[TWIS] "Big Ten’s ref conspiracy..." + [Michigan Monday]

[TWIS] "Big Ten’s ref conspiracy..." + [Michigan Monday]

Submitted by BoFlex on October 24th, 2017 at 12:43 PM

Obviously, neither articles are very favorable towards Michigan this week, but usually people enjoying commenting on these weekly pieces, so the sake of continuity...

This Week in Schadenfreude: The Big Ten's ref conspiracy against 1 of its 2 biggest program continues.

The last time Michigan’s defensive line drew a holding penalty was two weeks ago against Michigan State. But I want to encourage this kind of thinking, so I’ll note Brady Hoke’s Michigan teams all finished in the Big Ten’s top three at avoiding penalties, while 2017’s is second-worst.

Michigan Monday

  • Positives:

The Wolverines managed just 103 yards rushing. They actually gained 152 yards, but lost 49 yards to seven sacks. Karan Higdon rushed for 45 yards, Ty Isaac managed 36 yards, and Chris Evans chipped in 17 yards. That’s 98 yards rushing on 25 carries by Michigan’s running backs. None of those 25 carries went for a loss

MGoTWIS: Winds of November Edition

MGoTWIS: Winds of November Edition

Submitted by UMProud on November 6th, 2016 at 1:58 PM






So this is what it looks like to play a team worse than us. Huh.

Game has the feel of a scrimmage.

Here's the MSU offense I know and loathe.

We are really really horrible.

The ultimate chess match between people who don't know how to play chess.

I fucking hate this o-line and their bipolar performances.

Return of the clown show

I swear, it's almost like you have to try to suck this bad.

This fucking commercial may be more entertaining.

Rutgers going to run a train on these guys. Look forward to it

This is really, really bad football. What is wrong with me that I am voluntarily watching this.

Remember when we had a smart, disciplined team. Yeah, me either.

This is a truly pathetic performance by the O line. They are getting their shit pushed in almost every play.

UM should be embarrassed by how they played against us

I'm disappointed this game is on tv and in hi def

A throw on first down! I think I just saw a pig fly.

This game is so boring that it's making me feel like a prisoner in solitary.

this trash team is unwatchable. there is no way in hell a casual football fan has watched more than 5 minutes of this garbage game.

We don't like having leads. We don't like winning.

God this is like all those games on some obscure channel that I never, ever watch and I wonder about people who do. This is rock bottom shit

This game is setting football back centuries. Awful.

FireDantonio.com is still available

This is worse than when my doctor told me I had AIDS.

This team couldn't score in a whore house


We should burn more red shirts on this last drive. For fun.

So who had the Rutgers game circled as a big game on their calendar at the beginning of the year?





I'm pretty sure UM's scout team O would beat our first team D.

The 49ers really destroyed CFB by harassing Harbaugh into leaving the NFL.

Pretty pathetic when you have a kickoff guy that can't even get it past the 10.

fuck harbaugh

I hope he wins National Championship this year. Then he'll feel alright about giving the NFL another shot.

Harbaugh is the worst.

I'm now emotionally invested in Peppers failing as a professional


Studio announcers didn't bother to analyze 1st half. Literally laughed at us.






What lame drivel will Kelly say today at the post game? Just horrible

From a purely fan perspective without any personal malice involved, I hate Brian Kelly and his coaching staff so much I can't believe it.

Escort him and his staff off campus immediately. Watch him pack his ****.

Out coached by Navy. Lololololololol


Bring back BVG?

Looks like we didn't even practice for this ****. Yeesh

I don't know why I am so amused by this thread but I needed this after the constant fire Kelly threads of the last three months...

Where can I watch the post game excuse conference?

My favorite part of the game is when they showed every team we lost to has a losing record with the exception of a sub-par Stanford team...

You know it is a sad story when people aren't pissed losing to Navy.

The Cubs have saved me from this ND football season.





It sucks to get embarrassed on national prime time tv....again

Tim Beck got his revenge

Which played made this comment "We're going to go in there and play pissed off"?

There are absolutely no positives from this game tonight except for the nice gesture OSU had for Foltz

Ohio State had scored 75 points in their previous three games. Combined.

This is the most embarrassing husker game in my life. I would be in meltdown mode if it weren't for the cubbies

How classy of the Ohio state fans to sing us the Goodbye song...such Great Fans...

3 points..

we cant even stop their backups

Onto Nebrasketball!!!!


