OT: are Twin City socks really all that?

OT: are Twin City socks really all that?

Submitted by 707oxford on July 27th, 2012 at 2:47 PM

Three and Out kept getting pushed down my priority list until just recently. Despite the fact that I live in Florida and don't really wear socks very often, when I came across the following text, I knew I had to have these...


     But before the players do any of those things, they stand in line at the equipment managers’ window to get the gear they deem most important. It’s not the $257 helmets or $330 shoulder pads or even the $150 jerseys.
     Nope. It’s the $4 socks. But not just any socks. Twin City socks—the thickest you can find.
     Center David Molk, at the front of the line, handed me a pair. They are so dense, you could wear them as slippers around the home—or fill them with water.
     “Best part of being a Michigan football player,” Molk said, holding up a pair, “is these socks.” Every one of his ­teammates—and I mean every one—agreed with that assessment.
     At dinner Molk approached linebacker Jonas Mouton, who was enjoying a huge helping of pretty much everything.
     Molk asked Mouton if he knew where his Twin City socks had gone.
     “I don’t know, man,” Mouton replied, taking a bite out of his drumstick and chewing very slowly. “Go see Big Jon.” Falk, that is, the equipment manager.
     “It’s dinner,” Molk said. “He’s not here.”
     “Go see him tomorrow,” Mouton said, picking up a roll.
     “I want them now.”
     “Guess you’ll just have to wait, then.”
     After Molk turned and walked to the back of the buffet, ticked off, Mouton leaned forward and said, “I’m wearin’ ’em.”


Just a little googling reveals a huge number of cuts, styles, etc. from Twin City. So my question to the board is: does anyone know what kind the players get that are supposedly so good? If not, I would settle for a product review from anyone who has bought these, including the style they got and whether they lived up to expectations set by the description in the book.  Thanks in advance for any feedback.

Yes, my first thread on the MGoBoard is about socks.

Please hurry football season, etc., etc.