OT - Why I Still Play Football, by John Urschel

OT - Why I Still Play Football, by John Urschel

Submitted by gwrock on March 21st, 2015 at 3:11 PM

Thought this was a good little read about why a particular NFL player continues to play football, potentially risking a promising career in mathematics.

Regarding balancing playing vs. brain injury risk:

Naturally, I believe that I have a certain insight into this dilemma, due to my non-athletic pursuits. In particular, I have a Bachelor’s and Master’s in mathematics, all with a 4.0, and numerous published papers in major mathematical journals. I am a mathematical researcher in my spare time, continuing to do research in the areas of numerical linear algebra, multigrid methods, spectral graph theory and machine learning. I’m also an avid chess player, and I have aspirations of eventually being a titled player one day.