"It is pleasant, when the sea is high and the winds are dashing the waves about, to watch from the shores the struggles of another"  -Livy



Submitted by UMProud on September 25th, 2016 at 3:22 PM

TWIS, MGoBlog style...special edition due to the epic weekend of rival losses


Penn State


God help us. Here we go.

Fire Franklin now. Just horrible.

If you didn't switch to hard liquor before kickoff, you're gonna have a bad time.

JF looking like Harbaughs bitch.

No other way to say it...we are pathetic!! Embarrassing on National TV

I think Michigan's spring game was tougher for them than we are...

I hope Franklin punches Harbaugh in the face after the game. Fuck him

Why the F%^&* is Harbaugh going for it on 4th and 7? Jesus.

Going for it on 4th all these times is just disrespectful.

Please stop with the Harbaugh is a big meany because he went for it on 4th down. It's the first half for God's sake. Pathetic.

Surprised Harbaugh didn't go for the fake kneel down and throw it deep

Switching to liqueur, beer isn't getting it. Need numbness to endure second half

Time to start getting angry drunk

Can't wait to play OSU and Mich St. That should go well




How can we be allowing a 19 year old to carve up our defense at home like this?! Jesus....

Nothing like getting beat at home against a freshman in his first start ever.

I thought MSU would shut out Wisconsin. I agree with the pussies. Lets freak out.

Ball game. Good bye big ten title defense

just shoot me now

Nobody is prepared for this game. What the fuck.

Good thing all those recruits came to visit today. Great blow out loss for them to enjoy. What a joke this is

Good thing is that we don't really get blown out ever so expect a comeback. We will be fine.

I need to start drinking now

Apparently MSU wasted all their Irish luck last week... what the fuck

Well, boys. Guess we'll go back to be ignored and grow that chip.

This is the least fun I've had in a long time.

On the plus side, we don't have to worry about getting embarrassed in the playoffs again.

How bad is Notre Dame???

We are not a good football team

To hell with this team. Absolutely disgusting

After seeing this shit show I'm dumbfounded as to how the hell we beat Notre Dame.

Notre Dame


Lol even our student section cant manage to wear school colors for home games.

God I can't even finish the post before we give up more Tds

What qb have we not made look draft eligible?

Haha, we are so, so bad....like 2007 bad....

Can't tackle, can't sack the QB, can't kick a FG...This is ridiculous, but expected. Thanks Kelly.

Custom shirt ordered for NCSU game that will accompany my paper bag. "Fire Brian Kelly" centered on a green shirt. I hope it's on tv.

Anyone still think BK is the right coach for ND?

I think IMG academy could beat this team. Hell, Kizer's former high school could play with ND.

A sack celebrated like they won the national championship

BVG just had a look like a 28 year old who just went potty by himself at wal-mart....

I would be in a coma if I took a shot after every missed tackle.

Fire them all... That was embarassing

I never thought I'd see things sink to these depths given the way Kelly has kept up with solid recruiting classes. This program has been recently mismanaged in to the ground, by a few responsible parties. The old guard must be rolling over in their graves right now. This is some sad sh!t.

"It is pleasant, when the sea is high and the winds are dashing the waves about, to watch from the shores the struggles of another"  -Livy


What happened to TWIS?

What happened to TWIS?

Submitted by canzior on September 19th, 2016 at 3:08 PM

Does anyone know why Brian stopped doing TWIS? That was one of my favorite things to read and it doesn't seem like anyone has really taken over since he stopped.  This week's stars would be:


FSU (Saturday)

Ole Miss

FSU (Sunday - hangover edition)

Wisconsin in the 4th qtr


LSU (fun even when they win)



TWIS--- So many Buckeye tears

TWIS--- So many Buckeye tears

Submitted by Yostbound and Down on November 25th, 2015 at 1:56 PM

Ah, this is a nice start to the Thanksgiving fixin's. 



A couple of highlights: 

  • "Worst loss in Urban's career." 

It's my responsibility to remind you Meyer lost a home game to Houston Nutt.

  • "first thing Urban needs to do is fire his OC, second thing he should do is apologize to all the Buckeye fans that sat in the rain and cold today to see a completely tanked atrocious effort from the team"

"I'm sorry the weather sucked."

  • "Screw firing Warriner, Beck, Ash, and Fickell. How about firing the guy that hired Withers and Beck and cost us a shot at 2 nattys by being beaten by 3 star recruits, who were coached by a guy that knows how to get more out those 3 star recruits than ours does out of 4 and 5 stars. Welcome to goatland Urban. Enjoy your time on the shit list. Thanks for the natty. Better enjoy it. You're gonna need it this off season."