Maryland By the #s

Maryland By the #s

Submitted by alum96 on October 1st, 2015 at 7:34 AM

Data via database.  Team stats only.


Things Maryland exels at:

    Natl rank Value
Passes Intercepted   40 4
Punt returns   1 28.1
Sacks Allowed per game   13 0.75
Team Sacks   2 4.25
Team Tackles for loss   20 7.8

This is a small list.  And I am being generous putting an item here ranked #40 as "excel".  We all know about Will Likely.  DO NOT KICK TO WILL LIKELY!!!!  Less known was despite all their offensive woes Maryland does not give up a lot of sacks (their QBs prefer to throw quick INTs), and their defense does one thing well - get sacks and TFLs. 

And ... that's about all Maryland can do well.


Things Maryland does not excel at:

    Natl rank Value
4th down conversion %   107 13
4th down conversion D   86 14
Completion %   115 50.4
Fewest Penalties/Game   105 8.25
Penalty Yds/Game   111 79
Fumbles recovered   95 1
Net punting   86 36.22
Passed Had Intercepted   127 12
Passing Offense   98 193.3
Passing Yards Allowed   101 267
Rushing Defense   100 200.3
Scoring Defense   99 32.8
Time of Possession   105 26:29
Total Defense   107 467.3
Turnover Margin   125 -2.25
Turnovers Lost   125 14


So yeah.

NCAA stats is even more cruel to Maryland than advanced stats (S&P+) with that 107th ranked defense.  You can choose to run on them (100th) or pass (101st).  They take a lot of penalties.  When the offense has the ball their passing game is bad.  Any time they throw the ball it is essentially a coin flip if it will be a completion.  Caleb rowe has a huge arm but loves to throw INTs.  Hence they don't have the ball much.  And oh yeah when they punt you can usually make up 5+ yds of field position.   (But when you punt to them they tend to  make up 20 yds of field position - so just dont do that)  They suck at 4th down defense so my advice is to GO for it and DO NOT KICK TO WILL LIKELY!