Frivolous question about the Glorious Block M

Frivolous question about the Glorious Block M

Submitted by PhilipVU94 on September 3rd, 2010 at 10:27 PM

Sort of a silly question on Football Eve, but part of the fun of being at a new school is learning about its traditions.  And the longer this question goes unanswered, the more obsessive I get about it.

So it's readily apparent to me that the brass block "M" on the Diag:

The Glorious, but Possibly Typeface-Challenged, Block M

doesn't really look that much like the ubiquitous block "M" logo.  Apparently this isn't obvious to everyone.*  (I've always been good at recognizing typefaces/fonts and bad at recognizing human faces, which is not a very beneficial trade.)  

It just surprises me that as for such revered school symbols, both the brass one and the ubiquitous one, no one but me seems to mention the fact that they don't match.  So.... which came first?

*For example, a colleague in my program who had spent her undergraduate years at U-M had no idea what I was talking about.