Trevon Bluiett may have decommitted from UCLA

Trevon Bluiett may have decommitted from UCLA

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Rumors floating on the twitter that Trevon Bluiett may have decommitted from UCLA. I doubt he ends up at Michigan if it happens but who knows. Crazy year for bball recruiting.

EDIT: Confirmed. Bluiett has decommitted. Interesting note from the Indy Star: Bluiett is now the 5th highly ranked prospect from Indiana to rescind his commitment in the 2014 class following Trey Lyles, James Blackmon Jr, JaQuan Lyle, and Bryant McIntosh:


Trevon Bluiett update

Trevon Bluiett update

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Mostly more indecision from Indianapolis' favorite 6'6" enigma:

“After July, in the beginning of August, I’ll start announcing the teams that made the cut,” he said. “… I was thinking about cutting it to 15 or 10, something like that. I don’t want to cut it too much, but just take it one step at a time.”

Anyone know if he's going into Sports Marketing?

“The basis is (which players are going to be at a particular school) and who is going to be there,” he said. “We talk about the coach’s personality, the players’ personalities. We look at conference play, strength of schedule, that type of stuff. Academics are a huge part, to see if they have the major I want to get into. That’s how we look at it.”

Bluiett said Arizona, Vanderbilt and Memphis are among the schools that have been making more recent contact. He added that the schools making the most contact that have been after him for a while are Indiana, Butler, Purdue, West Virginia, Notre Dame, Illinois, Florida, Michigan and Xavier.


Bluiett said he’s still hoping to take five official visits prior to a decision, but that could be a challenge depending on his schedule. He does plan to sign in November and not wait until the spring.

So is he Blue yet? /obligatory

Overview of 2014 Michigan Basketball Recruiting via Sam Webb

Overview of 2014 Michigan Basketball Recruiting via Sam Webb

Submitted by Raoul on November 20th, 2012 at 11:50 AM

On today's recruiting roundup, Sam Webb provided a good summary of where Michigan basketball's 2014 recruiting stands following Bates-Diop and Tate committing to OSU. Here's a link to the podcast and an embed:

Sam briefly mentioned the two other prospects who currently have Michigan offers—Devin Booker, a 6-4 shooting guard from Moss Point H.S. in Mississippi, ranked #18 in the country by ESPN, and Trevon Bluiett, a 6-5 small forward from Park Tudor School in Indianapolis, ranked #47 nationally. Sam said that the Wolverines seem really strong with Bluiett.

Two other 2014 prospects seem to be next in line to get a Michigan offer, according to Sam:

  • Vincent Edwards: 6-6 small forward from Middletown H.S. in Ohio. Michigan staff has told him that if he makes it to campus, he'll get an offer.
  • Ricky Doyle: 6-9 power forward out of Bishop Verot H.S. in Fort Myers, Florida. Doyle is looking for a school combining academics and athletics, so Michigan and Duke both have a good shot at him.

Also, here are a couple more names to keep an eye on: Tyler Wideman, a 6-7 PF out of Lake Central H.S., the same school that Glenn Robinson III attended, and Kameron Chatman, a 6-6 small forward from Long Beach Polytechnic in California.

This may all be old news for those who have been following Michigan basketball recruiting closely, but I haven't really been doing so, and I found Sam's rundown useful. More than anything, I think this points out that there are still plenty of other good prospects on Michigan's radar for 2014