruits from the region. In terms of quantity, there doesn’t seem to be much upside for Michigan in the newly acquired regions on a quantity basis. Some of the ACC signees may end up going B1G but even taking a third of these players is still just one extra recruit for the conference per year.


The Elite Opportunity

During the same five year period, the Maryland/Rutgers region has produced 15 players who were consensus Top 100 level players only one signed with a Big Ten team (Eli Apple, OSU) and Maryland (Stefon Diggs) and Rutgers (Darius Hamilton, Savon Huggins) were each only able to sign three of the fifteen.  Of the other 11, four went to other ACC schools, 3 to the SEC, 3 to the Pac-12 (one of which was the embattled Yuri Wright) and one to Notre Dame.

Overall, the Big 10 and Michigan already have a solid presence in the local areas where Maryland and Rutgers have the most success. The area that seems the most likely for Michigan to gain a new advantage will be the elite level recruits that have been avoiding the Big Ten presently.

The Michigan Opportunity

As noted above, Michigan is already doing better than most at signing 4 star talent from the region. There is certainly an opportunity to do more, but this shouldn’t be a major change for Michigan. The biggest windows of opportunity are probably in some of the Top 100 type players. Recent names such as Stefon Diggs and Kendall Fuller are players who Michigan might have had a better shot at with the new footprint (although Fuller’s recruiting did overlap with the news). This isn’t a massively talent rich region but it has enough to produce a couple elite prospects annually. Michigan and Ohio should be most poised to step in and take advantage, especially with Penn State buried for the next several recruiting cycles.

The more difficult to quantify opportunity is probably Virginia. Maryland isn’t a major player in the state, but with the Derrick Green commitment and the recruitment of Da’Shawn Hand the opportunity to play two games in neighboring Maryland should definitely help solidify Michigan’s position as a major player in Virginia recruiting.

OT: High School Football Player Tasered Twice During Traffic Stop

OT: High School Football Player Tasered Twice During Traffic Stop

Submitted by fleetwoodzback on May 4th, 2010 at 11:25 AM

Maybe it's because I live in ACC country and  hear more of it but it seems that there is an increase in future/current ACC football players having run ins with the law recently.


Parks is a Parade All-American who holds the North Carolina state rushing record and has committed to play college football at the University of Virginia.....

Hartman said the deputy told Parks he was going to deploy his taser if Parks did not comply. When Parks refused to surrender to the trooper, Parks was shot with the taser.

OT: UVA women's LAX player killed

OT: UVA women's LAX player killed

Submitted by dakotapalm on May 3rd, 2010 at 5:11 PM

A men's lacrosse player at Virginia has been implicated in the murder of a women's lacrosse player at the same school.


Keep your thoughts and prayers with the folks at the Charlottesville campus during this time.…

Groh gone

Groh gone

Submitted by Tim Waymen on November 29th, 2009 at 2:20 PM

Al Groh has been fired by Virginia, as expected. I don't want to pretend to know more than I actually do (reading uninformed opinion pieces about RR has taught me this), but the way I saw it was that each year would start off weak, and then Groh would get his team to start caring. 2007 started with a 3-23 loss at Wyoming, a pretty mediocre team. But then they pulled off 7 straight wins, lost to NC State by 5, won 2 more including a 48-0 shellacking of Miami at the last game in the Orange Bowl, eventually finishing 9-4. It seems like he would slack off in the beginning of each season and then start coaching once his seat heated up a bit and then start pulling out the wins, but he just couldn't finish the past 2 years. He wasn't a miserable recruiter, usually getting at least one Rivals100 guy a year. He was just a shitty coach.

What do you all think about Al Groh as well as all the other coaches getting fired or being put on the hot seat at the end of this season (i.e. Hawkins, Kragthorpe, Richt?, etc.)? Have they been given a fair amount of time, are their teams undermanned, or do they just suck? MGoDiscuss.

14 Years Ago Today...

14 Years Ago Today...

Submitted by The Barwis Effect on August 26th, 2009 at 6:14 PM

...Scott Dreisbach hit Mercury Hayes in the back corner of the endzone with no time left on the clock to complete what at the time was the greatest comeback in Michigan history.

Final score: U-M 18, UVA 17.

Shout out to Tyrone Butterfield for dropping the ball on the previous play (whether it was on purpose or not)!